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How to Make a Face Mask from a Headsock

photo of someone wearing a face mask as they make their own out of a k1 speed headsock

K1 Speed Headsock = DIY Face Mask


During these challenging times, cloth face masks have been recommended by professionals in order to keep yourself and others safe while out in public. But many people just don’t have them lying around. Or do they..?


If you’ve got one of our K1 Speed headsocks, you practically do have a face mask. In fact, you can actually make your very own mask at home in just a matter of minutes.


Watch Our Video!

The easiest way to learn how to make a face mask is by watching someone else. So, we’ve created our own video to help guide you through making your own face mask in minutes. Watch the short video above to see how Tyler makes several different kinds of face masks out of that old trusty headsock from K1 Speed.

Thank You & Stay Safe

Before we end this post, we just want to say a couple of thank you’s. First, we want to thank all our first responders and medical community for their sacrifice during these crazy times. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel as they continue to serve and protect us. We also want to thank all the employees of essential businesses who put their own safety at risk so that others can get by.


We also want to thank everyone who has supported us by buying a gift card during these times. We can’t for you to use them once we reopen!


We hope everyone is able to benefit from one of our DIY face masks, and that you continue to stay safe out there. We’ve got a lot of racing to do when things return to normal, so rest up!

  • Mark Brown

    There’s a fifth method of wearing the head sock, that is particularly useful if you need to leave open access to the back of your head, your ears, and sideburns, such as while getting a haircut… wear it upside-down, putting your head through the hole that is intended for your face. The cowl of the head sock will extend up to cover your nose & mouth, while still resting below your ears and very low on the back of your neck. You can cut the hood off, if you like, or just tuck it into the collar of your shirt.

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