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At K1 Speed, we always strive to go above and beyond for our passionate racers. So when Ian, a K1 Speed fan from Great Britain, decided to surprise his American valentine for Valentine’s Day, we just had to help out.


You see, Ian wanted to surprise the valentine, Vivian, with a bouquet of roses featuring a twist – included in that bouquet would be a gift card for K1 Speed. Vivian is a massive fan of K1 Speed and loves racing at our Irvine location. Instead of just sending the flowers with the card, we decided to go one step further – and make the delivery ourselves!


Upon delivery, Vivian was thrilled with her beautiful bouquet, and even more so by the thoughtful gift card and delivery from a K1 Speed staff member! We left Vivian with hearts in her eyes and gave Ian nomination for K1 Speed Cupid of the Year for this Valentine’s Day moment.


We’re thrilled so many of you choose K1 Speed as an activity to share with your loved ones and want to thank everyone who came out to enjoy our Valentine’s Day promotion and spend their romantic evening on the track this year.


K1 Speed makes for a perfect date idea any time of the year! Nothing gets that chemistry going better than a shot of adrenaline and sharing the racing experience together. For an extra romantic touch, create your own reward for the winner and let Cupid’s arrow fly.


K1 Speed is open for lovers, bachelors, bachelorettes, and hopeless romantics seven days a week. Find your local K1 Speed, and get your hearts racing today!


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