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K1 Speed Groupon: Important Information

cashier hands a smiling customer a membership card at K1 Speed in Dublin

Many of you have purchased a K1 Speed Groupon offer at some point in time, so we wanted to put together some important information you’ll want to know regarding those offers and how to use them.


Read on to learn how you can redeem your offer – whether its expired or not – and what you should get when there isn’t a current Groupon offer available.

How to Redeem Unused K1 Speed Groupon Vouchers

If you own an unused K1 Speed Groupon voucher and it hasn't expired, this is how you can redeem it (click here):

1. Sign in to your Groupon account and click on “My Groupons


2. Find the K1 Speed Groupon and click on “View Details


3. Click on “View Voucher” to the LEFT


4. Locate your redemption code. Either write this down or print out the redemption and bring this to K1 Speed.


5. If you’re using the mobile app, click “View Voucher” and have it ready for the cashier.


6. Show the redemption code to a K1 Speed cashier and they will apply the offer to your account.


Learn more about redeeming your Groupon voucher

How to Redeem Expired K1 Speed Groupon Vouchers

If you own an unused but expired K1 Speed Groupon voucher, you can apply the cash value (the amount you actually spent on it rather than the promotional value) of the Groupon towards a purchase at K1 Speed. For instance, if you purchased a deal for races and a license for $48, you won’t get the races/license, but you’ll be able to apply the $48 towards races and licenses purchased in store.

This is how you can redeem your expired Groupon voucher (click here):

1. Sign in to your Groupon account and click on “My Groupons


2. On the website, you can find your expired voucher under “Credit Vouchers


3. On the mobile app, you can find your expired voucher under “Expired


4. Simply show the expired voucher (printed out or on your mobile device via the app) to a K1 Speed cashier, and they’ll apply the dollar amount to your purchase.


Learn more about redeeming expired Groupon vouchers

Looking for a K1 Speed Groupon?

If you’re looking for a K1 Speed Groupon, we are not offering any at this time. Instead, you can buy races conveniently online here at k1speed.com. Plus, we have some great money-saving options available year-round.


Our multi-race packages provide a great deal over our standard single race option, and if you need a license, we highly recommend picking up a K1 Speedpass.


The Speedpass will give you two races, an annual license, and a select t-shirt at a discounted price. It’s by far our most popular package!  Click the button below to get yours today.

speedpass 2 card tee

Buying Races on our Website vs Groupon

screenshot of k1 speed's promotions page

We sell races online 24/7.

Unlike Groupon, who have a start/end time to the current offers available, our races are always ready to buy any time, any day. Simply visit our Arrive & Drive page, select your location, and you’re on your way to purchasing races!


We have better offers.

When we do a deal with Groupon, a portion of our proceeds goes to them. By offering something on our own, we’re able to pass those savings on to you. That’s why you’ll see offers on K1 Speed that are even better than anything we could offer on Groupon. So be sure to check out our promotions page: some are limited-time while others are weekly and monthly.


Just click the button below for our current promotions!

We’re error-proof.

While you typically don’t have to worry about your Groupon not working, there can be the occasional moment when those codes just don’t work. There’s a reason Groupon has a whole section on Promo Code troubleshooting, after all. At K1 Speed, your purchase is directly linked to our system, ensuring a hassle-fee purchase and trouble-free redemption at the location you bought the races for.

There you have it. We hope you were able to benefit from this important information regarding your K1 Speed Groupon and buying races online at k1speed.com.


If you have any other questions, just leave a comment below!


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