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Rallying To Promote International Franchise

With over 40 locations around the world, K1 Speed has branched out from being a great Californian go-kart venue to an amazing international entertainment destination. Through the company’s International Franchise opportunity, K1 Speed now finds itself in Mexico, South Korea, Canada, and under construction in Panama, China, Kuwait, France and more under planning.


Last year, K1 Speed decided to promote the growth of our International Franchise by participating in The Baltic Classic Rally. This successfully raised awareness for the exciting opportunity and led to the expansion of the K1 Speed franchise in several countries that will open their doors later this year. To treat all our fans at existing locations, we also offered a special limited-edition shirt to the public for purchase.


When we entered the Baltic Rally, we had promised this would be “the first of many rallies”, and we’re sticking to our word. That’s why we are delighted to announce that K1 Speed will be participating in the Road to Saigon Rally 2018!


The Endurance rally will take participants from the starting line in Singapore, Malaysia, through a multitude of stops in Thailand and Cambodia, before crossing the finish line in Vietnam.


The K1 Speed Team will be piloting the same classic air-cooled classic Porsche 911, rally-prepped by the renown Tuthill Porsche, that they drove in the Baltic Classic, with some slight modifications. The nearly month-long, Road to Saigon will twist and wind its way through jungles, beaches, ancient civilizations and modern cities in what is sure to be a challenging, but enormously beautiful and rewarding endurance rally route. Asia has been enormously enticed by the International Franchise program, with Singapore and Malaysia coming soon on the K1 global expansion map.


Just like we did last year to celebrate the adventure, K1 Speed will be crafting a limited-edition t-shirt that will be available for purchase online starting today, and at your local K1 Speed location soon. The shirt showcases the classic Porsche 911 in rally-trim on a vintage rally plate design and features the map of the route in the background. It’s an incredibly attractive shirt that is sure to catch the eyes of racing enthusiasts.

The shirt has since sold out.


Here’s more information on K1 Speed’s International Franchise program.


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