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K1 Speed Brings America’s Premier Indoor Karting Experience to South Korea!

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IRVINE, CA – K1 Speed Vivaldi Park is the first indoor karting location in South Korea – and hopefully the first of many more to come! Featuring advanced European electric go-karts, a professionally designed indoor race track, and a modern indoor venue, K1 Speed is the perfect place for friends, family, and co-workers to celebrate birthdays, commemorate special occasions, or simply get together for an evening of fun. Visit the Vivaldi Park location today to experience indoor karting for yourself! We hope to see you soon.


Introducing Our All-Electric European Go-Karts
At the Vivaldi Park indoor karting facility, European electric go-karts are used exclusively. These zero-emission vehicles outperform their gas-powered counterparts and are safer and quieter too. With remote governors and onboard computers, our staff members can shut off and slow our karts remotely, ensuring a safe racing environment for all. Safety is first priority at K1 Speed.


Of course, because the karts emit no exhaust fumes of any kind, the indoor karting center is also clean, quiet, and safe for everyone. The only noises you’ll hear at K1 Speed are the cheers of the crowd and a subtle whir of electric motors speeding past at up to 45mph! K1 Speed has used electric go-karts since the founding in 2003 and believe that they are the superior choice in every way. Once you get a chance to experience them yourself, you’ll agree.


Racing at K1 Speed Vivaldi Park is for Everyone!
K1 Speed’s goal is to bring the thrill and excitement of indoor karting to everyone. For this reason, at the Vivaldi Park location, all guests 48” (122cm) and taller are welcome. The only other requirements are that racers must wear closed-toe shoes and be able to safely operate our karts. This includes providing each and every racer with a helmet (though racers are welcome to bring their own), along with instruction on how to properly use the electric karts. Thankfully, the operation is easy and racers can get up to speed quickly.


If you would like to experience indoor karting at K1 Speed Vivaldi Park, simply come in and sign up for an Arrive & Drive race – it’s that easy! There are no reservations required, nor any prior experience or training. We’ll put you and up to a dozen other racers on track for a race against the clock. This ensures a level playing field for everyone, regardless of their starting position. The winner is the person with the fastest lap time – and the clock never lies! Compare lap times afterward, and sign up for the next available race to see if you can beat your best time.


Visit K1 Speed Today!
To try indoor karting for yourself, visit K1 Speed Vivaldi Park today. We are confident that once you race at K1 Speed, you’ll be back for more! With high-performance electric karts, a modern indoor setting, year-round racing, and a large collection of authentic racing memorabilia, K1 Speed is so much more than a go-kart track – we are a world-class entertainment venue.


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