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Learn How to Drift – Come Out For Drift Day at K1 Speed!

When we announced Drift Night in 2018, we were amazed by the interest we had all over the country! Thousands of racers loved throwing our transformed drift karts sideways into a turn and mastering the art of the drift. And now, in it’s SEVENTH year, Drift Night is back as DRIFT DAY!


That’s right! Our drift events are now a full day experience instead of just the evening.


The cost for Drift Day is the same as our regular Arrive & Drive racing which means if you have races stored on your account, you can use those credits towards this monthly event.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the challenging nature of this experience, this is only for racers that meet our adult kart requirements. Children who typically race in our junior karts will not be able to drift, but they can still race regular Arrive & Drive races during Drift Day.

Drift Day Dates in 2024 (Subject to Change):


January 22nd

April 8th

June 10th

August 12th

November 18th




Not available at Boise, Canton, Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, and Oxford.

How to Drive Our Drift Karts!

Beginner Lessons: How Not To Spin

Advanced Technique: Connecting Your Drifts

Pro-Level: Learning the 360 Drift

What the Formula Drift Pros Say

“It’s pretty awesome! It’s a great challenge to slide the karts and definitely a great entry to drifting…you actually have to learn a little bit of the kart physics. Driving is driving – you got to keep your eyes up and try to win the battle.”

– Kyle Mohan, Driver of the #99 Mazda RX-8



“The karts are super fun! It teaches you to be very light with the pedals and keep a nice and tight line throughout the course. Takes a little bit of finesse and actually reminds me of the early days of drifting. You gotta start somewhere!”

 – Chris Forsberg, 3x Formula Drift Champion, Driver of the #64 Nissan 370Z

Watch Our Extreme Drifting Video!

So, there you have it! Start learning those drift skills without crashing your ride like this guy – get to the K1 Speed track near you during Drift Day! Try to get there before spots sell out, as races are first-come, first-served – just like our Arrive & Drive racing.

  • Jameil said

    I’m a pretty good drifter

  • Keiichi Tsuchiya

    I am DK

    • Andrew Dominguez Garcia

      Yes you are

    • Vin Diesel

      No you’re old fisherman #1 look at credits

  • Jon Katayanagi

    When is K1 Speed going to start tracking the top 100 fastest lap time for each track?

    Competition is key in our spot.

    • Staff Writer

      Not a bad idea, Jon! We’ll look into that. In the meantime, be sure to check the track portion for each location to see what the current lap records are!

  • Angel

    I can out drift anyone ~ angel

  • Sean

    What’s driiift?

  • James

    Will you ever do a drift night on the weekend?

    • K1 Speed Staff Writer

      Unfortunately that is not currently in the calendar.

  • Todd Pierce

    Well it should be.

    • Staff Writer

      We’ll keep that in mind, Todd!

  • Sean O

    Why are you ending drift night? I have yet to make it out on a Monday. Been dying to try it

    • Staff Writer

      Just the last one for the year – not forever! We’re planning on doing 4-5 of these each year since it can affect the track for a little bit afterwards. Normally we’d do another one around December but it’s a very busy month for us with holiday events. So don’t worry – you can expect it back early next year!

  • Amer Jarrah

    I’d love to see drift night more often.

    • Staff Writer

      Thanks for your feedback, Amer! We’ll take that into consideration! For the time being, look for it again around spring!

  • Richard Thomas Stanley II

    About time K-1 allows drifting. I stopped going after being told many times that we were not allowed to “fish tail”, “drift” or basically have fun.

    and no, Angel…you may be good, but outdrift, I think not

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Richard! Not to kill your excitement, but the same rules apply for our usual Arrive & Drive racing. However, on these special Drift Night evenings, we let you go for it in our specially-modified drift karts. Hope this clears up any confusion and that we get to see you next time for Drift Night (look for it in the Spring)!

  • Paula

    How do you sign up for this? Is this walk in?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Paula! There’s no sign up for this. Simply arrive and drift that evening! We hope to see you there!

  • jonathan rodriguez

    how much ?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Jonathan! The cost varies by location, but it’s our regular pricing that we use for Arrive & Drive racing. If you have races on your account, they can be used towards drift night. Thanks for your interest! Hope we’ll see you at the next one in July!

  • Jenzen Guino

    Lemme ask if junior can still do walk-in during drift night?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Jenzen, sorry for the delay in our response. Yes, juniors can still race during drift night as we can alternate the type of races we run out on track.Just note – juniors are not permitted to drive our drift karts, but they can still drive junior karts. Thanks!

  • Sathish

    Would a 12-year-old have to go on a junior kart or can he ride the adult ones? I was just wondering, since my son is more than 5 feet tall?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Sathish! As long as he can safely reach/operate the steering wheel and pedals and meets our height requirement, then yes, he can drive the adult karts. See you at the track!

  • Mike H

    Please make drift night more often it was sold out:( do it once a week!!!!!

    • Staff Writer

      Thanks for the suggestion, Mike!

  • Kevin

    Need to do it more often! Came after work and couldn’t get a spot, it was sold out and only 4 karts at a time add more karts.

    • Staff Writer

      Sorry you couldn’t get a spot this time, Kevin. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

  • Zae Sellers

    How can i look up the drift night prices?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Zae! Drift night prices are the same as our Arrive & Drive prices. To see the prices of your local center, simply visit this page and select the location you wish to drift from the dropdown menu under “Buy Races”: https://www.k1speed.com/arrive-and-drive.html. See you there!

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