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K1 Speed Myrtle Beach Now Open for Indoor Go Kart Racing!

Myrtle Beach’s Fastest Go Kart Experience Is Here! 

We’re super excited to announce today that K1 Speed Myrtle Beach is now officially open! This is the only indoor all-electric go kart track in the popular coastal city and we know residents and vacationers are in for a treat!  


K1 Speed Myrtle Beach has everything you know and love about our entertainment centers: the fastest indoor all-electric go karts, a professionally designed track, the safest barriers, a Paddock Lounge eatery, an arcade w/ video games, a pool table, air-hockey, and a private event space for parties and functions!  

Our Go Kart Signature Racing Experience 

If you’ve been to K1 Speed before, you know that our signature attraction is our go kart experience. We have two different types of electric go karts available: Junior Karts for kids 48” (4’) or taller, and Adult karts for teens and adults 58” (4’10”) or taller.  


These two karts vary not only in size, but in speed as well. Our Junior Karts can reach speeds of around 20mph, while our Adult Superleggero Go Karts have been clocked at 45mph – the fastest in the entertainment industry (that’s why we require full-face helmets unlike other places in the area).  


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Gas vs Electric:  


There are many advantages to electric go karts over gas-powered karts, but here are just some:  


  • Electric motors offer instant power: rather than waiting for an internal combustion engine to get up to the right revs, our electric karts give you maximum power INSTANTLY. This means much faster acceleration and you don’t having to worry about keeping your kart in the “power band” to launch out of turns.  


  • Zero-Emissions: Obviously it’s much healthier to breathe in clean air rather than exhaust, but there’s another benefit: you won’t reek like a gas station when you leave our building. This means you can carry on about your day afterwards without having to change your stinky clothes.  


  • No Burns: You don’t have to worry about burning yourself on any exhaust or hot engine parts! Our karts stay nice and cool – except for the tires!  


For more information, check out our blog about the differences between electric and gas karts.

Off-Track Activities 

Go kart racing isn’t the only activity available at K1 Speed Myrtle Beach! Keep the competition going off-track! We have an arcade that includes classic and modern video games, pool tables, air-hockey, basketball hoops, and more. Our arcade is perfect for all ages and will help keep the laughs going before and after your races.  

The Paddock Lounge  

the paddock lounge inside k1 speed myrtle beach

With all the fun you’ll have at K1 Speed Myrtle Beach, you’re probably going to want to relax and recharge at some point. So, make a pit stop at our Paddock Lounge found onsite. The Paddock Lounge serves a wide variety of delicious foods and refreshments. These include burgers, wings, pizzas, nachos, and plenty of nonalcoholic beverages like sodas and Red Bull. 

Your Place to Party in Myrtle Beach! 

We’re almost as famous for being a place for parties and events as we are for go kart racing. That’s because birthday parties, corporate events / company parties at K1 Speed Myrtle Beach is a VIP experience your guests will never forget.  


For starters, you’ll have a reserved race time, so it doesn’t matter how busy it is that day. Then, you’ll race with only your party – no outsiders allowed in your races! And after racing, there’s our exclusive podium ceremony where the top 3 finishers of the final race receive prizes and stand proudly on our grand prix podium. This is also the ultimate party photo op – and don’t worry, we’ll take those group photos for you.  


Naturally, you’ll also have a private space to call home while at the track, where you can eat, drink, and celebrate some more.  


To book an event, get in touch with one of our friendly event representatives who will help you plan the easiest party of your life.  

Located on the Grand Strand in Horry County 

K1 Speed Myrtle Beach is located right off Highway 17 on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach. That means we’re close to Atlantic Beach, Wampee, Carolina Shores, Little River, and Calabash. We’re now open seven days a week and no reservations are needed to race.  


For more information including hours and pricing, please visit our Myrtle Beach location page.  

  • James Craig

    Got a group of 7 adults males for bachelor weekend. Wanted to check to see if you would have room to accommodate us for a race or two.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey James, thanks for your interest! And apologies for the delay (we’re out of the office on weekends here at corporate). Hope you all were able to stop by for some fun.

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