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Get a Free Race When You Dress as Santa on December 20!

santa poses in a go kart

For All The Santas Out There..

It’s not easy being Santa. After all, there’s the whole delivering presents to every kid in the world thing, making lists and then having to check it all again twice (uggggh), and getting up and down the chimney time and time again.


That’s why we’re giving back to all the Santas out there on Wednesday, December 20 with a special offer!

Dress as Santa, Get a Free Race*!

To claim this offer, you’ll have to complete three easy steps:


Step 1: Dress as Santa Claus. You know: hat, beard, suit. Boots are optional. You don’t have to have twinkling eyes, merry dimples, a nose like a cherry, or a mouth drawn up like a bow. Chubby and plump is also optional. And please, no pipes or smoking inside K1 Speed at any time.


Step 2: Visit your local K1 Speed. From sunny and dry Southern California to cold and wet Wilmington, MA (K1 Speed Boston), we want to see the Santas!


Step 3: Buy at least one race. Of course, you can always buy more, but you’ll need to buy at least one.


That’s it! Once you’ve completed these three steps, we’ll give you a FREE race that you can redeem at a later date and time.


So come on in to K1 Speed dressed as Santa on Wednesday, December 20 and we’ll gift you this special offer!

*At most locations. Participation may vary at the following locations: Myrtle Beach, Fairfield, and Rohnert Park.


    Will be there HOHOHO

  • Jeffro cleary

    I think santas should race free

    • Staff Writer

      Us too, Jeffro! That’s why we’re giving them a free race!

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