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Save Money During Service Industry Day Every Wednesday!

picture of person driving go kart at K1 Speed

How often do we rely on the service industry? Chances are, it’s all the time. Whether it’s the barista that starts your day at the local coffee shop or the server who delivers your food with a smile at your favorite restaurant, these wonderful people have to put up with a lot to please the public.


And we cannot forget our teachers, who inspire our future generations and barely get the recognition they deserve.


That’s why we’re giving back to this hard-working community by hosting Service Industry Day, every Wednesday at your local K1 Speed!


What is Service Industry Day at K1 Speed?


At every United States K1 Speed location, service industry employees and teachers can enjoy amazing discounts with a valid work ID (paystubs, badges, employment ID card, etc.). We’re looking for all you waiters, bartenders, servers, chefs/cooks, bakers, etc. In other words, anyone related to the service industry side of food and beverage. Plus our TEACHERS!


First off, you and your coworkers will be able to enjoy 2 races for only $30! And at applicable locations, you can enjoy $3 select beer/wine, and your choice of any Flatbread Pizza for just $7!


Thousands of people visit K1 Speed every day to blow off steam from a hard day at work. Nothing stuffs out stress better than going 45mph on our track and getting into “the zone” – where body, mind, and kart come together as one and all your worries melt away.


So get your coworkers together and celebrate your hard work – stop by K1 Speed for these Service Industry Days every Wednesday! You deserve it.


And from all of us at K1 Speed, THANK YOU for your service!

graphic of industry service nights at k1 speed, menu with pizza and prices
  • David Barnard

    I am a high school teacher. I’m wondering if service nights apply to us. Would love to put together a night for a group of teachers. Would there be a chance of any discount for us?

    • Staff Writer

      David, it was just open to service people in the food & beverage department, but we think you have a great idea. So from now on, we’ll honor teachers with the same discount every Wednesday. Just show us some sort of proof, and you’ll get the deal. Time to see which teacher is fastest!

  • Charles

    Does this also apply to the cooks of restraunts.

    • Staff Writer

      Yes it does, Charles! See you at the track!

  • Felipe

    I work for a company that manufactures commercial cooking equipment. Does that qualify as being related to the food industry?. My group is planning to attend soon. Thanks.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Felipe! Sorry, this is more for the service side of the industry – the people on the frontlines directly serving the public. Sorry about that, but we certainly hope to see you all soon at our track!

  • Adam Johnson

    Do you offer military/veterans discount?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Adam! Yes! Active military can receive $5 off a single-race purchase with valid ID every day at K1 Speed.

      We typically have an amazing offer every year for veterans on Veteran’s Day. Hope this helps!

  • Chris Spencer

    I see this is still a July special. Will it still be going on in August? Looking to get a group of my co-workers in early August.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Chris! Yep, the plan is to keep this going for awhile yet. See you in August!

  • M.Urbano

    does this apply if you work in a grocery store and or in the bakery or deli ?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello! Yes, this applies to the food & beverage industry. You’re good!

  • Maria L G Pontes

    It is to Brazilian workers as well? We are two chefs in Brazil spend vacation here in florida!

    • Staff Writer

      Wow, that’s great, Maria! As long as you can show some sort of proof of your occupation, we’re okay with it! See you at the track!

  • jonathan

    do you give first responders a discount?

    • Staff Writer

      Yes! EVERY DAY, first responders can receive $5 off a single-race package by showing your valid ID. See you at the track!

  • Kyle Williams

    Is this promotion on going, or was it just for April and May?

    • Staff Writer

      This is on-going, Kyle! Sorry for any confusion. Hope we’ll see you at our track tomorrow!

  • Liliana Valdes

    Hello, We are planning an event on September, is this going to be available? Also banking industry applies?

    • Staff Writer

      Yes, this will still be available in September! Unfortunately it’s just for teachers, and service members in the food & beverage industry. Sorry about that!

  • County Employees

    We work for the County of San Diego serving the Tax Payers. Would we qualify?

    • Staff Writer

      Thank you for your interest! For now, this is for teachers and food & beverage service workers. We will take your comment into consideration though!

  • Delora Wiley

    What about if you work at a fast food restaurant? Do you quality?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Delora! Working in a fast food restaurant DEFINITELY qualifies! We’ll see you and your coworkers at the track!

  • Justin

    Hi all, I see this is still posted (10/27/19), but the flyer just says April/May. Is it still going on? If so, how much longer? Also, are college teachers/faculty included?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Justin! It’s going on for one more day “officially” on Wednesday. However, we’ll keep this as something you can ask for any Wednesday – just think of it as our “secret menu” offering. And yes, teachers are included!

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