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Save Money During Service Industry Day Every Wednesday!

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How often do we rely on the service industry? Chances are, it’s all the time. Whether it’s the barista that gets your day started at your local coffee shop or the server at your favorite restaurant who delivered your food with a smile, these wonderful people have to put up with a lot to please the public.


That’s why we’re giving back to this hard-working community by hosting Service Industry Day, every Wednesday of April and May at your local K1 Speed!


What is Service Industry Day at K1 Speed?


Starting next Wednesday on April 3rd at every United States K1 Speed location, service industry employees can enjoy amazing discounts with a valid work ID (paystubs, badges, employment ID card, etc.). We’re looking for all you waiters, bartenders, servers, or anyone else related to the service industry side of food and beverage.


First off, service workers and your coworkers will be able to enjoy 2 races for only $30! And at applicable locations, you can enjoy $3 select beer/wine, and your choice of any Flatbread Pizza for just $7!


Thousands of people visit K1 Speed every day to blow off steam from a hard day at work. Nothing stuffs out stress better than going 45mph on our track and getting into “the zone” – where body, mind, and kart come together as one and all your worries melt away.


So get your coworkers together and celebrate your hard work – stop by K1 Speed for these Service Industry Days every Wednesday these next two months! You deserve it.


And from all of us at K1 Speed, THANK YOU for your service!

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