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Texas Manager Lending A Helping Hand In Houston

Hurricane Harvey has been devastating for the people of Houston and it’s surrounding cities. K1 Speed Texas Regional Manager, Kristopher Barrera, is taking action into his own hands using his boat to safe lives from the storm.


“My family and I are safe now. We had to hike about a mile through waist and chest high water to get to rescue boats. They got us to safety and we are staying with friends. We have neighbors that didn’t leave when we did. They are being removed by Coast Guard helicopters today. When Kristofer Barrera found out that we were in trouble, he grabbed his boat and drove hours to come help us. We made it out before he could arrive. But, he stayed and saved a couple dozen of my neighbors. Words can’t express how grateful and thankful we are for what Kris is doing. He is out in the boat again saving people today” said Aaron Greeley, K1 Speed Houston manager.


It takes a certain type of person to go above and beyond to help others in need. We pray for the K1 Speed staff, their friends & family and the people of Houston. Please visit the Red Cross link below and help people affected by Hurricane Harvey.


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