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You Could Win $200 During March Motorsports Mania!

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We love the month of March. No, it’s not because of the big basketball tournament. It’s because the racing season is finally in full swing!


World Challenge, IMSA, NHRA, Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula E – all of these great series are hosting at least one race this month which is getting us pretty excited over here.


So, to celebrate the return of pro racing, we’re throwing a fun contest for you racers that we’re calling March Motorsports Mania!


How It Works


From March 1 to March 31, 2019, it’s your job to set the fastest lap you can at your local track.


You don’t have to be THE fastest for your chance at winning, either. When April arrives, we’re going to pick ONE winner at each location – randomly – from the 100 fastest racers in March. Even the 100th fastest racer at your K1 Speed could win the prize – you just need to set a fast enough lap time to be on the list at the end of the month.


The lucky winner will be getting a $200 check from K1 Speed in their mailbox – not a gift card! Cold. Hard. Cash (but you can always spend it wisely on more races with us).


It’s easy to enter this competition! Just try to set a lap you can be proud of at an American K1 Speed location anytime of the month! Of course, the more you race, the more chances you have at lowering that lap time and ensuring your spot in the Top 100. Racers will be bumped throughout the month – that’s a guarantee – so keep an eye on your ranking!


And since we’re giving away a $200 cash prize at each location, you can increase your odds by getting in the top 100 at multiple K1 Speed locations! There’s no limit to how many locations you enter this contest at!


How Do I See Where I Rank?


To see where you stand on our Top 100 Racers list:


  1. Select your location from HERE and click on “Center Details”
  2. Find the “Review the Track” image and click on “Find the Line”.
  3. Scroll down until you see “Best Times” and click on “Best of the Month” under Adult (Track 1 at locations with 2 tracks)
  4. This is the list you need to be on by the end of the month!




Sorry kids, this competition is only for those that can drive our Adult Karts (4’10” or taller) – we want the fastest lap times possible at these tracks! Let the records fall.


NOTE: If your location has two tracks, we’re looking at the best adult times on Track 1.



That’s it! Got any questions? Leave us a comment below! Want to brag about your lap time of the month and where it is? Leave a comment below!


Let’s see what you racers have got!

  • ken martin

    Cool idea.

    • Ivan


      • Candice M McCann

        Love it

    • Xiao

      This is really cool!

  • Jason Smith

    sounds like fun im in

  • Ken Cole

    Let’s do THIS…!

  • Michael Thacker

    Sounds fun

  • Austin Dykstra

    Sounds like a fun challenge! See you soon K1!!

  • Ronnie Hults

    Good luck to All! Drive the wheels off it

  • Robert Curtiss

    I’m in

  • Linda Rosenberg

    I’m coming tonight fiir my bday. Hope to win it!

  • AAron Holmes-Black

    I’m going tonight, actually. Guess I have more motivation.

  • [email protected]

    Age category should be added so fron kid to late boomers who can race the fastest by age category gets 200

  • joanna rodriguez

    A great place to go fast in the furious.. And Challenge good racers 🙂

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