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Things to Do in Colorado: Top 10 List

If you’re planning a trip to Colorado and are looking for fun things to do with your family and friends, then check out this Top 10 list of fun activities located in the Centennial State!

10. Ride the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum


If you’re looking for an adventure on rails, then catch a ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Originally opened to transport silver and gold ore, this National Historic Landmark has run the 45-mile line from Durango to Silverton continuously since 1881 and is one of the few places left where you can experience a real steam train.


9. Hop on the Telluride Mountain Village Gondola


Ride the ropes up a mountain on the Telluride Mountain Village Gondola! Though not for those scared of heights, this 8-mile long, 13-minute ride is the first and only free public transportation of its kind in the US! You’ll begin your ride at Telluride Station before reaching its summit of 10,540 feet at San Sophia Station. On the way you’ll experience stunning 365 – degree views of the San Juan Mountains. As an added plus, the gondola is powered completely by wind and solar power, making this mountain gondola eco-friendly like you would want.


8. Visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science


For those looking for a little education in addition to entertainment, check out the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Here you’ll learn all about the natural history of Colorado, our planet, and the universe in six main areas: anthropology, geology, health science, paleontology, space science, and zoology. There are more than one million objects in its collection, housed in a mammoth 716,000 square foot building, and there’s even an IMAX Theater that shows films daily.


7. Grab a Scoop at Bonnie Brae Ice Cream


An ice cream staple of Denver for over 30 years, Bonnie Brae Ice Cream can still bring a line out the door. Recognizable by its red-and-white-striped awning, this old-school ice cream joint churns out around 240 gallons of ice cream each day and has served more than 8,250,000 scoops of ice cream as of 2016. Their most popular flavors are Oreos and Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Triple Death Chocolate, but they offer a total of 32 flavors daily, along with two vegan flavors and two frozen yogurts. It’s the perfect afternoon snack on those warm Colorado summer days.


6. Go Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park


A trip to Colorado would not be complete with a trip to its famed Rocky Mountain National Park. Millions of visitors enter the park each year and is consistently once of the most visited national parks in the country. The sprawling 415 square mile park is broken into five different regions: Moose and Big Meadows (Region 1), Alpine Region (Region 2), Wilderness (Region 3), Heart of the Park (Region 4) and Waterfalls and Backcountry (Region 5). No matter which region(s) you visit, you’re in for a spectacular visit with over 300 miles of hiking trails to delight hikers of every skill level.


5. Catch a Show at Red Rocks Amphitheater


If you find yourself near Morrison, Colorado near Denver, you have to take advantage of one of the country’s most beautiful open-air amphitheaters – Red Rocks Amphitheater. Flanked by giant rocks on either side, and a large, tilted, disc-shaped rock behind the stage, part of the attraction is the historic venue itself. Constructed in 1908, the amphitheater has seen its fair share of notable performers: from The Beatles and Hendrix to Depeche Mode, Mumford & Sons, and OneRepublic. Due to its picturesque beauty, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice for bands to record concert videos, so you never know when your next concert at the Rocks will be documented for you to experience time and time again.


4. Discover Mesa Verde National Park


For over 700 years, the Ancestral Pueblo people made Mesa Verde National Park their home in the early part of the common era. Today, the park contains nearly 5,000 archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings, and are among the most notable best-preserved examples in the country. Several of these dwellings are explorable up close and in person. The result is that you’re allowed to get inside the remnants of the buildings and imagine a time thousands of years before we existed.


3. See a Magic Show at Cosmo’s Magic Theater


For over 30 years, magician Cosmo Solano has performed world-class sleight of hand magic. His audience includes heads of state, celebrities, and leaders in business and industry. Up until last year, you could only experience his magic up close in the aptly-named “The Close Up Room”, an 11-seat makeshift theater at his home. But just recently Cosmo has been able to open up Cosmo’s Magic Theater – a 100-seat theater to expand his production and include additional acts, such as live jazz. Since opening a little over a year ago, the positive reviews have been rolling in. As a result, Cosmo’s Magic Theater has instantly become one of the places to visit in Colorado Springs.


2. Explore the Cave of the Winds


While you’re in Colorado Springs to catch a show at Cosmo’s, be sure to also include a trip to the Cave of the Winds. This cave attraction has delighted tourists for more than 100 years. Explore three unique cave tours: The Discovery Tour, Lantern Tour, and Caving 101. No matter what tour you pick, you’re sure to see plenty of stalactites, stalagmites, and underground geological features. Not to mention all the awesome science facts and history you’ll learn!


1. Enjoy Exciting, Authentic Indoor Kart Racing at K1 Speed Denver


If there’s someone in your group who has the need for speed, then you’ve got to visit K1 Speed in Littleton near Denver! K1 Speed is the world’s premier indoor go karting company. And that’s not all – they also launched the 100% all-electric go kart racing experience in the United States. These karts are faster than gas karts and travel up to 45 miles per hour. Plus, you don’t have to breathe in exhaust fumes or worry about your clothes reeking of fuel.


The building itself is immaculate, and features motorsport memorabilia, meeting rooms for group events like birthday and company parties, a professionally designed track, arcade, a snack stand, and more! And since this attraction is an indoor activity, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside. It’s always a good day to go racing at K1 Speed! See why millions of people have experienced this go kart racing establishment and visit today!


No driver’s license or gear is required. They’ll provide the helmet and headsock. Junior karts require a minimum height of 48”. Adult karts require a minimum height of 4’10”. Open seven days a week. Simply Arrive & Drive.


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