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10 Things to Do in Massachusetts

If you’re looking for things to do in Massachusetts before an upcoming trip, then this is your resource! We’ve collected 10 of our favorite things to do in “The Bay State” so you can spend more time perfecting your Bostonian accent.

10. See History First-Hand on the Freedom Trail


If you’re a history buff looking for things to do in Massachusetts, then definitely add the Freedom Trail to your list. The 2.5-mile path takes people by 16 locations throughout downtown Boston that were significant to the history of the United States. These include graveyards, notable churches and buildings, the USS Constitution, and sometimes just a simple ground marker explaining the significance. Many of the stops are free, but there are some that charge admission, like Paul Revere’s House.


9. Visit Cape Cod


There’s more to coastal Cape Cod, Massachusetts than its potato chips. Cape Cod features 560 miles of coastline, and that means plenty of white sand beaches. In fact, there’s about 60 public beaches to explore. Visitors can also enjoy biking, boating, fishing, golfing and more. And don’t miss catching a ride on the East Coast whale watching fleet who guarantees a whale sighting with each tour. For the full experience, look into staying at a quaint Bed & Breakfast for the ultimate New England coastal experience.


8. Relax Martha’s Vineyard


If you’re craving more summertime things to do in Massachusetts, then take a trip to the island of Martha’s Vineyard. The island is known as one of the most sought-after summer destinations for the rich and famous. Visitors love its gorgeous beaches and stunning views. Fans of the movie Jaws will recognize the fishing village of Menemsha and the town of Chilmark as both were used during the filming of the iconic movie. But don’t worry – you shouldn’t have to worry about sharks. All you’ll really have to do is just relax.


7. Catch a Concert at Tanglewood


If you’re looking to take in some live music as one of your things to do in Massachusetts, then catch a concert at Tanglewood. This music venue is the home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. But also hosts the Festival of Contemporary Music, and shows from popular artists like James Taylor and the famous movie composer, John Williams. The venue can be found in the Berkshire Hills. The Berkshires are a mountain range that’s part of the Appalachian Mountains, and one of the 12 Last Great Places according to the Nature Conservancy.


6. Search for the Ghosts of Salem’s Past


Salem is a must if you’re looking for a macabre thing to do in Massachusetts. Salem’s infamous for its 1692 witch trials in which more than 200 people were accused and 20 people executed. Tour the Witch House, the home of the judge who sentenced these innocent people to their deaths or take part in a Salem ghost tour at night. Beyond its infamous trials, Salem is also known for its rich maritime history, the birthplace of the National Guard, and home to the House of the Seven Gables.


5. See Where the Revolutionary War Started at Minute Man National Historical Park


US History fans will also want to visit Minute Man National Historical Park around the towns of Lexington, Lincoln, and Concord. The North Bridge in Concord is home to the “Shot heard round the world”. This is when colonists were first ordered to shoot at the British army, igniting the Revolutionary War. Visitors can also walk the five-mile “Battle Road Trail”. This trail winds through fields and forests where the many initial skirmishes between the British troops and Colonial militia took place.


4. Visit the Norman Rockwell Museum


For nearly 50 years, Norman Rockwell’s illustrations were in millions of peoples’ homes as the cover artist for The Saturday Evening Post. The Post was once of the most widely circulated and influential magazines of America’s middle class. As a result, Rockwell’s art is embedded in many people’s minds as a part of the American experience. The Norman Rockwell Museum features the world’s largest and most significant collection of Rockwell’s art. In all, the museum houses 998 original paintings and drawings. Much of the art was drawn from the surrounding community and its residents.


3. Lose Yourself in the Museum of Fine Arts


If you’ve got an art lover in your group, then you’ll want to wander around the immense Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This world-renown museum is the fifth largest museum in the United States and contains about a half million works of arts. This means it is one of the most comprehensive collections in North and South America. Highlights include ancient Egyptian artifacts, the largest museum collection of Japanese works in the world outside of Japan, and works by Gauguin, Manet, Renoir, Degas, Monet, Van Gough and Cézanne.


2. Catch a Game or Tour at Fenway Park


One of the most well-known sports venues in the world, Fenway Park is definitely a cultural thing to do in Massachusetts whether you’re a baseball fan or not. Open for games since 1912, Fenway is the oldest Major League Baseball park, and home to the Boston Red Sox since the very beginning. Its original 1934 scoreboard is still manually updated throughout a game. If you’re in town when there isn’t a game, then make sure you catch their tour which is offered daily from 9am to 5pm. Actually, make sure you catch it anyways – it’s offered on game days until three hours before the game.


image showing two kart racers with good racing posture

Photo: Mark Zemnick

1. Experience Authentic Go Kart Racing at K1 Speed


If you’re someone that craves excitement and Unique experiences, then a trip to K1 Speed in Boston should definitely be on your Massachusetts list of fun things to do. Known as the world’s largest and premier indoor go-karting operator, K1 Speed features go-karts are all-electric, so you don’t need to worry about breathing in exhaust fumes or leaving with stinky clothes. Plus, the power is instant, so the karts have faster acceleration than any gas-powered kart you’ve driven before. Junior karts speed up to 25mph and delight kids 4’ or taller, while adult karts rocket to 45mph for racers 4’10” or taller.


The location is immaculate and features motorsport memorabilia fit for a museum, meeting spaces for group events, an arcade for all ages, and an onsite eatery that serves food & beverages. And since everything is indoors, it doesn’t matter if it’s pouring rain or scorching hot – you can still enjoy this popular worldwide attraction, open seven days a week. If you’ve never experienced go-kart racing before or have never been to a K1 Speed – you simply have to stop in for an Arrive & Drive race. If you’ve been to a K1 Speed, try out their track layout – exclusive to this Boston location.