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Indoor Karting San Antonio

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    NOTE: No Junior races after 8pm on Friday and Saturday.


    Arrive & Drive







    Indoor Go Kart Racing San Antonio

    With locations in Houston and Austin, K1 Speed has introduced the sport of indoor go-kart racing to people throughout Texas. With our San Antonio karting location, we’ve now brought the sport to Alamo Heights, Castle Hills, Leon Valley, China Grove, Converse, and Southwest Texas (Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland) as well. If you’ve never been to a K1 Speed location before, forget everything that you think you know about go-kart racing. At K1 Speed, we offer a truly unique – and thrilling – experience. Gone are the anemic, heavy, unreliable, gas-spewing karts of your youth. In their place are state-of-the-art, high-performance, zero-emission electric karts that offer unparalleled performance – performance that is in the reach of nearly anyone yet potent enough that extracting all of it requires skill, dedication, and practice.

    If you looking for things to do tonight, Whether you’re a novice who has never turned a wheel in anger or are a veteran enthusiast who rides motorcycles, races stock cars, or attacks the flat track every other weekend, we are confident that our location will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. If you’d like to experience indoor go-kart racing yourself, visit our South West Texas location today. We are situated within close distance of Leon Valley and Alamo Heights, just 15 minutes from the River Walk and close to SeaWorld, Ingram Park Mall, San Antonio International Airport.

    Indoor Go Kart Racing for the Public

    K1 Speed is open to the public seven days a week and everyone is welcome to come in and race our karts – no reservation necessary.* Our Arrive & Drive racing option pits individuals in a race for the best lap time in equally prepared machinery. With up to 11 other racers on the track, navigating the track and setting a fast lap can prove challenging, even for experienced racers. However, because the karts are so easy to drive, racers of various skill are on relatively even footing. The key to success will depend on a variety of factors, and bringing home the victory can result from strategy and smart driving as much as it can from natural skill. Do you mirror the driver in front of you, hoping that he or she has the right racing line, or do you position yourself so that you’re alone on the track and able to concentrate on consistency and proper steering and throttle inputs? The technique that you utilize can prove the difference between a fast lap and a slow lap.


    But why K1 Speed? Our all-electric karts are what separate K1 Speed apart from the competition. If you’ve never been indoor go-kart racing, a trip to K1 Speed San Antonio is all that will be needed to convert you for life. Once racers experience indoor karting at our locations, they never go back to the lawn mower-powered karts at their local amusement park. With 20hp electric motors that make maximum torque from zero rpm, there is no throttle lag when depressing the accelerator. Our karts can reach their top speed in a matter of seconds and have the power to push you back in your seats under acceleration. Capable of speeds approaching 45mph on our indoor ¼ mile track, our karts are true performance machines, and driving them is a genuine thrill. In fact, don’t be surprised if you experience a bit of an adrenaline rush out on the track!

    Plan a Birthday Party, Bachelor Party or Special Event

    Though our Arrive & Drive package is one of our most popular racing options, we are also happy to host birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties (yes, women love racing at K1 Speed just as much as the men do, and they’re just as fast!), team building exercises, corporate events, and other private functions. For private parties, we offer a number of unique racing packages as well as room rentals. If you’re interested in planning a party that your guests will be talking about for weeks and months to come, then might we suggest you consider indoor go-kart racing at our San Antonio location – you will not be disappointed!

    Track is large. Cars fit small to large people. Employees are really nice.
    Mariea Gardner
    Mariea G.
    00:53 09 Feb 20
    If you’re someone who loves driving, you’re going to love this place. The karts are very light, nimble, and decently quick. But be warned, driving one is most likely a gateway drug to harder drugs, like sports car ownership.
    Cody H
    Cody H
    22:54 21 Jan 20
    Fun place to release some aggression and spend a rainy day. Most of the staff is really helpful. Carts are fast. Track is fun.
    Steve Messana
    Steve M.
    17:45 18 Jan 20
    My twin brother and I frequently race at K1. We both agree the experience is much better than at Andretti’s. Freddy, Sadie and Christian are always a big help when we go. Freddy is always a courteous and helpful front desk attendant. Sadie is a great track operator and is super friendly. Christian can help you better understand the track if you’re trying to gain faster lap times. It’s always a good time at K1!
    The Deans
    The D.
    23:26 16 Jan 20
    We went here for part of a bachelor party, they had a great package and so it was a whole tournament style for the races and everything! These are fast karts and much faster than you expect because of this there is no bumping. You get a much more realistic experience here and it was so neat to see where you ranked all time!They make it so easy and great for group events I highly suggest you give it a shot!
    Jacob Milam
    Jacob M.
    20:10 16 Jan 20
    Went to K1 Speed-Indoor Go Karts last night with my granddaughter Anesidy. She was really nervous before we started racing,but once we hit the track she enjoyed it so did I. I'm going back for sure I want my wife to check it out.
    Michael Gonzales
    Michael G.
    03:27 04 Jan 20
    Absolutely FUN!! A friend of out of town and I went for the 1st time not really excited because we were thinking it was like go karts when we were kids. So we just got 2 rounds each. After the 1st round, we went and got the 3rd! ALWAYs get the 3 rounds!!I do want to give a few words of advice, these cars go FAST, and crashes happen. Please keep that in mind if you have any type of neck or back issue. The carts a built very good at taking impact and you do get a helmet so it's pretty safe, but these go carts are not joke! They go fast. They are not what we use to ride when we were kids. So remember! Always get 3 rounds and these carts are super fast!! This is an awesome time!! It's worth it!!
    Ramona Parmantie
    Ramona P.
    14:34 02 Jan 20
    Had a great time, my kids raced gas powered go karts for a few years and these were very cool.
    Mark Loy
    Mark L.
    02:35 29 Dec 19
    Nice place. It is exciting for kids to get behind the wheel! The feeling is mutual for parents and it's reassuring that a kid can have such fun in a safe environment. The staff is very attentive. This is important in a place like this. Enjoy! It's worth it.
    Linda Flores
    Linda F.
    16:59 28 Dec 19
    We rented this venue for a party l, it was my first time going and I was not disappointed.
    Anthony Stermer
    Anthony S.
    23:07 08 Dec 19
    Fun family night out.
    Stefani Wilder
    Stefani W.
    23:16 19 Nov 19
    Always a good time! Really cool and helpful crew!
    Lamont Griffin
    Lamont G.
    00:29 06 Nov 19