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6 Things to Do at K1 Speed Beyond Go Kart Racing

Man plays air hockey at K1 Speed Irvine

Everyone knows that K1 Speed is the place to visit for a safe, state-of-the-art, authentic racing experience. For the last 15 years, our indoor electric go-karting has attracted millions of racers, from your neighbor down the street to pros like Hamilton, Rossi, and Busch.


But what can you do once you’ve finished racing at K1 Speed? Or what do you do if adrenaline-pumping experiences aren’t for you? Or what if you need to kill some time while waiting for your next race, or while your child is racing? We also know not everyone can meet the minimum height requirement of 48” – what then?  Well, this post will answer all those questions.


Test Other Skills in our Arcade

Girls Playing California Crusin at K1 Speed Irvine

Nearly all of our centers have a video game arcade where visitors can test other skills against one another. Perhaps you’re better at arcade racing than the real deal. Some of our arcades feature arcade driving games like Cruis’n Blast (pictured above). Or maybe you’re more of a first-person shooter kind of player – try out our action video games, like the Jurassic Park arcade game in Irvine, for example. Love old school arcade? Some locations feature pinball machines, like the AC/DC themed game! Check out or call your local K1 Speed and see what arcade games we offer there!


CyberSport and Bowling


At Addison, we offer CyberSport , a combination of lacrosse, basketball and hockey while driving custom-designed Cyber Cars. You’ll love this unique experience not commonly found at a go-karting center!


At our Orlando center, visitors can enjoy our miniature bowling alley and compete for strikes in between races.


Play Old-School Games like Pool, Foosball, Jenga and Cornhole

Man plays billiards at K1 Speed Irvine

So, video games aren’t your thing. We get it. Fortunately for you, we usually stock games that have existed for decades and still haven’t gone out of style.


Go back to gaming roots with a rousing game of billiards on one of our pool tables, available at most of our locations. Some locations even have foosball tables, so you can channel your inner Messi. Your local center may also have an air-hockey table, so you can test your hand-eye coordination and reflexes which are crucial skills for a racing driver to hone.


Love playing hoops? Show off your accuracy on one of our arcade basketball games. Or test yourself during a feat of strength with our boxing arcade game at select locations.


At Dublin, Austin, Boston, Ft Lauderdale, and Irvine, we even offer a large Jenga set and a cornhole setup free of charge for you to enjoy.


Browse our Apparel and Accessories

Retail Space at K1 Speed Irvine

We’re constantly introducing new t-shirt, hoodie, and hat designs that appeal to racers of all ages – from more traditional-looking to the latest trendy designs, there’s a K1 Speed apparel item that has your name on it.


Or represent your love for K1 Speed with one of our awesome accessories – like our K1 Speed license plate frame or set of decals to display on your vehicle.


Those in possession of a K1 Speed annual license receive 10% off your apparel or accessories purchase, so take advantage of the money you can save!



Enjoy Food & Beverages at our Paddock Lounge or Pit Café

Visitors enjoying beer and nachos at K1 Speed Irvine's Paddock Lounge

Karting is a physical activity. Make sure you stay hydrated by visiting our on-site Paddock Lounge or Pit Café for a selection of beverages. If you’re done racing and are of legal age, enjoy an ice-cold beer or relax with a glass of wine.


You can get pretty hungry after racing too – so load up on carbs and protein with our delicious food and snacks we have available. At our Paddock Lounge, we offer delicious food like our cheesy pizzas, hot wings, and layered nachos.


Study Other Racers on Track

Visitors at K1 Speed Irvine watch racers from trackside

Sometimes it’s difficult to gauge if what you’re doing on track is the fastest or not. One of the best ways to learn is by observing quicker racers than you. While you’re waiting next time, take a look at the racers out on track – are they posting faster lap times? Investigate what they’re doing that you’re not. Are they turning smoother or taking a different approach and line to a corner? Or maybe they’re just lifting instead of braking into the corner. This alone could shave some tenths off your time. If there’s slower drivers out there on track, try to pinpoint where you might be going faster than them and make sure you keep doing that correctly.

So as you can see, there’s plenty to do at K1 Speed when you’re not racing our all-electric go-karts! What do you like to do when you’re off the track at your local center? Drop us a comment below and tell us!

  • Fredy Pantoja

    We wnat to take our nine year old godson for his first go karting experience so itd be myself my wife and our god how can i go about that? And are we able to race together as a family meaning the three of us? Be itd be my first time going aswell .

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Fredy! Thanks for your interest in K1 Speed! You can simply show up and race at our locations! However, we do recommend calling the location first to ensure there’s no big parties going on that day. We have two different karts: junior karts and adult karts. Junior karts require a minimum height of 4′ (48″), while our adult karts require a minimum height of 4’10” – we don’t mix the two different karts on track since the adult karts are significantly faster. So if your godson is below 4’10”, they will not be able to join you on track at the same time, however he can still race in a junior kart race. Hope this clears everything up and that we get to see you all the track soon!

  • Omar Romero


    • K1 Speed Staff Writer

      Our races are not categorized by age but by height as you need to be big enough to operate the karts safely. Minimum height requirement is 48″ for our Junior karts and 58″ for our Adult karts. There are no mixed Adult and Junior races. It may be up to the location Manager to make the decision if there is a judgement call about safe operation.

  • Anita Triggs

    what the prices on the kart racing

    • K1 Speed Staff Writer

      It really depends on what you want to do, and at which location you will be visiting. Please go to our Arrive & Drive page and choose your location from the dropdown to see prices for your location.

  • Vanessa

    Are adults allowed to drive the jr carts, or are there just no options for kids and parents to race each other?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Vanessa, thanks for your interest! Junior karts are only for the kids. So if you do have a child who is under 4’10” (the minimum height requirement for our adult karts) you will have to race separately. However, this does allow parents an opportunity to watch/video/take pictures of their child while they’re out there on the track! Hope we’ll see you soon.

  • Keisha baker

    Hello do you have Games for 5 years olds to do or can the ride with a Adult

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Keisha! Most of our locations have off-track activities like video game arcades to keep those under the height requirement happy. All of our go karts are single-seaters, so no shared rides. Hope we’ll get to see you at our track!

  • Elvis Sanchez

    What’s the weight limit for each car?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Elvis! The weight limit for our adult karts is 300 lbs. Hope we’ll see you at the track!

  • Martse Locher

    Do you charge admission for spectators? We are hoping to watch our son and his daughter race.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Martse! We do not charge for admission. We only charge for races, arcade games, etc. Spectating is 100% free. Hope you enjoy watching your son and his daughter out on our track!

  • PAUL M.

    How many laps is one race?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Paul! Each race is 12 laps. Hope we see you soon!

  • Roslyn

    After completing the waiver are we required to physically present a driver’s licence?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Roslyn! Nope, you won’t need to present a driver’s license. But if the driver is a minor, they’ll need a parent/guardian present. See you soon at our track!

  • Jennifer palacio

    Do you have any accommodations for child with autism?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Jennifer! Yes, we do our best to accommodate children with autism. We would love to have you reach out to us directly (simply call the number of your local K1 Speed and ask to speak with a manager) to discuss specific accommodations that will make your child feel the most comfortable. Thank you!

  • Megan Tollios

    Does the adult track have double riders? Or
    Are they all single. My daughter is 11 and meets height requirements but just doesn’t want to drive.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Megan! Yes, all of our karts are single-seaters, no double-seaters. But as you read in this blog, there’s more to K1 Speed than just go karts! Hope we’ll see you soon!

  • Jose ruiz

    Hi, how are you, do you have karting classes … ???

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Jose! Yes, we offer one-on-one instruction at our centers. Just ask our front desk during your next visit!

  • Jose ruiz

    My son is 5 years old, and he wants to drive, so I was asking if they have driving classes.

    • Staff Writer

      We do offer one-on-one lessons to help someone become a faster driver in our go karts. We don’t have general driving classes. But at your son’s age, he should be able to fit in one of our junior karts and can learn the fundamentals of driving on his own!

  • Pilar n manzanero

    How much is for go karts. And if there is a season pass

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Pilar! Thanks for your interest. We’re sorry, but we do not offer a season pass. For pricing, please visit the webpage of the location you’d like to visit – please start here: K1 Speed locations

  • James le

    How much does it cost for 4 or 5 people?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi James! For pricing, please visit the page of the location you wish to visit. To find your local K1 Speed, visit our Locations Page. See you at the track!

  • Patricio Juárez

    I am planning to go there on friday, just arrive and drive, but in the schedules page it says that you will only be open from 11-12am due to the black friday.
    I am looking forward to do 3 races, however im not sure if i will be able to do them within that timespan of an hour

    • K1 Speed Staff Writer

      Hey Patricio, don’t you worry. 12am is midnight! So we are actually open for 13 hours – plenty of time to get your races in! See you at the track!

  • Mel Murrell

    Hello. Does anyone know how much the price range is to play the games like pool or bowling? Also do you have darts and jukeboxes?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Mel! Most of our locations charge $2-$2.50 per game for pool. Our Orlando location is the only center with bowling and that’s $4 per game per person. We do not have jukeboxes and darts, but we’ll keep that in mind! See you at the track!

  • Angel Santiago

    Do you Have to pay for the Annual Membership? Why? Can you purchase it at the store along with races or do they all have to be online? Do you accept Cash or Card only?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Angel!

      Yes, the annual membership is mandatory if you want to race at K1 Speed. This includes use of our helmets, a free reusable headsock to wear under the helmet, and creates an account that you can use to see your race history, track timing, etc. Keep in mind, the membership also comes with a free race for your birthday, so you’ll get your money back instantly that way.

      Memberships can either be purchased in-store, or by purchasing our Speedpass package online. We accept both cash and card in our centers. We’ll see you soon at the track!

  • Ricardo Rosado

    How many laps of the track is a race and how far is the track.

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Ricardo! Great questions. Each race is up to 12 laps, and the track is roughly a quarter-mile in length.

  • Elza Romero

    Is there a fee to rent a helmet and helmet sock?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Elza! There isn’t a specific fee for those items, however we do require an annual membership to race with us. This costs $7.95, and not only gets you a headsock and free helmet rentals, but includes 10% off apparel and accessories plus a FREE race during the week of your birthday (an over $20 value in itself)! Hope this answers your question – see you at the track!

  • Alfredo Santillanes

    How many karts are usually running on a same race?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Alfredo! The amount of karts on track does vary by location. However, most of our centers tend to run between 10 and 12 karts on the track per race. See you at the track!

  • Joseph Cannon-Wright

    My name is Joseph and I award wondering what are the accommodations for people with disabilities or in a wheelchair? My location will be in Dublin.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Joseph! We have a kart with hand controls at K1 Speed Dublin for those with disabilities. We just appreciate a day’s worth of notice to make sure it’s good to go (and if it’s a weekday, that’s even better!). Thanks!

  • Carolina Jimenez

    My son is 10 but super tall 5ft 5inches. Would he be considered Jr rider?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Carolina! It sounds like he may be a little too tall for our Junior Karts, but he should be able to race our Adult Karts. See you at the track!

  • Charles Harris

    Where are you located at

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Charles! We’ve got over 80 locations all over the world – check out our locations page for the full list!

  • Roshanda

    Is there anything for 2 and 3 years old to do?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Roshanda! Most of our centers do have arcades, so kids can sit on parents laps for some of the video games or (again, with some help from parents) play some prize machine games, like our claw machines. Hope we’ll get to see you at the track soon!

  • Linda Strait

    Hi just wondering if my grandson is 6 ‘ 5 inches in height will he be able to fit in a car and also should we make reservations for a party of 6 for the April 13 at 430

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Linda! Yes, he should still be able to fit – we’ve had people as tall as 6’7″ fit in our karts. As far as reservations, please know we require a minimum of 8 guests for reserved private parties. Hope we see you at the track this Saturday!

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