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Indoor Go Kart Racing San Antonio

With locations in Houston and Austin, K1 Speed has introduced the sport of indoor go-kart racing to people throughout Texas. With our San Antonio karting location, we’ve now brought the sport to Alamo Heights, Castle Hills, Leon Valley, China Grove, Converse, and Southwest Texas (Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland) as well. If you’ve never been to a K1 Speed location before, forget everything that you think you know about go-kart racing. At K1 Speed, we offer a truly unique – and thrilling – experience. Gone are the anemic, heavy, unreliable, gas-spewing karts of your youth. In their place are state-of-the-art, high-performance, zero-emission electric karts that offer unparalleled performance – performance that is in the reach of nearly anyone yet potent enough that extracting all of it requires skill, dedication, and practice.

If you looking for things to do tonight, Whether you’re a novice who has never turned a wheel in anger or are a veteran enthusiast who rides motorcycles, races stock cars, or attacks the flat track every other weekend, we are confident that our location will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. If you’d like to experience indoor go-kart racing yourself, visit our South West Texas location today. We are situated within close distance of Leon Valley and Alamo Heights, just 15 minutes from the River Walk and close to SeaWorld, Ingram Park Mall, San Antonio International Airport.

Indoor Go Kart Racing for the Public

K1 Speed is open to the public seven days a week and everyone is welcome to come in and race our karts – no reservation necessary.* Our Arrive & Drive racing option pits individuals in a race for the best lap time in equally prepared machinery. With up to 11 other racers on the track, navigating the track and setting a fast lap can prove challenging, even for experienced racers. However, because the karts are so easy to drive, racers of various skill are on relatively even footing. The key to success will depend on a variety of factors, and bringing home the victory can result from strategy and smart driving as much as it can from natural skill. Do you mirror the driver in front of you, hoping that he or she has the right racing line, or do you position yourself so that you’re alone on the track and able to concentrate on consistency and proper steering and throttle inputs? The technique that you utilize can prove the difference between a fast lap and a slow lap.


But why K1 Speed? Our all-electric karts are what separate K1 Speed apart from the competition. If you’ve never been indoor go-kart racing, a trip to K1 Speed San Antonio is all that will be needed to convert you for life. Once racers experience indoor karting at our locations, they never go back to the lawn mower-powered karts at their local amusement park. With 20hp electric motors that make maximum torque from zero rpm, there is no throttle lag when depressing the accelerator. Our karts can reach their top speed in a matter of seconds and have the power to push you back in your seats under acceleration. Capable of speeds approaching 45mph on our indoor ¼ mile track, our karts are true performance machines, and driving them is a genuine thrill. In fact, don’t be surprised if you experience a bit of an adrenaline rush out on the track!

Plan a Birthday Party, Bachelor Party or Special Event

Though our Arrive & Drive package is one of our most popular racing options, we are also happy to host birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties (yes, women love racing at K1 Speed just as much as the men do, and they’re just as fast!), team building exercises, corporate events, and other private functions. For private parties, we offer a number of unique racing packages as well as room rentals. If you’re interested in planning a party that your guests will be talking about for weeks and months to come, then might we suggest you consider indoor go-kart racing at our San Antonio location – you will not be disappointed!

Will come back!!!!!!
Ernest Soliz
Ernest S.
21:39 04 Jul 20
My family and I went to race and had so much fun! Definitely will go again
Lisa Marie Zamora
Lisa Marie Z.
07:23 03 Jul 20
I went here for my first time somewhere on 2019 summer and the staff were so friendly and the karts are very fun to ride! The only main reason why I didn’t give it a 5 star because one of the racers were so rude and I accidentally crashed to one of them because I turned early from a sharp turn and ended up into a accident from the side of the racer’s kart really hard plus after the crash the guy who worked there on the tack ran immediately towards me to check if I was ok which he was very friendly with a good heart. Then after the race was over while I was exiting the gate I heard one of the rude racers were talking about me behind my back of what I did on the track and I apologized to the person who I crashed into but didn’t seem to care or accept my apology and just walked away around me....
Matthew Olivarez
Matthew O.
03:08 22 Mar 20
Good place to take the grand kids
Rafael Yanez
Rafael Y.
22:42 16 Mar 20
Such an AMAZING place!!!
AsYouWish Mobile Gaming
AsYouWish Mobile G.
04:30 14 Mar 20
My son loves it here! There is never any lines and they are very friendly.
Janelle Jackson
Janelle J.
02:02 13 Mar 20
Short wait times for go carts. Pizza was good. Wings were cold.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel H.
20:21 02 Mar 20
Was great experience with my daughter it was her first time...Remember safety first helmet strap in and belt harness tightly secured
Wei Bey
Wei B.
04:56 29 Feb 20
So much fun! My boyfriend and I were the first people to try out their led lights, it was so cool to see them changing as we raced in the dark. If you haven't been you should go, if it's been awhile you should go!
Randee Ramos
Randee R.
13:44 27 Feb 20
Track is large. Cars fit small to large people. Employees are really nice.
Mariea Gallashaw
Mariea G.
00:53 09 Feb 20