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Guest List


Please add the names of any guests you wish to bring.

Submissions must be received by Friday, June 28th at 5:00am Pacific.

Once you submit, please wait for this page to refresh to see your confirmation.

Late submissions cannot be guaranteed admittance.

We're sorry, guest registration has ended. If you need to add a guest last-minute, please submit an email to [email protected] before 12pm Friday, June 28th. If you do NOT get a reply confirming the late submission, your guest will not be on the list and will not be allowed in the center. We apologize for any inconvenience.


It’s here! Download a copy of the rulebook by hitting the button below.


While we don’t intend to change anything, all details are subject to change. Please check this page frequently. 

2024 K1 Speed U.S. Championship


WHEN: Saturday, June 29th. 



Teens: 6:30 am to 7:45 am

Adults: 11:00 am to 1:15 pm



Teens: 6:30am to 7:45 am

Adults: 12:30pm (or conclusion of Teen event) to 1:15pm


WHO: Top 3 From Every State Championship


WHERE: K1 Circuit

32240 Grand Ave

Winchester, CA 92596


COST: $89.95 for Teens

              $99.95 for Adults 


PRIZES:  Top 3 Progress to World Championships as Representatives of the United States

                    Unique U.S. Champs Podium Hat for Top 3

                    Unique Trophy for Top 3



                  One (1) 8-Lap* Practice

                  One (1) 8-Lap* Qualifying

                  One (1) 8-Lap* Race (Rolling Start)


Fastest single laps from each driver are taken from Qualifying. Fastest racers from qualifying compete for Top 3 and chance to progress to World Championship. Remaining drivers compete for final positions in the United States Championship standings. 


*Like at K1 Speed, session ends when first driver completes 8 laps. 

2024 K1 Speed E-World Championship


WHEN: Saturday, June 29th 

Teen: Immediately after the Teen U.S. Championship

Adult: Immediately after the Adult U.S. Championship


WHO: Top 3 From Every National Championship (U.S., Mexico, Canada, etc.)


WHERE: K1 Circuit

32240 Grand Ave

Winchester, CA 92596






Champion: $25,000

Runner-Up: $15,000

Third Place: $7,500



Champion: $10,000

Runner-Up: $5,000

Third Place: $2,500


Teen & Adults Receive:

Unique World Champ Trophies for Top 3

Podium Hats for Top 3 Finishers 

Champagne/Sparkling Cider for Top 3



        One (1) 8-Lap* Qualifying

        One (1) 8-Lap* Race (Rolling Start)


Fastest single laps from each driver are taken from Qualifying to make up the starting grid. Winner becomes World Champion, Top 3 given prizes. 


*Like at K1 Speed, session ends when first driver completes 8 laps. 

Tentative Schedule

(Subject to Change)


The Teen and Adult 2024 U.S. & World Championships will be held on the same day, but at different times per division. Teens will have their event in the first half of the day, with adults starting in the second half of the day.


We kindly ask our Teen guests to please make space for our Adult guests at the completion of our Teen event and before the Adult event begins. 

Teen U.S. & World Championship

Gates Open / Registration Begins: 6:30 am

Registration Ends: 7:45 am

Mandatory Drivers’ Meeting: 8:00 am

Teen Event Begins: 9:00 am


BBQ Lunch

Served at Wild West Social

Service: 11:30am to 2:30pm

MEAL TICKET REQUIRED (Free for Racer upon Registration, Available For Purchase for Guests)


Adult U.S. & World Championship

Gates Open / Registration Begins: 11:00 am

Registration Ends: 1:15 pm

Mandatory Drivers’ Meeting: 1:30pm

Adult Event Begins: 2:15 pm


End of Event: 6:00 pm

Important Information


K1 Circuit is STILL Closed to the Public

We’re only opening up K1 Circuit for you racers and your guests, hence why we have a strict guest list (see above). This also means that access to K1 Circuit is strictly prohibited before and after the event. So, we’re sorry – no early practice sessions or post-event race sessions for fun. We anticipate opening to the public later this summer.


Every Attendee (Racer, Guest, etc.) Must Be Registered, Checked-In & Have a Signed Waiver

Anybody that attends this event – from racer to guest to media to staff – must be registered with K1 Speed and check-in the day of the event. You can register any time before the event, however, you must check-in ONLY on the day of the event (early check-ins won’t count). Registration and check-in can be found here: K1 Circuit Registration & Check-In

Waivers for K1 Circuit must be signed at the registration booth the day of the event in order to receive a wristband allowing you to get in. We will have waivers available for both adults and minors (anyone under the age of 18) onsite.


Each Racer Must Have a Signed Entry Form (Parents Need to Sign for Teen)

Each racer will be required to have a signed entry form on file with us. Parents need to sign for teens, adults can sign for themselves. Copies of this form can be found here: Entry Form . There is no need to print/sign this form beforehand as we will have copies onsite to sign.


K1 Circuit is CASHLESS – Bring Your Cards, Not Cash!

K1 Circuit is a cashless facility. In other words, we won’t accept cash! This means you’ll need to bring your credit card or debit card with you in order to pay for your race fees, food and beverages, or merchandise. So don’t forget your plastic!


Prepare for the Heat

The on-track action won’t be the only thing heating up during this event; we’re expecting hot conditions in the 90s  throughout the day on Saturday, so please prepare. Wear comfortable clothing, bring sunscreen, bring non-alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated, bring a ice chest to keep things cold, and feel free to bring your own umbrella and foldable chairs. We will have some shade and seating available for guests and racers, but it’s always great to guarantee your own by bringing your own. Racers will be provided with free water and shade between their sessions. Additional beverages such as gatorades and soft drinks will be available for purchase onsite.


K1 Circuit is a Smoke-Free Facility

K1 Circuit is a smoke-free facility, and we prohibit smoking or vaping of any kind on the premises. If you must smoke or vape, then please do so outside at Wild West Social, our neighbor next door.

What Can I Bring?

Racers and guests may bring outside food, non-alcoholic beverages (no glass), foldable chairs, umbrellas, and ice chests.


What Can’t I Bring?

The following items are prohibited from K1 Circuit:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Glass or Ceramic: Any type of glass or ceramic
  • Illegal Substances
  • Weapons (knives, guns, mace, stun guns)
  • Bikes, skateboards, scooters, hoverboards, skates and rollerblades
  • Powered scooters and bikes.
  • Fireworks
  • Pets
  • Drones or RC aircraft
  • Laser pointers
  • Projectiles: Frisbees, balloons, beach balls, or any other projectile
  • Aerosol cans: With the exception of sunscreen, sun block, hand sanitizer, and bug spray


Can I Smoke or Vape at K1 Circuit?


K1 Circuit is strictly a smoke-free facility, which means smoking or vaping of any kind is prohibited anywhere on site. If you must smoke or vape, you may do so outdoors at Wild West Social located next door.


Can Racers Use Their GoPro to Record Their Race?


Yes! Unlike K1 Speed, at K1 Circuit racers can use their personal GoPro cameras to record their event. Please note, to use a GoPro, the racer MUST complete and sign our Agreement For Use Of Personal Video Recording Devices during registration (no need to print out/sign beforehand – we’ll have them available at registration). 


How Can I Pay My Race Fees?


All race fees can be paid in-person the day of the event via credit or debit card onlyK1 Circuit is a cashless facility. 


Can I Drive/Visit K1 Circuit Before The Event?


Since the track is still closed to the general public, K1 Circuit will ONLY be available to racers during the event. Any admittance to the track outside the times of the event will be strictly prohibited.


Where should I stay?


K1 Circuit is located in Winchester, CA: 32240 Grand Ave, Winchester, CA 92596. While there aren’t many accommodations directly near the track, there are plenty of choices in Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore and Hemet, which are each about a half an hour or less away.


What do racers need to wear? Do I need to bring my own race gear?


It will be hot out there at K1 Circuit during the summer, so please dress accordingly. That said, there are some required items needed when you hit the track:


Gloves are required. These can be your typical run-of-the-mill work/mechanic gloves that are very affordable (under $10) from any home improvement store or online if you don’t have or don’t want to get actual karting/racing gloves.


Closed-Toe Shoes and Socks are required. Just like at K1 Speed, you need to wear closed-toe shoes with socks at K1 Circuit.


Suits & Helmets: if you don’t own a karting suit or an appropriate helmet, we’ll have some available for use. However, we strongly encourage everyone to bring their own gear if they have it. After all, things are going to get sweaty out there!

If you bring your own helmet, it will only need to be DOT certified. Obviously, if you have a higher certification than DOT (for example Snell SA or K), you’re more than covered. Helmets will need to have full face protection and visorsnot goggles!


If you want to bring your own suit, karting suits with Cordura or other abrasion-resistant materials are required. Not fire suits as they offer little to no protection from abrasion.


Again, aside from gloves, we will have helmets and suits at the track if you don’t own any. You just might want to sort out affordable options for your own use if you don’t want to share! K1 RaceGear offers some affordable options.


Optional gear such as neck protection, rib protectors, etc. can be used but is not required.


Also, long hair must be tied up prior to racing.


Will Ballast Be Used at K1 Circuit? 


No, just like at K1 Speed, ballast will not be used at K1 Circuit.


Will There Be a Lunch Break?


Yes, there will be a lunch break (time TBD). However, this will only be a half-hour so that our track staff may take a break. Racers are strongly encouraged to get their lunch immediately following their qualifying session. Guests may pickup and run food to a racer as long as they have their meal ticket. See below for more food details.


Will Food & Drink Be Provided? 


Yes, food will be served next door at Wild West Social. Beverages and tickets for the food will be sold at K1 Circuit. Racers will be provided with a free meal ticket upon registration, and additional meal tickets will be available for purchase for all other attendees. Note: the meal will include meat, so if there is anyone with dietary restrictions, they are allowed to bring in outside food. Attendees may also bring in their own beverages, however, alcohol is strictly prohibited at K1 Circuit.


This goes without saying, but if any racer is suspected of consuming alcoholic beverages or is showing any signs of impairment during the event, they will not be permitted to race and will be disqualified.


Why are the US Championship and World Championships Occurring on the Same Day? 


In interest of producing a bigger attendance for our World Championship finals, and making it easier for guests/racers to attend both the US and World Championship events, we have decided to host them on the same day. Therefore, the World Championships will immediately follow the US Championships for both divisions (Teen & Adult). Both US and World Championship podiums will take place following the completion of the World Championship.


Why Doesn’t the World Championship Include a Practice? 


Since the event has switched from a different day to Saturday immediately after the US Championship, everyone will have already enjoyed ample enough race sessions just prior to the World Championship. Since track conditions should remain the same, there is no need for an additional practice session. International racers will have their own separate practice sessions throughout the US Championship to make up the same track time our American drivers will accumulate.

**All prize winnings are subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes as required by law. It is your responsibility to report your winnings to the appropriate tax authorities. We may be required by law to report winnings to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or other relevant tax authorities, and as such, we may ask you to provide your Social Security Number or taxpayer identification number (TIN) on a W-9 form to facilitate this reporting. Please be aware that your participation in this contest/event implies your understanding and acceptance of these terms related to tax liability, reporting, and the submission of a W-9 form if required.