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K1 Speed Participating in Challenging 2019 Peking to Paris Rally

shot of porsches and other classic cars during the peking to paris rally

When K1 Speed entered the Baltic Rally in 2017 to promote our international franchise program, we had promised it would be “the first of many rallies”, and we’re still sticking to our word. Last year we entered the Road to Saigon Rally and this year we are delighted to announce that K1 Speed will be participating in the 2019 Peking to Paris Rally!


The Peking to Paris Rally is the most challenging classic car rally in the world and is sure to test the endurance of both car and drivers.

A Very Brief History of the 1907 Peking to Paris Rally

This historic rally was originally run in 1907 with five participants navigating the over 9,000-mile distance between Peking (now present-day Beijing, China) to Paris. The grand prize was simply a magnum bottle of Mumm champagne and no rules were set – first person to arrive gets the bubbly.  In the end, the rally was won by Italian Prince Scipione Borghese, despite taking a 900-mile detour in St Petersburg for a team dinner. There was only one non-finisher: a Contal tricycle that broke down in the desert, leaving its occupants to barely survive the harsh conditions they found themselves stranded in.

historic picture of itala car during peking to paris race in 1907

The Modern Incarnation

k1 speed porsche 911 rallying through dirt

K1 Speed is entering only the seventh-ever running of the rally which follows in the footsteps of the 1907 original. The route will take participants in cars produced before 1976 on a variety of road conditions, from gravel and sand to stunning passes, while staying overnight in some of the most luxurious hotels and isolated desert camping spots.


Starting in Beijing, drivers will navigate gravel, sand, and picturesque passes as they travel through Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Germany, and Belgium before arriving 36 days and 8,500 miles later in Paris, France.


K1 Speed will be piloting the same classic air-cooled ’73 Porsche 911, rally-prepped by the renowned Tuthill Porsche, that was driven in the Baltic Classic and Road to Saigon. They will share the road with vehicles ranging from a 1975 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow to a 1907 Contal Mototri Tricycle driven by a a couple of Belgians who are seeking redemption from the original race.


Other notable entries in this year’s race include a ‘31 Bentley Speed 8, ‘75 Mitsubishi Lancer, a ’71 BMW 2002 Ti, ’66 Fiat 2300S Coupe, a ’67 Morgan Plus 8, and a ’75 Ferrari 208 GT4.

The Limited-Edition Shirt

In what’s become a tradition to celebrate the adventure, K1 Speed will be crafting a limited-edition t-shirt available for purchase online starting today, and soon at your local K1 Speed location.

The charcoal grey shirt features the historic Peking to Paris rally plate on the front left. On the back of the shirt, an awesome illustration of the Porsche 911 rally car is featured prominently in front of a map showcasing the enormous route that lays ahead. The logos of K1 Speed and its partners are printed on the sleeves to create that modern racing shirt look. Overall, it’s a striking product that any racing and classic car enthusiast will want to wear.

Get a Rally Shirt!
k1 speed's peking to paris shirt

The International Franchise

With over 40 locations around the world, K1 Speed has branched out from being a great Californian go-kart venue to an amazing international entertainment destination. Through the company’s International Franchise opportunity, K1 Speed now finds itself in Mexico, South Korea, Canada, China, Puerto Rico, and France. We’re currently under construction in Panama, Italy, and Kuwait with more exciting locations in the planning phase.


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