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5 Ways to Spend Your 2019 Tax Refund

photo of kae juan in tuxedo racing suit with american flag and dollars

Well, Tax Day is here. Time to cue the stress. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Last year, the average tax return was $2,727 – that’s a pretty hefty sum of bucks. So that got us thinking, what would we do if we have $2,727 to spend from our refund? Let’s have some fun and see how you can spend your 2019 return.


Enjoy Tons of Races at K1 Speed


If you can get a 3-race package for $48 at K1 Speed, that means you’ll be able to afford 56 of these packages for a total of 168 races! That’s a lot of valuable seat time! That means you’d be able to race almost every other day, qualify for the K1 Speed E-World Championship, and generally be a total rockstar at your local K1 Speed.

girl driving kart at k1 irvine

Rent an Entire K1 Speed Just for Yourself


At most of our locations, this tax return would let you rent a K1 Speed for yourself for at least a full hour. At some places, like Kapolei and San Antonio, you’d be able to squeeze two hours out of that refund! Unlimited racing for two hours?! Sounds like a bucket list item that could be scratched off your list rather easily.

people eating food at the k1 speed paddock lounge

Order the Entire Paddock Lounge Menu Over and Over


It would cost around $392 if you were to buy everything on the K1 Speed Paddock Lounge menu. And by everything, we mean everything. One of each flavor for our chips, one of each flavor of RedBull, one of each beer – you get the picture. This means with your refund, you could order “The Works” nearly 7 times!

man plays pinball machine at k1 speed

1,000s of Plays in our Arcade


Who doesn’t want to have their initials on every game in an arcade? With your tax refund, you’ll get your chance at K1 Speed. With games averaging between 50 cents and a dollar, you’ll be able to play at least 2,727 times on the machines of your choice. That should be plenty of time for you to beat those games and those high scores. Or become a billiards master and dominate the pool tables! Your refund, your choice.

driver wearing a k1 racegear suit

Gear Up at K1 RaceGear


With your tax refund, you could transform yourself into a bonafide race driver. Get a custom 2-layer SFI-5 Nomex Auto Racing Suit, a pair of gloves, a complete set of Flex Nomex undergarments (shirt, pants , and balaclava ) PLUS a HJC HX-10 III Carbon SA2015 helmet and you’ll be ready to obliterate the competition.

Good luck to everyone doing their taxes today! Here’s hoping you get a tax return that’s close to the average, so you can live out one of these crazy ideas!


How are YOU spending your refund? Let us know in the comments section below!

  • John Edward

    I absolutely loved your creative and engaging post on how to spend a tax return. The way you broke down the possibilities at K1 Speed made it even more enticing and exciting. I mean, who wouldn’t want to race almost every other day, indulge in the entire Paddock Lounge menu, or become an arcade legend? Your post had me seriously considering how to make the most out of my tax return this year!

    • Staff Writer

      Thanks, John! We’re happy if we helped give you some ideas!

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