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A Fun Indoor Winter Activity for Kids and Adults

someone racing a go kart at k1 speed - a great indoor winter activity

If you’re looking for a fun indoor winter activity for kids and adults when it’s cold, raining, snowing, or just plain miserable outside, try indoor go kart racing at K1 Speed.

Indoor Go Kart Racing: A Fun Indoor Winter Activity for Families

Don’t worry about snowstorms, rainstorms, or cold weather ruining your day. At K1 Speed, the track conditions are always perfect. This is because our track is always indoors and protected from the elements!

An Indoor Winter Activity that Kids and Adults Enjoy

a kid drives a go kart at k1 speed

Indoor go kart racing at K1 Speed is enjoyed by families all over the world at our 40+ international locations. Our electric go karts are imported from Italy and are the fastest in the entertainment industry. Thanks to the instant torque (power) of the electric motor, our adult karts zip to speeds of up to 45mph in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to be an adult to race them, either. These karts are perfect for anyone 4’10” or taller.


While teens and adults love racing our adult karts, kids absolutely love the freedom of driving our junior karts. These smaller, less powerful karts require a minimum height of 48” (4’) and race to a sporty 20mph. Our karts allow kids to experience their first authentic driving experience. No rails here – they’ll operate the gas, brake, and steering on their own!

A Safer Winter Sport to Enjoy

two friends take a selfie with a helmet on at k1 speed

And you’ll be happy to know these karts are safe. In fact, we’d rather race these karts than risk skiing or snowboarding on the slopes, or even skating at the local rink!


For starters, we only use helmets that are approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) at all of our locations. Helmet rentals are free with your visit too!


We also electronically control our go karts, so if anyone can’t handle the fast speed, we can remotely decrease their speed to a more appropriate setting. Same goes for any rebellious kid that doesn’t follow the rules! Here are other ways our go karts are safe.


And our track barriers are the safest in the industry. Rather than using spent car tires or huge plastic barriers, we use Protex barriers – the safest there is. A signifier that you’re at a quality karting establishment, these barriers are found at other high-end karting tracks like at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and Carlos Sainz Center Circuit in Spain.

A Physical Indoor Winter Activity That’ll Warm You Up

And not only is our go karting experience a fun thing to do, but it’s also a great physical activity! You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll warm up while racing on the track – don’t be surprised if you break into a sweat by the end of your race. In fact, you burn more almost 40% more calories than jogging when you race go karts!


We even lost 8 pounds, just by racing at K1 Speed!

There’s Several Indoor Winter Activities to Enjoy

kid plays a motorcycle arcade game while dad watches

Go kart racing isn’t the only indoor activity you can enjoy at K1 Speed during the winter months – there’s several indoor winter activities at K1 Speed that’ll entertain the family.


These can include (depending on location):


  • Video Games
  • Pool tables for billiards
  • Foosball tables
  • Air Hockey
  • Basketball Games
  • Mini Bowling (at Orlando)
  • Cybersport (at Addison)
  • VR Zone Portal (at Irvine)

Warm Food, Warming Beverages

grilled cheese at k1 speed paddock lounge

When you’re not having fun at our track or in our arcade, you can warm up with some delicious food and beverages*.


Warm up with a plate of nachos or tacos served with our medium-heat guacamole salsa. And nothing’s cozier for a winter’s lunch than one of our grilled cheese sandwiches made right with melted cheese and two slices of Texas toast, browned to perfection.


We’ve got hot coffee and tea as well, to keep your innards nice n toasty. Or enjoy a warming glass of wine instead – after racing, of course.


Finally, a warm, freshly baked cookie is always a great way to finish a winter’s meal.

Try This Fun Indoor Winter Activity Today!

So, as you’ve read, a trip to K1 Speed is a really fun indoor winter activity that should satisfy yourself, friends and family. So click the button below to find your closest location and let it snow – because you’ve got our karts to keep you warm.

  • Roy strayer

    How long (time) you race ?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Roy! Most races last between 6-10 minutes on average. Hope to see you soon at the track!

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