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Add a Meeting Room For Your Next Event at K1 Speed

K1 Speed Stirling Meeting Room

So, you’re thinking about booking an event at K1 Speed for your next special occasion or company function – fantastic! While the racing experience is surely the reason you’re coming to K1 Speed, you’d be making a mistake if you didn’t think about a meeting space for your group. At K1 Speed, we offer at least one meeting room at every location we have. Depending by location, K1 Speed has the room that will be the perfect accompaniment to your event – from large rooms that can accommodate over 100 guests to smaller rooms for 10-15 people.


Special Occasions/Parties


K1 Speed’s meeting rooms are perfect for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, baby/bridal showers, and more! With a meeting room, you’re guaranteed a private space that your group can call headquarters during your event. You won’t have to share this space with anyone else other than your group, and gives you peace of mind for storing presents, personal belongings and other items. If you’re even thinking about having catering, a room is a big advantage and highly recommended as you won’t need to worry about any outsiders getting to your food and provides more than enough space for food set up. While many rooms feature windows that look out to the track, they also include at least one television, so you can put on that current game you’d like to watch! Or if you’re just looking for some quiet time, our rooms do a great job at blocking out most noise from the track!


Corporate Functions/Company Events


Many large companies and corporations have hosted their events at K1 Speed (Google, Amazon, Snap-On, Microsoft, Honda, Miller-Coors to name just a few) because they know K1 Speed provides an exciting and unique venue for their employees and/or VIP guests. Our rooms are perfect for a meeting either before or after your racing sessions. If you race before your meeting, everybody’s adrenaline will be pumping, and they’ll be ready to charge through that meeting with a sense of comradery after duking it out on track. If you host your meeting after racing, you’ll be giving your guests something to look forward to once business is complete.  We ensure our meeting rooms are sophisticated enough to impress any of your guests. Ask our Group Sales about half and full-day specials that save you money!


Set Up and Ready to Go


When you book a room as part of your event at K1 Speed, we ensure everything is ready to go by the time you need the space. This means your tables will be set up in your desired format (classroom, lecture, U-shape, etc), and will be draped with black linens to present a clean, professional look. Our rooms come neutrally decorated, so if you’re looking for a special theme for your birthday party, feel free to bring in your own decorations! Our rooms also feature full A/V functionality, air-conditioning, and televisions for full versatility.


Unique Settings


Some of our locations provide rooms that especially stand out from the norm more than usual. Take our NASCAR room at our Sacramento location, for example, which features a custom checkered flag board room table and is located upstairs with an overhead view of the track. Or our elegant Stirling Room in Addison that’s large enough for up to 230 guests. At any of our locations, you can be sure the room will stand out from the crowd – where else can you have a meeting or party just steps from a racetrack??


So, make sure your next event at K1 Speed includes our meeting rooms for the ultimate convenience during special occasions, and for successful meetings that are sure to win over employees, guests, and VIPs alike! Start the booking process by CLICKING HERE! Or browse our current meeting rooms by CLICKING HERE.


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