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Championship: City & State Champions Announced!

bracket after state championships and with some world racers

Last weekend was action-packed at K1 Speed locations across the United States as qualified World Championship racers competed at their local K1 Speed to become their city’s champion. The competition was done in a Challenge GP format: one practice session, two qualifying sessions, and a final race for position among the location’s best.


In California, Texas, and Illinois, those City Champions went on to compete for the State Championship. Races were run as a Challenge GP race in a reverse track layout in order to help diminish any advantage to the one racer who regularly races at that location.


Here’s a list of all the racers who came out on top by weekend’s end.


Our City Champions and State Champions:




Phoenix / Arizona State Champion: Thomas Lyons





Anaheim Champion: Vince Azua


Carlsbad Champion: Charles Eichlin


Dublin Champion: Tyjai Buford


Irvine Champion: Craig Vasquez


Sacramento Champion: Malcolm Francisco


Santa Clara Champion: Giovanni Shadd


San Francisco Champion: Will Delia


San Diego Champion: Aiden Bridge


Torrance Champion: Craig Robertson


California State Champion: Charles Eichlin





Denver/Colorado State Champion: Shane Lambert





Ft. Lauderdale/Florida State Champion: Clive Uston





Atlanta / Georgia State Champion: Curtis Cantrell





Kapolei/Hawaii State Champion: Demetrius Hines





Addison Champion: Kyle Von Bergen


Buffalo Grove Champion: Nicolas Ryan


Illinois State Champion: Nicolas Ryan





Kingston/Massachusetts State Champion: Sanjaya Vatuk





Poughkeepsie/New York State Champion: Brendan Radzely





Concord/North Carolina Champion: Spencer Stillwell





Austin Champion: Peyton Phillips


Houston Champion: Don Crass


Dallas Champion: Nicholas Raab


San Antonio Champion: Jacob Stey


Texas State Champion: Peyton Phillips





Salt Lake City/Utah State Champion: Jeff Panelley





Seattle/Washington State Championship: Kenny McCoy



Congratulations to all of our City and State Champions! There were some crazy battles out there and certainly some moments of drama.


We can’t wait to see how our State Champions will fare in the US Championship at K1 Speed Irvine on Friday, March 22nd at 5pm! If you’re in Southern California, find out for yourself! Our location will be open to the public and will be free for spectators to watch!


Who are you rooting for? Send them a message of encouragement by leaving a comment below!

  • Frustrated Racer

    Funny how 2 people get into the Championships from Illinois out other locations – from what I have been told are closed ????

    Kingston/Massachusetts State Champion: Sanjaya Vatuk

    Poughkeepsie/New York State Champion: Brendan Radzely

    • Staff Writer

      Frustrated Racer, these locations were open for all of 2018, so there can be qualified racers from these locations for this year’s competition.

      It’s true that these two racers race in Illinois, but they also raced at these locations throughout the year. Hope this clears things up!

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