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Here’s a Fun Idea for an Employee Appreciation Day Event

group of employees enjoying an employee appreciation day event at k1 speed

Employee Appreciation Day is coming at us quick. But before you brush of this day off as just another hokey holiday like “National Thesaurus Day” (yes, that actually exists), read this blog and discover when Employee Appreciation Day is, why it’s important to appreciate your employees, and how K1 Speed is the perfect place for your employee appreciation event.

When is Employee Appreciation Day?


Employee Appreciation Day is observed on the first Friday in March every year. In 2020, Employee Appreciation Day is on Friday, March 6.


This unofficial holiday began in 1995 as a way to focus employers’ attention on employee recognition. Like Boss’s Day, Employee Appreciation Day is gaining in popularity. Many celebrate by hosting a fun event for employees. This not only takes employees’ minds off of work but serves as an important team building activity that strengthens teams.

Why is Employee Appreciation Important?


In the modern workforce, the importance of employee appreciation is growing. Even respected business publications like Forbes and Inc. have written about the benefits of showing appreciation to employees.


And according to a study done by WorldatWork and Martiz Motivation, the number of employers with “deeply-embedded” recognition programs increased from 10% in 2015 to 17% in 2019.


There are some very obvious reasons to incorporate employee appreciation at your workplace. Naturally, employees will enjoy working for a company more if they feel their hard work is appreciated.


While “Employee of the Month” promotions were once a popular solution thanks to its ease and cost-effectiveness, these methods are showing they don’t do much at the end of the day. What employees want are actual in-person feedback from their superiors, letting them know they’re doing a great job.


This encouragement can go a long way in building confidence among employees. This will let them feel more confident in taking on new challenges within the workplace.


Loyalty is also increased when employees are shown appreciation. Nobody feels obligated to stay at a job where they feel their bosses view them as replaceable. If an employee knows their respected and valued by their bosses, they’ll respect and value their bosses right back.


Increasing employee loyalty especially finds its value when you have strong teams without a weak link. That can take years of pruning employees to find. When you’ve got great employees, don’t lose them. They’re even harder to replace. Especially if they get along well with everyone – it’s not easy to find that sort of workplace chemistry.

go karts race at k1 speed while employees watch during a party

A Great Employee Appreciation Event Idea


One of the best ways to show appreciation to your team is by throwing a great Employee Appreciation Event. Everyone acts differently away from the office. Leaving the office for a work outing will let employees see the other side of an employer and will let the employer see the other side of an employee, strengthening their bond.


Smarter companies will host their outings at venues that promise fun and excitement, while also providing a team-building experience. So scratch passive activities off your list like going to see a movie, watching a performance, etc. Instead, offer an activity that requires engagement and gets your employees conversing with one another.


But what activity could both effectively entertain and build your team?  Why, go kart racing at K1 Speed – of course!


Alright, so maybe go kart racing wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. But you’d be surprised to know why companies from mom ‘n’ pops to Google and Amazon have hosted events at K1 Speed.

three people in business attire celebrate on k1 speed podium

Why an Employee Appreciation Event at K1 Speed is for Winners


When you host your employee appreciation event at K1 Speed, you’re giving your staff an exciting team building activity that’ll boost morale, stimulate conversation, and provide some much-needed laughter and fun.  They won’t ever think about the work that’s waiting for them when they get back.


If you’ve tried go kart racing before, but not at K1 Speed, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. For starters, our karts are all-electric racing machines direct from Italy. This means there’s no horrible exhaust fumes for your employees to inhale. Nor will they head back to the office smelling like a garage.


And here’s the best part, they’re even faster than gas karts. Unlike gas-powered engines, electric motors reach maximum power instantly – you’ll get it as soon as you press on the accelerator pedal. Plus, our adult karts can reach speeds of up to 45mph. You won’t find that at your local family fun center!


What’s the difference between gas vs electric go karts?


Once your employees start racing our karts, you won’t be able to shut them up. Adrenaline will course through their bodies, and they’ll eagerly share racing tips with their colleagues and talk about the experience they just shared on the track together. And when you race, you’re not thinking about that email you have to respond to. You live in the moment and soak up the excitement with every lap.


Your employees will learn to respect one another on the track, since we do not tolerate bumping or aggressive behavior. And you’ll love seeing your staff enthusiastically cheer on their colleagues when we host our final race for position.


At the end of an event at K1 Speed, we award the top 3 finishers of the final race with a medal or trophy (depending on the package booked). This means three of your employees will get some extra appreciation on top of the appreciation that’s already been showed to them.

Weatherproof and Safe


All of our tracks are indoors. This is especially convenient during the month of March, when a sporadic rain shower or snow storm could ruin an outdoor event. You can book your event with confidence when it’s at K1 Speed.


And as far as safety is concerned, K1 Speed is the best. We always place safety as our number one priority over all else. Click here for several reasons why go karting is safer at K1 Speed.

a group enjoys catering in a meeting room at k1 speed

Catering Options and Meeting Spaces Available


Of course, the fun and appreciation doesn’t have to end when the checkered flag flies – we have meeting spaces and catering options available as well.


Treat your team to a delicious lunch in one of our meeting rooms and take the time to personally thank your staff for all their hard work. Then open the floor to speeches so that employees can acknowledge each other and their departments.

a gentleman wearing business clothes sits in a go kart during an employee appreciation day event

K1 Speed x Your Company = Successful Employee Appreciation Event


As you’ve read, employee appreciation is important, and K1 Speed is a top choice when it comes to hosting an Employee Appreciation Day event.


And since you’re an amazing business that values its employees, all you have to do is click the button below or call 1-855-517-7333 to begin planning. We can’t wait to see you and your team at the track!


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