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Fast Thursday: Set the Quickest Lap, Win Free Races

man go kart racing with text reading "fast thursday"

We love a good kart racing competition here at K1 Speed. That’s why we’re bringing back an old favorite – Fast Thursday at K1 Speed!


What is Fast Thursday?


K1 Speed’s Fast Thursday is a weekly fastest lap competition held at every location except our Myrtle Beach and Oxford locations. 

Competition Break Down


The whole Thursday will serve as an open time trial session. The driver who scores the fastest lap in our adult karts by the time we close up for the day will win. It’s as simple as that.


You can race anytime during our operating hours. If your location has two tracks, the competition will be held on Track 1.


If I Set the Fastest Lap, What Do I Win?


If you have the fastest lap of the day by the time we close, we’ll add TWO FREE RACES to your account that can be used during a future visit. This is a prize that is worth over $40 at most locations! If there’s a tie down to the thousandth (.001), you’ll both get the free races!


Can I Enter At More Than One Location?


Yes, you can try setting the fastest lap at as many locations as you like. HOWEVER, you can only win once per Thursday. So if you have the fastest lap at two locations, we’ll give the prize to the racer in 2nd position at one of those locations.

go karts on track with space between them

Who Can Participate?


Since this competition uses our adult karts, participating drivers must meet the requirements for those karts. This means a minimum height of 4’10” and you must safely reach the pedals and steering wheel.


Learn From the Fastest!


Fast Wednesdays are also a great opportunity for you to learn from the fastest and improve your own lap times. Try sticking behind them on the track to see what racing lines they take. Or strike up a conversation with them and see if they can give you some other handy tips you can use around the track.


When is Fast Thursday?


Fast Thursday at K1 Speed takes place every Thursday. Again, this is an all-day event, so you can set your lap time at any point during our normal operating hours.


Are YOU Fast Enough to Win?


Think you’re fast enough to win two free races? Show us what you’ve got next Thursday!

  • Frederick Nacapuy

    Is the contest free to enter or do we pay for race.

  • Scott

    I weigh 250 lbs I don’t think it’s far to race against a guy 150 lbs if you would have these competition race with a heavy weight group I’d race every time but to put all drivers in the same group isn’t far. You should have two classes any weight class and the heavy weight class over 200 pounds. I can out drive all those cats but my weight slows me down something to think about

    • Staff Writer

      Thanks for the suggestion, Scott! We actually ran our own test here where one of our guys who was over 230 pounds wore a 40lb weight vest, totaling 270 pounds. He still beat someone who weighed a little over 180 lbs (and that lighter person isn’t a slow driver). So large weight differences doesn’t always equal large lap deficits. Lighter drivers may have faster straight line speed but they suffer from a lack of traction in the corners, causing their kart to hop, skip, and lose momentum. Heavier drivers may sacrifice some top speed on the straights, but they have more traction through the corners. It all kind of balances itself out. For more, check out our story here: Does Weight Affect Karting Lap Times?

  • Nandini

    How often will this event take place?

    • Staff Writer

      Depends on how much you folks like it! If we get a great turnout for this, you could see it pop up again in the future!

  • Michael W

    Were you able to post the winners of this event? If so where can we find it? Thank!

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Michael! We posted the winners on this blog last Friday. If you don’t see it, try refreshing the page or clearing your cache. Thanks for your interest!

  • Alberto Martinez

    Hi, I received an Email with the promotion for Fast Wednesdays for the FEBRUARY 3, 2021. So I went and got the Fastest Lap for Miami, Medley Location, How and when will I be notified with the 2 races have been added to my account?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Alberto! Thanks for participating in Fast Wednesday yesterday and congrats for setting the fastest time! You should be hearing from your Miami location regarding your free races. Feel free to give them a call if you don’t hear from them by the end of the week.

  • Robert Richardson

    Regarding above post about heavyweights and fairness. Im 220 lbs. And got the fastest lap this past Wednesday at the Ontario CA K1 and two free races added to my account. Cha Ching! Thanks K1. Scott you better find a faster line if you want to taste victory. Good luck.

    • Staff Writer

      Nice work, Robert! That’s how you do it. Just goes to show weight doesn’t affect lap times as much at K1 Speed. Hope we’ll see you again one of these Wednesdays!

  • Robert Richardson

    Thanks Scott.. Oh you’ll definitely see me again. I’m hunting the Track record. I’m still half a second off so I have my work ahead of me. Its mine I just have to some shaving to do. Thanks K1 for the thrill of competition motor sports.

  • Bobby Hutton

    Where are you guys location?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Bobby! Just visit our locations page here: K1 Speed Locations See you at the track!

  • Cassandra Sanders

    Where is your Atlanta Georgia location… address

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Cassandra! Our Atlanta location is at: 1625 Pleasant Hill Rd, STE. 240, Duluth, GA 30096. For more information, please visit our page at: Atlanta Location

  • Tania Estrada

    Fun place

    • Staff Writer

      Thank you, Tania! Glad you had a fun time at our track!

  • J.Wollaston

    My Friend is a rather larger woman and we love amusement park’s …
    But the biggest problem we have found there are only certain places that she could fit on the majority of the rides for instance great America most of the rides Shedd not have a problem fitting on but marine world in Vallejo, CA. She could only fit barely on maybe 1-2 rides…
    We would love to race some go-carts…
    My question is will she fit on one of your go carts??
    Thank You for your time .

    • Staff Writer

      Hello J.K.! Thanks for your interest in K1 Speed. That’s a tough question to answer virtually, but know that our karts can usually accommodate drivers up to 300lbs and 6’7″ tall – it may be a little cramped, but it’s doable. But the best way to find out is just by visiting us! Simply let the front desk know that you’d like to see if she can fit before you purchase races and our staff will be more than happy to assist you with that. Hope this helps and we look forward to seeing you both at our track in the near future!

  • Fernando g

    Hi, which are the best times average

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Fernando, that’s tough to say since each of our locations has a different track. So times do vary from place to place. But there is a way to find out what your local track’s average is. Simply visit our page here which has all the best times by week and month for each location: (Scores See you at the track soon!


    Its a amazing place. My family member and I were told about this place when were at Andretti’s in the ladies room. The lady who tOld me about K1 did no lie. .. This is now his Kryptonite. He had other problems and this has helped him overcome the things that were hurting him. Now he has a plan he looks at weekly. Thanks so much K1. Thanks Jen for making this possible. Now that he has K1 and the team helping him succeed he will be a much better young man. You taught him so many new ways to be a better young man.

    • Staff Writer

      Thank you for the kind comment, Patricia! We’re so happy to hear we’ve been a positive influence in his life.Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to your next visit at K1 Speed!

  • Todd Burk

    I saw that you discounted Scott’s comment, I disagree with your response. I raced last Sunday head to head with a pretty good kart racer and he was a little over 100pounds. I weigh 210. I watched as his acceleration was quicker and that he was able to pull away slightly on straights. I set myself up on corner and exit entries smoother then this kart racer and was able to gain ground but, I agree that the weight difference played a role in him beating my best Lap time by .050 seconds .

    I mentioned to him after the race and he also pointed out the weight difference. You should split the racers weights into division.

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Todd, thanks for the comment! While lighter racers may have faster straight line speed, you’ll be able to carry much more speed into the corners with your weight advantage without the kart sliding around or stuttering. There’s a trade-off, then. Hence why it was less than a tenth of a second between you and that racer, despite the 100-pound difference. As someone who raced at 230 and now races at 180, I miss being able to barrel into corners, but I am a little quicker on the straights now.

  • Hugh McArthur

    How do you know if you won? Thanks!

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Hugh! Managers should be notifying winners by email or phone to let them know. Thank you!

  • Bob bobberson

    Raced here many times, awesome place. Definitely recommend. Staff are awesome.

    • Staff Writer

      Happy to hear the feedback, Bob! Thank you for sharing, and for your support!

  • Leo


    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Leo!

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