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Friendsgiving Idea 2020: Start A New Tradition At Our Place!

We always look forward to spending time with our families during Thanksgiving. But with COVID spoiling many long-distance family reunions, our local friends might be the closest we get to a holiday celebration in 2020.


That’s why you should try Friendsgiving this year at K1 Speed.

What is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving-themed meal for close friends, typically held the week prior to Turkey Day. It’s an opportunity for friends to have the kind of meaningful holiday get together usually reserved for family.

How Do I Host Friendsgiving?

freinds at bar

Choosing friends that know each other well can ensure a conflict-free Friendsgiving.

1. Choose Your Friends Carefully


Like any party, you want to be selective about the friends you invite. Yes, you can invite friends from work and your childhood friends at the same party. But you might struggle with an awkward situation where half of your friends don’t know the other half, and the two sets know a different side of you that you may not want to show to the other set.


Our advice? Pick a close group of friends that preferably all know each other and get along well. It’ll save you plenty of headaches down the line, we assure you. Or just stick with some work friends that you’re comfortable with.

Catering image

Sliders for Friendsgiving? Anything goes!

2. Decide What Food to Bring to Friendsgiving


You’ll also want to decide which food to bring to Friendsgiving. Obviously, turkey, stuffing and all the fixings is a great go-to choice. This is an especially good decision if you’re looking to replace Thanksgiving with Friendsgiving in 2020.


However, if you do have plans for a separate Thanksgiving as well, you can certainly choose something different than the traditional meal. This way you aren’t burned out on all the good T-Day food before you get to the actual holiday. Potlucks work out well for this – create a list on Google Docs and share them with your friends. Then have them fill in what they want to bring to the party.


However, in 2020, you may want to shy away from the homemade food options to play it safe. The least amount of touching and prep you do to the food that’s being fed to your friends, the better. That’s where catering comes into play – we’ll come back to that.

3. Plan Some Fun Friendsgiving Activities


You’ve selected your friends and food, but that’ll only get you so far. You’ll want some fun Friendsgiving activities to entertain your guests. Now, a quick search on the internet for “Friendsgiving activities” tells you to:


  • Play flag football
  • Host a scavenger hunt
  • Work on a huge puzzle


Not to say that these activities are boring, but they’re not exactly show-stoppers either. Instead, pick something memorable that’ll bond your group and leave you with smiles for miles. We’ll get to that one of those activities in a moment.


4. Decide Where to Host Friendsgiving


You’ve got the friends, food, and fun. Now you’ve just got to choose where you want your Friendsgiving to take place. Typically, that’s at one of your friend’s residences. But in 2020, that may not be the safest thing to do. After all, you’ll find yourself at a typically small indoor environment with surfaces covered in your host’s germs. Again, there’s a better option for this.

Now, there’s no wrong or right way to host a Friendsgiving. But in 2020, there’s smarter choices you can make to ensure a clean, safe, and private Friendsgiving without sacrificing the fun and memories. One of those smarter choices is choosing K1 Speed as your venue.

K1 Speed Buffalo Grove Paddock Lounge

Photo: The Paddock Lounge at K1 Speed Buffalo Grove

Why K1 Speed is The Best Choice for Friendsgiving in 2020


K1 Speed is your best choice for Friendsgiving in 2020 because we create a safely controlled environment that’s clean, super spacious, and also, hysterically fun.


Indoors, but with Plenty of Space

At K1 Speed, most of our buildings are former warehouse buildings that occupy tens of thousands of square feet. Some are over 100,000 sq. ft.! The bottom line is that there’s plenty of space for lots of ventilation. And since we’re indoors, you don’t need to worry about a cold, rainy day spoiling your party.


All of our locations feature at least one private party room that can be rented by the hour. But we also offer full facility rentals, which gives you the entire building to yourselves. This means you can set your table wherever you want in the building!


Delicious Catered Food

K1 Speed uses trusted caterers that practice strict COVID sanitary procedures. This means the food you get will be SAFE. Our caterers can provide you with a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Want potluck-style? From pizza to sandwiches to fish, our caterers provide a variety of food choices to choose from.

freinds racing

 A Super Fun Friendsgiving Activity

And best of all, K1 Speed provides your Friendsgiving with a fun activity your friends will love – indoor go kart racing. We have become famous around the world for our brand of indoor kart racing. Our karts are 100-percent electric, so you don’t have to worry about exhaust fumes spoiling your appetite. And they’re quick. As in 45mph quick. So everyone can expect an exhilarating experience that’ll get them talking long after the checkered flag flies.


Read More About Our Indoor Go Karts Here!


Limited Time Offer: Private Room, Catered Meal, Fun Racing Experience For 1 Price


Now, here’s the best part: K1 Speed is now offering all-inclusive Friendsgiving packages for just one price per person. For only $100 per guest (minimum 10 guests) you will receive a private room, a boxed lunch or dinner, soft drinks, and a 3-race package! At select centers, you can even upgrade to add beer & wine.


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