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Arrive and Drive

Corporate Events

Birthday Parties

Arrive & Drive

Family in lobby of K1 Speed

Fun for the
Whole Family!

Paddock Lounge

Delicious Food &
Refreshing Drinks
At the Paddock Lounge

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Indoor Karting Buffalo Grove

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      Two challenging tracks

      Adult and Junior electric karts

      Paddock Lounge restaurant

      Nightclub-style lighting

      Five meeting rooms with A/V connections

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    Arrive & Drive







    Indoor Go Kart Racing Chicago

    With Chicago being the third largest city in the United States, we knew one location in Addison wasn’t enough to satisfy the legions of motorsport enthusiasts and speed freaks we love to accommodate. That’s why we created our Buffalo Grove facility. Conveniently located near Highland Park, Northbrook, Palatine, and Arlington Heights, our Buffalo Grove location is the ultimate destination for special occasions, corporate events, or company functions. Both of our two tracks offer high speeds with tight, twisty sections to allow for plenty of overtaking opportunities. Our Paddock Lounge restaurant overlooks these two tracks, providing the perfect environment to enjoy our varied menu and extensive beverage selection. When not racing, our Billiards Room will keep the competitive spirit alive. The five meeting rooms inside our Buffalo Grove location can accommodate groups from 12 to 150 in a world-class setting, with some rooms offering picturesque views of the nearby lake. If you’re in the Greater Chicago Area, a stop at K1 Speed Buffalo Grove is a must for your next birthday celebration, corporate event, team building event, or casual outing.

    Indoor Go Kart Racing – The K1 Speed Difference

    Have you been go-kart racing before? Were you unimpressed? Most kart tracks fail to impress us too, which is why we set out to create the best karting experience in America, using only the best kart tracks and best go-karts. We can assure you that karting at K1 Speed will change your opinion on go-kart racing, and will give you a whole new outlook on the sport. At K1 Speed, every single one of our tracks is professionally designed and built, and every location is indoors so that people can race regardless of the weather. Though this may not make much of a difference at our Southern California locations, as you know, weather in Chicago can have a mind of its own!


    What further separates K1 Speed apart from the competition is our high-performance, all-electric go-karts. When put side-by-side with the anemic, heavy, lawn mower-powered karts of your youth, there is simply no comparison. Our karts are designed in Europe, the heartland of modern kart design, and are powered by environmentally friendly, zero-emission electric motors. With maximum torque available from 0 rpm and the equivalent of 20hp, our karts can achieve a top speed approaching 45mph in mere seconds. The performance is enough to push you back in your seat under acceleration, and extracting maximum performance from these machines takes real talent. However, with power that’s adjustable based on the needs of the driver, our karts are accessible to individuals of all skill sets and experience, from novices to veteran racers.

    Arrive & Drive Racing, Special Events, and Corporate Functions

    There is a multitude of ways to experience indoor go-kart racing at our Chicago locations. However, our most popular option is Arrive & Drive racing. Whether you and your co-workers want to go racing after work or you’d like to come by with friends and family on a Sunday afternoon, our Arrive & Drive program allows you to race our karts any day of the week, any time, without a reservation.* During each Arrive & Drive race, competitors hit the track with up to 11 other racers in a heat. During this race, competitors race against the clock, rather than directly against each other, to see who can set the fastest lap time. Racing in equal machinery, the winner is determined based on talent, skill, and strategy, rather than luck of the draw or your position on the track. To ensure accuracy, we utilize a data logger on every one of our karts, which transmits wirelessly lap times to a large display overlooking the track. This allows racers to keep track of their performance, and that of their competitors, in real time. The experience is thrilling and immersive.


    In addition to our Arrive & Drive racing option, we also offer race packages, which provide exclusive use of the track during race heats, reserved race times, and a medal ceremony for winners. Perfect for groups of 9 or more people, these indoor karting packages, available at both Chicago K1 Speed locations, are ideal for:



    Whichever option is right for you, we are confident that you will not be disappointed in your experience. Quite the contrary in fact! Once you try indoor go-kart racing at our Chicago location, don’t be surprised if you become a regular visitor! Speed is thrilling and for many of our guests, they simply can’t get enough!


    *Please inquire about private rentals and height requirements.

    Best way to prove you're better than your friends or family, and you have an excuse to push you family into a wall
    Kyle Meng
    Kyle M.
    16:57 12 Mar 20
    Perfect place for fun:)
    Kris Stanczyk
    Kris S.
    19:55 10 Mar 20
    Buffalo grove location
    Hans Meng
    Hans M.
    01:56 08 Mar 20
    It was a lot of fun!
    21:44 26 Feb 20
    So much fun! Get a group together and head out for a fun time. My cheeks were hurting from smiling and laughing, great place!
    Lisa Parat
    Lisa P.
    01:52 21 Feb 20
    My cousins and I had a blast here! The experience was exhilarating and fun. Even though we were first-timers they let us go pretty fast.
    Craig Martinez
    Craig M.
    04:55 18 Feb 20
    It was the best day in my life.
    Michaela Aisha
    Michaela A.
    02:25 16 Feb 20
    Mark Begel
    Mark B.
    19:45 10 Feb 20
    Nice place to go and race some go-karts.2 tracks indoors and it never seems to be super busy. They are timed laps so you dont have to worry about what place you come in if you're super competitive. The prices are a little higher in comparison to other places but not many go kart places around so it is what it is. There is a few other games such as air hockey and TVs around. Definitely worth bringing the kids or family. Over all I'll go back. They do make you purchase a first time membership for 7 dollars so be prepared for that.
    Adam Sovereen
    Adam S.
    18:22 03 Feb 20
    Too much fun to describe at this place...
    Chris Talgo
    Chris T.
    21:00 22 Jan 20
    After a long day of drinking large slushies, there is no better way to set your jitters free. Grab your favorite crayon, strap your helmet on, hit the go pedal and enjoy the insane speeds provided by your self-induced sugar rush and these peppy go-carts.
    David Perion
    David P.
    16:29 21 Jan 20
    We tried to book the group event but failed due to not enough people (<8) so we just did 'walk-in' or 'arrive and drive'. It turns out pretty good, everyone of us enjoyed and especially the kids. Most of us are first-timers but we still have fun. After the race, some parents upgraded to annual membership because the kids are loving it. Below are a few suggestions:1. I hope we can still mount GoPro to the helmet ---- when I visited in 2016, we were able to do that, but now it has changed. I don't know what happened, but I think we can figure out a way to do it somehow (like consent form or something). 2. Check-in process is a bit long, I hope there could be someone there to explain the process for the first-timers (maybe ask if there is any first-timers when people entered). And when the person called my name at the track, he called so fast that I can't hear clearly and I have to ask him whether I should be standing in the line and he said yes. --- Can this be done by showing who's next on a screen or something? 3. Maybe there can be a stand-alone education class for first-timer? Currently it is only a brief at the track for the people in the line, which is in a pretty loud environment. The waiting room has sofa and is very quiet, so if the education class for first-timers can be held there, it would be much better. 4. Can you try to group 'first-timers' together instead of putting them together with experienced racers? --- this will help them develop interest to the game. 5. Some of us were asking whether there can be a 'practice-lap' for first-timers, I think that would be good.
    jia jia
    jia J.
    15:19 21 Jan 20