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K1 Speed Announces All-New K1 Speed World Championship

• Brand-new championship to feature representative drivers from every K1 Speed location around the world.
• K1NG of Speed Elimination to produce Center Champion at all K1 Speed centers
• All Center Champions invited to participate in the K1 Speed World Championship finale held at the All-New K1 Circuit
• Four championship categories include: Center Champion, Region Champion, Country, Champion, and World Champion
• K1 Speed World Champion to receive $10,000 cash prize

January 8, 2018 — Irvine, California – K1 Speed is excited to announce today the start of an all-new international electric kart racing championship – the K1 Speed World Championship!


With over 40 locations across the world and growing, K1 Speed has solidified itself as the ultimate electric indoor karting experience in the industry. This success has led to an incredible expansion with K1 Speed’s International Franchise Program, which has created K1 Speed locations in Mexico and South Korea, with more to come in Canada, Panama, Kuwait, and China over the next 12 months. This worldwide expansion has influenced K1 Speed’s decision to ramp up the K1RS points competition and take our internal competition to new heights.


In 2018, one exceptionally talented racer will be crowned K1 Speed World Champion. Each K1 Speed center will determine their “Center Champion” which will be determined by an elimination-style format to be called, “The K1NG of Speed”. To qualify, each racer will need to be a minimum of 14 years of age and to possess at least 4,000 K1RS points by the end of the year. Every racer starts with 1200 at the beginning of the calendar year. Each Center Champion will then be invited to participate at the K1 Speed World Championship finale hosted by the all-new K1 Circuit in Southern California.


While K1 Speed has solidified itself as the leader in the indoor electric go-karting scene, K1 Circuit will be the company’s official debut into outdoor electric pro-kart racing. K1 Circuit is a project that has been three years in the making, and will be the first of its kind when it opens later this year. Everything about the location will be state-of-the-art, from the track to the amenities. The track itself will feature banked turns and dramatic elevation changes. It is here that a Region Champion, Country Champion, and a World Champion will be crowned during the final event.


The final event will span an entire weekend, with racers earning cumulative points over a series of heat races. On the final day of the event, a grand finale will be held for the fastest racers in the competition. The racer with the highest points at the end of the competition will become the inaugural K1 Speed World Champion, with the top finishers from each country and region becoming the respective champions.


The top three finishers of the World Championship will be awarded with incredible cash prizes: $10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second place, and $3,000 for third place. In addition to the cash, other amazing prizes will be rewarded including products from K1 RaceGear’s current lineup.


“With the introduction and popularity of electric racing series around the world, I’m ecstatic that K1 Speed will be creating an international series of its own,” says K1 owner and founder David Danglard. “The K1 Speed World Championship is the first international electric karting championship in the country, and we already cannot wait to see the best of K1 Speed compete against each other at K1 Circuit during the championship finale.”


More details will be announced in the coming weeks about this exciting new championship, so those interested should start visiting their local center to earn points and practice for the opportunity to partake in this amazing international competition.


Founded in 2003, K1 Speed is the world’s largest indoor kart racing operator with over 40 centers across the globe that offers a unique upscale entertainment concept for casual consumers, racing enthusiasts and for corporate or group events. K1 Speed is the first choice for anyone who wants to experience genuine racing in state-of-the-art European electric karts that are eco-friendly and safety oriented, all while providing superior performance to traditional gas karts. Each K1 Speed location is designed as a large entertainment venue with professionally-designed tracks and cutting-edge décor showcasing authentic racing memorabilia along with ample seating and viewing areas, spacious lobbies, meeting rooms and a place to enjoy food and beverages.


K1 Speed recently started their International Franchise Program, and has already enjoyed tremendous success in South Korea and several locations in Mexico. Exciting new facilities will be opening soon in Canada, Panama, and Kuwait, with other countries lining up. As K1 Speed continues to expand their international reach, they are seeking additional partners that want to share the K1 experience with their country. Those interested are encouraged to get in touch through the contact below.



K1 Speed Marketing
[email protected]

  • Zachary Fritsch

    Will there be one in pheionx because I would love to come and race

  • Anthony Fernandez

    I would like to race for k1,I have the necessary skills to race and particepate. i have gone to k1 for a year now and would love to be apart of an event this big,not just for the money to be doing something I loved since the first day I went to one of the establishments

  • Leonel E. Gurrola

    This is probably one of the best ideas ever. I would sure want to be one of them to participate in that kind of event but I’m leaving the state so I cannot. I just want to say that has to be the best thing K1 has to offer. Good for the company because you guys are going to make a whole lot of money on the people who are trying to get 4000 points. It will be fun and competitive for the ones worked trying to compete. Will K1 announce the dates those events will be taking place on? If anything I would like to go to those races and see how fast were guys really are. The K1 website lists when new locations would open, right? For instance like the one being opened in China? I am moving to Japan and I know K1 is going to have one in Korea and now I hear China is also going to have the glory as well. I can just open the website and find out myself but I wanted to ask you guys too since you guys know the actual news about that. I thank K1 for being K1. I love it. It’s my hobby. You guys bring out the best in me.

  • jdaent

    I would love to watch this race and participate.

  • Ky'Ren Johnson

    I’m love to racing big challenge so I’m deaf I always beg to become driver

  • Ulises arce

    I would like to race for k1,I have the necessary skills to race and particepate

  • Faybian Green

    Count me in. (Illinois)

  • Mike Taylor

    Will points be counted only from adult races? You do have some drivers that are bouncing back and forth between adult and junior races.

    • Staff Writer

      Points are counted in every race as long as the racer meets the minimum 14 years of age to qualify.

  • Jacob S.

    Super excited about this event.
    Greetings from San Antonio.

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