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• Ground-breaking new addition to keep K1 Speed as the pinnacle of electric kart racing
• K1 Circuit to open first location in 2018
• State-of-the-Art Outdoor Karting Venue
• Track designed by Rocky Moran, Jr. features banked corners, dramatic elevation changes

Irvine, California – Since 2003, K1 Speed has led the innovation and development of indoor electric kart racing, constantly challenging the status quo to ensure a karting experience like no other. In 2018, K1 Speed will be continuing to push the envelope for what a karting venue can be with the announcement of K1 Circuit.


Three years in the making, K1 Circuit will mark an exciting departure from the indoor karting experience presently offered in over 40 locations around the world, and will soon be the best outdoor karting venue in the United States.


When the doors open later in 2018, racers will be treated to a mecca of outdoor kart racing. Designed by pro racing driver Rocky Moran, Jr., the 1.1-mi. configurable outdoor track promises banked turns, thrilling elevation changes, all with the foothills of Southern California as the backdrop.


The main building will be a 14,000-sq. ft. two-story state-of-art structure that features a K1 Race Gear store, a Paddock Lounge café with a beautiful expansive deck overlooking the track, and meeting spaces. Additional structures will serve as garages and storage spaces, while a scoring tower will be installed to display the current running order on track.


The karts utilized on the track will also differ from those found at K1 Speed. With a longer track and more opportunity for safe run-off territories, an all-new electric pro-kart will safely propel drivers to over 75mph.


One of K1 Circuit’s main goals is to fully realize the potential of starting motor racing careers from junior racing through to adulthood, and with the introduction of K1 Speed’s inaugural World Championship in addition to several training programs, K1 is sure to continue to groom/promote many extremely talented young racers into the future.


“We’re continuously working hard to evolve our racing experience that has made K1 Speed the pinnacle of electric karting,” says founder and CEO David Danglard. “With our new additions for 2018, we’re incredibly confident that we’ll remain at the forefront of the electric karting industry – which is the future of kart racing.”


More information about K1 Circuit will be provided in early 2018, so be sure to look out for our future press releases in the weeks and months to come for these exciting announcements.


Founded in 2003, K1 Speed is the United States’ largest indoor kart racing operator with over 30 centers across the nation that offer a unique upscale entertainment concept for casual consumers, racing enthusiasts and corporate or group events. K1 Speed is the first choice for anyone who wants to experience genuine racing in state-of-the-art European electric karts that are eco-friendly, and safety oriented while providing superior performance to traditional gas karts. Each K1 Speed location is designed as a large entertainment venue with professionally-designed tracks and cutting-edge décor showcasing authentic racing memorabilia along with ample seating and viewing areas, spacious lobbies, meeting rooms and a place to eat and drink.


K1 Speed recently started their International Franchise Program, and has already enjoyed success in South Korea, and several locations in Mexico, with exciting new facilities in Canada, Panama, China, and the United Arab Emirates currently under construction.



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  • Joe Soler

    So stoked…you guys are gonna do something for us OG’s to break this in track in right..

  • Jon Simms

    Very cool! I can’t wait for the grand opening day! I’m sure there will be a lot of old veteran k1speed drivers coming out of retirement to try this new location!

    • Royce Mohler

      You’re right Jon, if it’s not too bad of a drive, I’d go for it.

  • Philip Diotte

    now its time to really learn how to race a kart

  • Christian Barrett

    Where in Southern California will this outdoor track be located?

  • Troy Donaldson

    Thats sounds so awesome, but we go to the K1 Track in Sacramento, CA. Will there be an outdoor track opening in Northern CA?

  • Sean Hamilton

    This is awesome but I’m sure it will be packed for a long time. Will this cost more than other races at other k1 speed locations? Super excited to try it out though!!

  • Mark cheshire

    I bring my grandson almost every weekend and he is loving it He is 10 and he’s trying to beat me on the track. He was always first second or third and does very well Can’t wait to see your new set up he will love it

  • Anthony Drakul Rivera

    Any word on where the out doors track will be located at?

  • Veronika Lopez

    This is awesome! This is why I love working for K1speed Phoenix… however I hope that soon enough there will be a possible upgrade to our facility in AZ.

  • Veronica A Gonzalez

    My son is dying to start in A go carting league. When are you guys coming to Miami???

  • Mike Tepedino

    I want one in Charlotte NC!!!!

  • Brittney

    When is it going to official open?

  • Jose Li

    Amazing!!! I can’t wait to take it to the next level of racing. With the speed jumping up a whole new level and track is almost 4x the length this should help me and others advance to the next level

  • Frank Bruijn

    Sounds like a blast !! Sure hope you open one of those up in the Sacramento area in the near future. I know I will have to make a visit to the new track next time I’m I SoCal.

  • Maria

    Will you do one in Illinois?

  • Josh mcclure

    This is going to be amazing outdoor indoor

  • Ann Rego

    Wow !!! my son is over the moon. Just returned from visiting Dubai Autodrome. He loved it.
    Will there be one in the San Jose area or near?

  • Ashlee

    We have a k1speed in Pk NY. My son who’s 9 not only has the skill but has dreamed of being a race car driver. We will take the drive to try this place out. A gocart track local to me is currently for sale. It would be an awesome location to open one there

  • Joe L

    Will this be available in Canada?

  • Adam Lee Murphy

    We definitely need a K-1 speed in Cleveland Tennessee, to help boost local economy

  • Joseph

    Wow, I wish there was an outdoor track in new York!

  • Will berr

    ¡ WHOOP-WHOOP ! The outside is the inside and the inside is the outside. K1 that blows my mind?
    I sure hope this will be in Orange County. Sounds like it’s going to be a great facility and I can’t wait for the GP racing events there.

    Shake and Bake.

  • Henry E

    What better venue than COTA …

  • Drew

    This looks awesome! Can’t wait to get out on the track hitting those stop speeds.

    • Staff Writer

      See you on the track! You won’t be disappointed.

  • Tom Walsh

    Rocky Moran will design a challenging kart race track with couple fast straights, off camber turns, tricky descending/climbing elevation changes, chicanes, high g extended turns and incredible fast 90 degree “I dare you not to brake” turns at the end of the straights. He and his dad operated the Moran Kart Race Track in Beaumont, California. It was the premier Kart race track in the U.S. at 1.05 miles and 17 turns of pure challenging Kart race craft. You are gonna think you just strapped into a F-1 machine. K1 indoor is challenging and fun. K1 outdoors on the “Moran Track” will push your heart rate and take your breath away.

  • Noah Zulick

    Will there be any age restrictions (Ex: you must have a valid drives liscense and be over the age of 18) ? If so, what are they?

    • Staff Writer

      More details will be announced later this year. Please stay tuned to k1speed.com.

  • Jonathan Mireles

    When is the grand opening??? Cant wait!

    • Staff Writer

      More information is coming soon! Stay tuned in to our website or social for future announcements!

  • jack lachut

    the morans track in Beaumont was awesome! do you think any open track days for people with there own karts will be allowed.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Jack! Yeah, we miss that track of Moran’s, that’s why we had to get him to design a sequel of sorts! As far as the open track days, that’s definitely something in consideration – more to come about K1 Circuit in the near future!

  • John Brondum

    Year is almost over, any further updates on this?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi John, thanks for your interest in K1 Circuit! We’re just as excited as you are. We’ll have further updates in the near future, so stay tuned to our website!

  • Nate S.

    1 year and 6 months can’t find any news on what happened? Irvine track says it has two indoor ones. Did the outdoor track get canceled or am I missing something

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Nate! K1 Circuit isn’t located in Irvine, so don’t let that location throw you off. We do apologize for the lack of updates on that. Unfortunately it’s taken a bit longer than we anticipated to jump through all the hoops of zoning, permitting, etc to get this going, but we’re still working full steam to get K1 Circuit up and running soon! We’ll post updates when available. Thanks for your interest!

  • Brad Bowman

    Is this project moving forward?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Brad! It sure is. We had hoped to start construction in spring this year, but then COVID hit. Things have been delayed as a result, but rest assured, the project is going through. Trust us – it’ll be worth the wait!

  • RW

    it is 2021 now and did the Jr league in san Francisco moved up into outdoor karting and have had some success. Rewind to 2017 when I first heard the news I was so happy. I know that covid hit but is the track being built yet. and if so what is the location? and are Lo206 karts going to race there?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello RW! Yes, the pandemic certainly didn’t help, but we are on the cusp of some exciting news regarding the development of this circuit! Stay tuned to our website!

  • Alexander Abdalla

    Is the K1 Circuit gonna be located anywhere near the K1 Speed indoor racing centers in the South San Francisco and Santa Clara areas?

    I’m a regular here switching between the both locations and it sounds so much fun to go over 75 mph, already loving 45-50 indoors!

    Maybe you guys could add the OTL Competition Go Karts in addition to the Circuit OTL Race Karts/ProKarts. They look similar to the indoor ones but are much more powerful, go like 80 mph or something, probably like 40 HP. Please keep me posted!

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Alexander! Thanks for your interest in K1 Circuit. It’ll be located in Southern California, so unfortunately not right near those locations.. but it could be a weekend trip away from you!

      It’s definitely going to be amazing when it’s up and running. Stay tuned for more updates this year!

  • David B.

    Looking forward to the grand opening

  • Joshua Tabor

    So I walk into Ontario, Anaheim, Irvine, Long Beach, San Diego and I hit top 10 fastest for the month consecutively anytime I show up I can’t wait to come raise these cards and school everybody on how you are supposed to race because it’s apparent many don’t even know how to drive on the freeway hopefully you guys post something soon because I believe August was the last update when the cart that will be used and available for this location was announced. It’s January 1st 2023 and no updates wow come on guys you could do better exclamation

    • Staff Writer

      Stay tuned, Joshua! More exciting news will be revealed very soon!

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