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K1 Speed Dallas Opens to the Public

Indoor karting center joins fellow Texas centers in Austin, Arlington, Houston and San Antonio.


Irvine, CA (Friday April 29, 2016) – North Dallas (Richardson, TX) is now home to K1 Speed karting. Joining existing venues in Austin, Arlington, Houston and San Antonio, the new Dallas center will introduce the thrilling sport of indoor go-kart racing to a whole new group of enthusiasts – men, women, teens, and children alike.


K1 Speed Dallas follows the tried and true model of K1 Speed’s many other existing centers located throughout the country. The indoor center brings go-kart racing into the 21st century and revitalizes it for a whole new generation. Dusty tracks, tired go-karts, and abandoned dirt fields on the edge of town were once a part of the go-karting experience. That is no longer the case. K1 Speed Dallas is a modern entertainment venue, and the experience it provides is fun for the whole family.


One of the key differences between K1 Speed and the go-kart tracks of old is the indoor setting. In the heat of the Texas sun, a black ribbon of asphalt is the last place someone might want to visit on a Summer day. By putting the track indoors, K1 Speed Dallas is able to operate seven days a week, year-round. Rain or shine (and in Dallas, it is often shining brightly), individuals or whole groups can take part in fun, exciting, even thrilling go-kart races. Weather is no longer a factor.


Of course, putting a race track indoors begs the question: what about exhaust fumes? Won’t the center have to be heavily ventilated? Will it smell like gasoline? The answer is “No,” as K1 Speed’s go-karts are electric. As Tesla has proven with its high-performance electric cars, “performance” and “electric motors” do not have to be mutually exclusive. With electric motors outputting the equivalent of 20HP, K1 Speed’s karts can achieve speeds of up to 45MPH, while emitting zero pollutants.


Racers at K1 Speed Dallas will have a number of options to experience the thrill of indoor karting. One of K1 Speed’s most popular attractions is also its most accessible – the Arrive & Drive race. Requiring no reservation, individuals of all ages can join a race (certain height and safety requirements do apply). Safety equipment and instruction is provided. These races can accommodate up to 12 people at a time, promising a thrilling time.


For larger groups of people, group reservations are also available. A variety of different packages are offered to meet various budgets and preferences, though every group package includes a reserved race time, at least two separate on-track sessions, and a prize ceremony for the winners. Private meeting rooms and catering options can also be combined with these race packages for a more complete experience. These packages are ideal for birthdays, special events, team building exercises, and corporate events.


To learn more, visit www.k1speed.com.

  • Tristan Abney

    What does the new Dallas track layout look like?

  • Brandon

    Any deals for existing members to get them to check out the richardson, tx location?

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