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K1 Speed e-World Championship 2019: Will YOU Qualify?

K1 World Championship

We’re nearing the finish line of this year’s qualification, so we thought we’d check in and see how our 2019 K1 Speed e-World Championship is shaping up. In this post, we’ll take a look back on our inaugural World Championship held earlier this year, how YOU can be one of the racers competing for the championship this year, and how many have already qualified for this year’s championship.

The First K1 Speed e-World Championship

photo of first k1 speed e world championship podium with peyton phillips in first, antonio arias in second, and daniel demaras in third

Our very first K1 Speed e-World Championship finals were held in March of this year. Over 70 racers across the country raced their hearts out in 2018 to qualify for a chance at being our first world champ.


Many qualifiers competed in elimination rounds to determine the champion at a location and state level.


A total of 12 state champions flew into Southern California to compete for the opportunity of representing the United States in the World Championship finals.  At the end of the day, Peyton Phillips from our Austin location took top honors, clinching the national championship, and securing his spot in the World Championship final.


The next day, champions from Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and China competed with Peyton in the inaugural K1 Speed e-World Championship final. The finals saw the international racers compete in races at three different K1 Speed locations. In the end, Peyton swept the competition, becoming the very first K1 Speed e-World Champion!


As a result, Peyton took home the $15,000 cash prize and a large Linear Edge-designed trophy of Irvine’s Track 1. Second place, Antonio Arias from Puerto Rico, received a check for $7,500 a medium Track 1 trophy. And Daniel Demaras from Canada claimed the third spot, netting $3,500 and a small trophy of the track.

How YOU Can Qualify for This Year’s K1 Speed e-World Championship

Our next World Championship final promises to be even bigger with more competition, as France has entered the K1 Speed family. This means seven different nations are expected to compete!


And here’s something exciting for all you United States racers – every racer who qualifies will be invited to California for the all-day United States Championship at Irvine. Unlike last year, we won’t be hosting local heats to determine city/state champions. This means if you qualify, you have an equal shot to become the United States finalist as anyone else in the country. As a result, the competition will be much stiffer than last year – so make sure you’re ready for it. Dates will be announced soon so that qualified racers can start planning their transportation and accommodations.


If you want to qualify for next year’s championship, then you need to be 14 years old have at least 4,000 K1RS points by the end of December 31, 2019. Since adult karts are used in the competition, all drivers must meet the height requirement for those karts (4’10”).

How to Score K1RS Points

Every racer starts at 1200 K1RS points at the beginning of the calendar year.  Racers score 2 additional points for each of the following:


Every race entered

Each racer you beat

If You Drove the Fastest Lap and/or the fastest Lap Average in your race

Tips for Collecting More Points

Here’s a tip for collecting more points: race when it’s busier. If you’re the only driver on the track, you’re getting 6 points. On the other hand, if you’re in a race with 11 other drivers, then the maximum points available is 28.


With plenty of days left in the year, there’s tons of opportunities to get those races in and qualify! So hit the track!

How Many Have Qualified So Far?

4,000 Points: The Qualified

There are over 60 different drivers who have already scored the 4,000 points necessary to qualify. These racers compete at 19 of our locations:


Anaheim | Atlanta | AustinCarlsbadConcord |DenverDublin | Fort Lauderdale | Houston | IndianapolisIrvine

Orlando | PortlandSacramentoSan Diego | San Francisco | Santa Clara | Seattle | Torrance

3,000 Points: On the Cusp

Another 40+ drivers have at least 3,000 points and are on the final straight before they qualify. These drivers are from an additional 6 locations:



Addison | Arlington | Boston | Buffalo Grove | Salt Lake City

It’s Not Too Late to Score Points!

If you don’t have at least 3,000 points, don’t worry! There’s still time to catch up and get those points. So hit your local K1 Speed track and rack them up! YOU could be the next world champion and winner of the massive cash prize!

  • Steve Marlovitz

    Only need about another 1,400 pts….Buffalo Grove?

  • Rosie Johnson

    My granddaughter races at K-1 and beats the 13 and 14 year old boys . She’s good and a natural for speed and winning and coached by her uncle who loves the same.
    What you got for a girl like Mikayla who just turned 11

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Rosie, that’s awesome to hear about your granddaughter! Sounds like Mikayla needs to enter our Junior League races if she hasn’t already. Junior League is an annual championship with races held monthly. This is a great place to start for kids looking to race competitively. Check more information on our Junior League page: https://www.k1speed.com/junior-league.html . We hope this helps answer your question! Let us know if you have any more.

  • Bob Williams

    May want to look at having a Seniors Racing League for 55 years old and up. Just a thought as I am 62 and would love to complete but giving age and weight of some it would be hard to race against teenagers. I am 6’1″195lbs a weight and age class may be the answer. I plan on visiting your facility as I love racing and finding this is what I have been looking for.

    Thanks Bob Williams

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Bob! Thanks for this suggestion – we’ll be sure to keep this in mind! Hope to see you at the track soon!

  • Ethan Williams

    For the junior leaque can you enter anytime or do you have to start at the beginning of the season

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Ethan! Thanks for your interest in our junior league! You can enter the league anytime – new racers are welcome at every event! Hope we see you out there next time.

  • Brandon Decker

    I am a quick driver but am on the heavier side so there is no way I could beat some one of similar skill but who weighs half as much as me. Are there different driver weight classes?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Brandon! No, there will not be any weight classes. Thankfully, weight doesn’t make much difference (if any) in our karts. Plus the track will be a unique challenge for all racers – so it’s about who can get a handle on it the fastest. Hope this puts some concerns to rest!

  • Nathan Barrows

    The requirements state that you must be 14 years in order to qualify. Do you need to be 14 by the deadline of December 31st to meet the requirements? Or must you be 14 years old for the whole year? Thanks!

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Nathan! Thanks for your interest in the championship! You just need to be 14 by the deadline of December 31, 2019 – not the whole year. Thanks again!

  • Margaret Stone

    Dates for the World Championship please?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Margaret! We know there are many people that need to make arrangements for this, so we’re going to be announcing the date VERY soon. All qualifiers will receive an email once we cement that date, and we will post it up here on this blog. Thank you for your patience.

  • Bert Johnston

    When will you anounce the dates?

    • Staff Writer

      Very soon, Bert! Thank you for your patience.

  • Michael Lopez

    How many points do I need to qualify for world championship?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Michael! Thanks for your interest. Currently, you’ll need 4,000 points in order to qualify for next year’s world championship.

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