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New K1 Speed Phoenix Center Now Open!

the lobby of k1 speed phoenix

The New K1 Speed Phoenix is NOW OPEN!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here – K1 Speed Phoenix location is officially open again! That’s right, our new and improved center is now open for business and ready for you to return to racing!


Here’s our new address: 2501 E Magnolia St, Phoenix, AZ 8503


We greatly appreciate everyone’s support, understanding, and patience while we worked hard to get this place open for everyone. We can’t wait to welcome you all back with open arms and for you to check out the all-new location! Again, a giant thank you to all of our Phoenix racers!


For more about our new location, keep reading!

Old K1 Speed Phoenix vs New K1 Speed Phoenix

K1 Speed Phoenix Lobby

There’s several big changes in store for K1 Speed Phoenix with the move to a larger facility. Here are the differences.

From a Single-Track Center to a Two-Track Center!

Soon, racers at K1 Speed Phoenix will have not just one track to race on, but two different tracks! This is exciting for at least a couple of reasons. First, having two tracks will give our regulars a little variety instead of racing the same track over and over again. Secondly, having two tracks means we run twice the amount of racers at the same time! This should translate to shorter wait times for you when you visit.

All-New Superleggero Go Karts!

Rows of all-electric go karts in

The new K1 Speed Phoenix not only has two new tracks, but will also have the very latest K1 Speed go kart – the Superleggero!


This all-new kart features paddle shifters, a modern interpretation of a formula racing-style steering wheel, an dash-mounted digital display, central headlight, and more! And given its name (superleggero translates to “super light” in Italian), the kart is 20 pounds lighter than our previous generation kart. It may not sound much on paper, but trust us, you’ll feel the difference behind the wheel. Of course, we aren’t sacrificing speed with the new kart, so rest assured, adults and teens who are 58″ or taller can still enjoy speeds of up to 45mph in the Superleggero.

Two Event Rooms Vs One Event Room & Mezzanine

a meeting room inside K1 Speed Phoenix

People love using our place as their event venue in Phoenix, but we’ve only had one dedicated private event room in addition to our mezzanine space. But when we move, we’ll have TWO private event rooms for birthday parties, bachelor parties, company parties, and other group events!

  • Don Myers

    Happy holidays to you and yours.
    Some of the old crowd showed up today at the soft reopening, an hour ahead for quite a few of US.
    Including Giovanni Perez D’amico, the 3rd place podium finisher at the world finals from the new Winchester track. He’s a regular from Phoenix.
    And then out of the blue, Steve Fabela shows up.
    Everyone was excited and it honestly made the occasion extra special for the holidays.
    It’s been along time coming.
    Thank you for all your efforts.

    • Staff Writer

      Happy to have you and the other racers back, Don! Sorry it took so long. Happy holidays!

  • Alan Winninger

    Well, looks like I need to bring Jaxon down there from Route 66/Flagstaff. Being a two time NASCAR Champion myself 1988 and 1992 and my son being a racer as well and also Autistic and raced in Concord on a regular basis I guess it’s time to come pay you a visit. Don’t worry , we have our own fire suits. LOL.

    • Staff Writer

      See you and Jaxon soon, Alan! We look forward to the visit!

  • Lucas kruger

    This is so cool! But man, the old place is so nostalgic.

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