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New K1 Speed Phoenix Coming Summer 2022!

graphic with text reading "phoenix! we're moving!" with go karts on a desert road

K1 Speed Phoenix is Relocating This Summer!

UPDATE (August 15, 2022):


The city has requested more parking spots from us, so we’re still a little ways away from opening at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will be working hard to get our doors open this fall.

UPDATE (June 27, 2022):


While the new Phoenix center is completely built out, we are waiting on the city at this stage. Once they have reviewed and signed off, we will post the opening date on this blog post. Any opening dates seen on Google at the moment are only placeholders for the time being, to keep our original business listing active for its eventual reopening. Do not take those as fact until you no longer see this message. 

We know this has been incredibly frustrating for our loyal racers, and we share that frustration with you. We wish we could’ve opened ages ago! We will try to make up as many missed league rounds as we can once we reopen. 

In conclusion, we all just have to be patient. You’re all in for a great time when we open the doors to our new center. Thanks to everyone for their understanding!!


Phoenix, racers! Get ready for a change this June, as K1 Speed Phoenix will be moving to a new home!


Don’t worry – the new location will be less than a mile from our existing location so we’re not moving far. And here’s the best part – this move will allow us to give you even more attractions including TWO tracks, over 25 games and more! Read on to learn about this exciting change!

Old K1 Speed Phoenix vs New K1 Speed Phoenix

There’s several big changes in store for K1 Speed Phoenix with the move to a larger facility. Here’s a sample of what we’ll be able to offer over what’s currently available.

From a Single-Track Center to a Two-Track Center!

Soon, racers at K1 Speed Phoenix will have not just one track to race on, but two different tracks! This is exciting for at least a couple of reasons.

First, having two tracks will give our regulars a little variety instead of racing the same track over and over again.

Secondly, having two tracks means we run twice the amount of racers at the same time! This should translate to shorter wait times for you when you visit.

All-New Superleggero Go Karts!

a row of Superleggero go karts sit in the pits at K1 Speed Canton

The new K1 Speed Phoenix not only has two new tracks, but will also have the very latest K1 Speed go kart – the Superleggero!


This all-new kart features paddle shifters, a modern interpretation of a formula racing-style steering wheel, an dash-mounted digital display, central headlight, and more! And given its name (superleggero translates to “super light” in Italian), the kart is 20 pounds lighter than our previous generation kart. It may not sound much on paper, but trust us, you’ll feel the difference behind the wheel. Of course, we aren’t sacrificing speed with the new kart, so rest assured, adults and teens who are 58″ or taller can still enjoy speeds of up to 45mph in the Superleggero.

From a Small Arcade to the Largest Arcade of Any K1 Speed!

Currently, K1 Speed Phoenix offers a selection of video games for you to play in between your races. But that’s going to expand significantly when we move locations. Once we move, you’ll be able to play on over 25 games in our arcade which will be the largest arcade of any K1 Speed location!

Two Event Rooms Vs One Event Room & Mezzanine

People love using our place as their event venue in Phoenix, but we’ve only had one dedicated private event room in addition to our mezzanine space. But when we move, we’ll have TWO private event rooms for birthday parties, bachelor parties, company parties, and other group events!

  • Don Myers

    Ok. I give. Where’s the new location???

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Don, it’s less than a mile away from its current location.. the exact location will be officially revealed later!

  • Amy Imbrescia

    New karts too? Will you be auctioning off the old ones?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Amy! We’re most likely using the same karts. Thanks for your interest!

  • Chris Marley

    When is the last day we can race at your Phoenix location? We were hoping to visit in mid March.

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Chris, we don’t have a specific date at the moment. However, when the relocation does occur, we’re going to try to do it without losing many days at all – if any. If I find out the specific dates, I’ll re-respond to your comment and let you know.

  • Ron Kujawa

    Hey guys, any update on this? Lots of us are anxious to hit the new tracks!

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Ron! We’re seriously excited for this too! Sorry there hasn’t been an update, but stay tuned for one soon. Rest assured, we’re busy at work on it!

  • Kruger Lucas

    Is it open yet

    • Staff Writer

      We’re getting closer, Kruger!

  • Ron Kujawa

    April’s GP Challenge at existing location?

  • AJ

    Is the new location open or is Jr. league at the old location tonight 4/5?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello AJ! April 5th’s Junior League is at the old location tonight. We’re close to relocating, but haven’t made the move yet.

  • AP

    As of April 5th, still a couple weeks out. Got word tonight that we will have the new carts and not be reusing the old ones!

  • Anthony N

    so how will the challenge GP work at the new location will it be solely dedicated to one track or will it switch between track every session? and any clue when the new location may open?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Anthony! We’re working hard to make that transfer happen soon. We should be moved by the end of the month. We’ll likely dedicate one track for the Challenge GP. That’s what we do at our other 2-track locations. We can’t wait to show you the new place soon!

  • Kendra

    What day do you plan on opening? Hoping to take my 13 year old son for his birthday with friends! We were planning on 4/23 but see you are temporarily closed! When can we plan our visit?!?!!

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Kendra! We’re trying our hardest to open ASAP. There is a chance we’ll be open by then, but keep checking our website. Once we open, we’ll have it posted here. Hopefully we’ll see you all very soon!

  • Gavyn

    Will the new karts have digital dashes? Or is there any kind of info you can give us about the new karts. Also will there be a significant size difference between the new tracks and the old one?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Gavyn! Just updated our blog with some information on the Superleggero karts for you. We’ll have more about the tracks in the very near future.

  • john

    It’s 4/22….any word on reopening tomorrow? And the location would be very helpful.
    Are the rates increasing?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey John! Sorry for the delay in our response. Obviously we didn’t open on the 4/23. We’re working as hard as we can to open ASAP. Thanks for your patience! And no, the rates are not increasing. We’ll see you soon!

  • Beverly Berrett

    Hi, when will you be open again? My son is turning 15 soon and I want to reserve a time to bring him and his friends or see about a private party. Thx!

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Beverly! Sorry for the inconvenience – we don’t have a definitive open date yet, but we’re working as hard as we can to open ASAP. We’ll update this blog as soon as we know more, but we’re getting very close!

  • Tyler

    Still excited to see the new tracks as hoping there is better passing opportunities for the league. Will we be utilizing the ‘Boost/Overtake’ button on the Superleggero Karts or will it be a set speed still like the old EGK karts 4 speed settings controller by the race supervisor?

    • Staff Writer

      We’ll most likely be using the same speed settings as before.. but you’re going to love the new kart and tracks, Tyler!

  • Bill

    Will the teen race on May 3rd be held at the old location or the new location?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Bill, great question. We’re working as hard as we can to open by then, but will likely depend on factors outside our control (local county sign-offs and department approvals). We have moved out of our old location, so no more racing there.

  • Anthony

    since it is not opening before challenge gp will it be rescheduled specifically for az or will it not happen at all? it would be a bummer if it doesn’t happen.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Anthony, that’s a good question. We may just try to reschedule Phoenix’s CGP, but we’ll keep you posted with that. Thanks for your patience as we work hard on getting everything settled out there.

  • Kruger Lucas

    What day is the jr and teen league race gonna be rescheduled to?

  • AJ

    Is there going to be a May Jr. race this coming Tuesday?

  • Aubry Cahill

    I have a party booked for next weekend. Seriously, what is the address of the new location? Thank you 🙂

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Aubry! We’ve got the address up on our Phoenix location page and on Google/Yelp, but here it is: 2501 E Magnolia St, Phoenix, AZ 85034. Keep in mind, we’re not open yet due to items outside our control, but we’re working hard to open any day now. Please reach out to your sales rep if you have any other questions.

  • Kruger Lucas

    There’s no new location is there.

    • Staff Writer

      There is a new location, Kruger, right where we say it’s coming. We appreciate your patience and support. It’s not easy moving locations in a short amount of time, but we’re nearly there.

  • Arlene Day

    Is your old Location open? And if so what are the hours? Calling the local number gets you to a call center that really doesn’t k kw what is going on. Please advise, as we planned to go there tomorrow.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Arlene! No, our old location is closed. However, we are feeling confident that our new location will be open this week. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • Anthony Navarro

    Any updates on opening date? We are all anxious on getting back to racing.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Anthony, we’re very sorry for the delay. We’re just as anxious as you guys to get our new location open. We’re hoping this’ll happen by the end of the month. There are some items outside our control (city/county stuff) but we’re pushing hard to get our doors open ASAP. We sincerely appreciate your patience – the new place will be worth the wait!

  • James Paxton

    It is 18 May 22. Is the new location open yet?


    • Staff Writer

      Hey James, we wish!! There’s been a couple of delays outside our control, but we think we’re finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. We appreciate your patience!

  • John Doe

    Is it going to be the same price? And Will there be the new shifter carts that it shows on this page?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey John, the prices are listed on our website right now. And yes, the new Superleggero karts come with shifter paddles. It’s going to be fun!

  • Ken Williams

    Hi – when will you be open?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Ken! Don’t have an exact day at the moment, but we’re still trying to open by the end of the month. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the wait!

  • Avery

    Any date for opening yet?

    • Staff Writer

      Not yet, Avery! There are some items outside our control at the moment, but we’re trying our hardest to open by the end of the month. Thanks for your patience!

  • Tyler

    Since the delays have now delayed a month of League racing, would it be possible to do June’s league as a 2 for 1 using both tracks so that the points can still be utilized in full for both the May and June months?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Tyler! There is that possibility that we’ll run two league events in a single month to try to make up for lost rounds. Nothing’s set in stone as of yet, but we’ll try our hardest to make it up to you folks. Sorry again for the delays. This has been a tougher move than we anticipated, but we cannot wait to show you all the new K1 Speed Phoenix very soon!

  • Raps

    Will it be open by the 1st?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Raps! Frustratingly, no, we won’t be. We’re waiting on some city/county office work at the moment. We’re very optimistic about a June opening, though.

  • George

    It is June 1st, do you guys think will open on the 3rd? Trying to make a reservation for June 12 for a birthday party, also tried to contact you by phone but nobody answered. Thank you!

    • Staff Writer

      Hi George, I don’t think we’ll be open on the third, unfortunately. Just waiting on the city for final approval. We’re sorry you couldn’t reach anyone on the phone. Please try to fill out a booking form request (Groups & Parties section) – there’s still a chance we’ll be open by the 12th.

  • Gavyn

    It should not be taking this long. You guys are making it hard for us to believe anything y’all say anymore

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Gavin! We’re very sorry for the delay. It’s incredibly frustrating for us as well. The place is all finished, it’s just in the city’s hands at this point. We’re waiting patiently just like you guys for the green light.

  • Ralph

    With your reopening on June 3rd, are you still planning on holding the Teen Cup the evening of June 7th? We’re driving up from Tucson and want to be sure it’s happening before we make the trip for the 6PM start time. Thanks!

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Ralph! Unfortunately, we’re not going to be open tomorrow. We’ll likely have to reschedule our Phoenix Teen Cup event to sometime later this month. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Blaike Purpura

    Big fan of K1 , will definitely be going to these new tracks when it does open up . As a suggestion though, I feel like it’s time you guys stop posting the opening dates , the opening dates have been pushed back a few times now and a lot of us are getting a bit upset . Still a big fan , and refuse to go to octane despite the delays , but just a suggestion .

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Blaike! We’re so sorry for the frustration regarding our Phoenix reopening – we totally get it. Every time we post the anticipated opening date, we are always optimistic that it’ll happen. Unfortunately, much to do with this reopening delay has been outside our control – from supply chain hiccups to city/county approvals. We’re just as eager to get our business open again. Now all this said, we are extremely hopeful that June is our month. Everything’s pretty much done – we’re just waiting on the city at this point. Sincere apologies once again for the delay and for the change in dates. We really appreciate your loyalty and know the wait will be worth it!!

  • AJ

    No junior race for June this coming Tuesday?

    • Staff Writer

      Sadly not, AJ. We’ll try to make up these missed rounds, though! Thanks for your patience.

  • Hayden

    Hoping to come on the 25th of this month. Any chance you’ll be open by then?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Hayden, we can’t say for sure at the moment. Reason being, our opening is now outside our control. We’re waiting on the city at this stage.

  • Brandon

    Is there a open date yet?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Brandon, not yet, unfortunately. Still waiting on the city. We have to put a date into Google to keep the listing going, so please refer to this page for the official date. Thanks for your patience!

  • Jackson

    Why would you guys move in the first place? Things were fine now you guys are killing yourselves.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Jackson, the move was out of our hands. But we’re looking forward to being in a much larger and overall TONS better building as a result. Just waiting on the city at this point.

  • Micah Smith

    I am hoping to come on the 16th of July, will it be open by then?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Micah, we’re hoping so, but it’s entirely out of our hands at this point. Unfortunately, we’re just waiting on the city at this point in time, so currently we don’t know when our opening date is.

  • Braxton

    Hey is the July 8th date that’s posted on google an official date now?
    Reason I ask is because its further out then the usual “potentially opening this Friday” its been for the last while.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Braxton! We’re sorry, but no, that’s still not an official date. Unfortunately, to keep the listing going and to prevent a lengthly lag when we actually do open, Google requires a date to be selected as a “re-open” date, so we’ve got to put some future date there.

      Please double-check this blog if you’re unsure about our opening date, as the official date will be announced on our site when we have it. In the meantime, please just ignore the dates on Google.

  • Ron Kujawa

    I just want to say thank you for your response to Braxton. It’s been frustrating to me to see those dates posted and then get delayed, but knowing why they’re being posted and that they aren’t accurate predictions of when you’ll open is helpful. Looking forward to getting back to racing. As much as you can communicate what’s really going on will be helpful to those of us anxiously waiting.

    • Staff Writer

      You’re very welcome, Ron. And we truly do apologize for how long this has been taking in Phoenix. Certainly not what we anticipated, and very frustrating for us to not do any business there right now. The center’s all set to go, but we’re at the mercy of the city at the moment to finish up the remaining steps. We appreciate everyone’s patience, and apologize again for this excruciating wait. As soon as we know the ACTUAL opening date, we’ll post it loud and proud on this blog. Otherwise we’ll keep changing the headline to read the month we genuinely hope will bring us the opening.. that said, looks like we’re going to have to change it to July now…

  • Clark Haynes

    I’m excited for all the racing but not excited for waiting. Do you guys have a opening date yet

    • Staff Writer

      The waiting is the hardest part, Clark. No opening date yet, but when we do have one we’ll post it up at the top of this blog. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

  • Tracy Baca

    Was wondering if you’ll be open by august?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Tracy! The problem with our opening being in the city’s hands is that we can’t say for sure. We could theoretically open next week or next month – we just don’t know. The city is making some progress, so HOPEFULLY we’ll be open come next month. Sorry for the long wait – we appreciate your patience during this mess!

  • Gavyn

    Any good news yet or at least something you guys can update us with? It feels like forever looking on here and only seeing city approval stuff

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Gavyn! Still in the city’s hands at this point, but sounds like there’s been movement. Might be a week or two away, might be longer, hence no concrete updates to this blog as of yet. As soon as we have actual news to share, we’ll update this blog at the top. Thank you still for your patience!

  • April Edwards

    We are anxious to be back to racing at K1! Can’t wait to see the new location! Will you send out an email to the families or will we just need to check here for updates? Thank you!

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, April! Thanks for your support – we’re anxious to open back up in Phoenix too! Yes, we’ll definitely send out an email to everyone to let them know we’re back open again – in addition to updating this blog post. Can’t wait to see you again soon!

  • Eddie Melendez

    How do I make sure I get an e-mail once re-opening date is confirmed?


    • Staff Writer

      Hey Eddie! I just registered you again for our Phoenix updates, so you should be good to go. We’ll send an email out as soon as we know the concrete date. Thanks for your patience!

  • Kruger Lucas

    Will it really open on Friday?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Kruger! Like we say in the update at the top of this post, dates on Google right now are not accurate and are just placeholders so we don’t lose our listing. It’s not how we prefer to do it, but it’s required by Google. Official dates will be posted on this blog and emails will be sent out as soon as we know the actual date. We’re still waiting on the city of Phoenix so we can finally open up our completed center. Thanks for your patience!

  • Stephen park

    August 26th?

    • Staff Writer

      Please read the top of this blog post.. the dates on Google do not mean anything – they’re placeholders. The city is deciding when we open.

  • Gavin Buchberger

    I wanna say thank you to whoever is answering all these and still being very professional. Everyone is asking the same question over and over instead of just reading the previous answers to those questions. I would’ve gone crazy by now.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Gavin. Thanks a bunch for your support and understanding. The whole situation is rather maddening and frustrating for everyone – for us (we’ve lost our peak summer business for that location as a result) and for our customers who have been patiently waiting. So your comment was very welcome! Fingers crossed the city gives us the okay soon.

  • Kruger Lucas


  • Anthony N

    We been waiting for yall to be open i honestly feel bad for everyone else including the yall for not being able to open the city has been taking too long. Any hope you guys will be open anytime soon. We also appreciate the update because we miss the challenge gp since you guys are the only place to hold events like this.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Anthony! Thanks for the understanding.. Yeah, it’s not fun for any of us, is it? Every week we’re hopeful it’ll finally make its way through the system, but then the week passes without our doors opening. But we’re remaining optimistic it’ll be open soon. At least it’ll be worth the wait when it finally does open!

  • John Fittipaldi

    Sounds to me like somebody’s not pestering the correct people at the city shouldn’t take this long you had approvals on the old location that’s only a mile away so what’s the real deal I heard you’re having problems with the carts ? John Fittipaldi

    • Staff Writer

      Hey John (nice last name, btw)! Nope, no problems with the karts, and thankfully we just had a nice chat with some higher-ups in the city late last week. The issue has been the parking variance. With plenty more parking than our last place, we were confident that wasn’t going to be an issue, but it appears the city is requesting additional parking now. So we’re still a little ways away from opening. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the long delay!

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