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Mario Day Deal 2024: Kart Like Mario, Get a $20 Race!

National Mario Day 2024 image with helmets that use Mario-inspired paint jobs

Mamma mia! We’re super close to celebrating Mario Day in 2024! And this year, there’s even more reason to hang out with your friends at K1 Speed that day – were offering a special deal! Read on, future Italian carpenters plumbers.

What is Mario Day?

Mario Day was created to celebrate Nintendo’s iconic Mario franchise – from OG Mario Bros and Donkey Kong to the groundbreaking Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Bros Wonder. People often celebrate this day by playing a ton of Mario-related games, watching the TV shows or movies, and/or dressing up as their favorite Mario character. Because Mario! C’mon!

When is Mario Day in 2024?

Mario Day 2024 is on Sunday, March 10th! Every year, Mario Day falls on March 10. Get it? MAR-10 Day!

K1 Speed’s Mario Day Deal

To celebrate Mario Day, K1 Speed is offering a deal: one $20 race* for anybody dressed as Mario! This offer SAVES you over $7! With this offer, you’ll be able to kart with your friends just like Mario!

How Many $20 Races Can I Get?

Since our Mario Day discount is a big one, you’ll only receive one race for $20. If you want to race more, our regular prices apply. Remember, the more races you buy, the cheaper each race gets!

Can I Dress as Any Mario Character?

This offer is only good for people dressed up as Mario himself. As shocking as it sounds, there are a lot of people that work at K1 Speed that don’t know who Birdo, Kamek, Captain Toad, and other more obscure Mario characters are. So we’re going to have put this offer on “easy” mode for them.

But thankfully, Mario is one of the easiest costumes to make yourself or buy.

How to Dress like Mario

It’s easy to dress up as Mario. We’re looking for several iconic features:


  • Red hat with circled “M”
  • Large black mustache
  • Red shirt
  • Blue overalls
  • White gloves (optional)


Seriously, that’s it! This is a super quick and easy DIY project that you could create after a cheap trip to your local thrift store.


Don’t have the time or patience to make your own costume? There’s no shame in that. That’s what Party City and Amazon is for. Buy the complete costume or just the items you need.

Get Those Social Media Likes!

Imagine the content you can share on social media with this promotion. Who wouldn’t like a picture of you dressed as Mario in one of our Italian electric go karts? Be sure to tag K1 Speed too – you might end up on our feed!

Dress Like Mario on Mario Day and SAVE!

So mark your calendars for March 10, stop by K1 Speed, and race go karts as Mario for only $20! It’s-a good deal!

Terms and Conditions

*Limit one discount per person. Required Annual License not included ($7.95). Offer only valid in-store on 3/10/2024. Not valid with any other coupons or discounts.

  • Mark Sewak

    Snds good

  • Oscar

    Mi sobrino maneja espectacular pero no tiene 48 “ puedo llevarlo a montar

    • Staff Writer

      Lo sentimos, pero todos los corredores deben cumplir con el requisito de altura para correr a velocidad K1. ¡Esperamos verte cuando tenga 48 “!

  • Keison

    Where can I get those helmets?????!?!

  • Kat Kart Racer

    Do we have to completely dress up like Mario or could we wear like just a red shirt and blue jeans or just overalls or a red hat with M on it? Or does it have to be the complete look?

    • Staff Writer

      We’re going to want a little more than just a red shirt and blue jeans.. It’s gotta scream “Mario” to our staff! But the blue overalls and red hat with an M on it sounds better..

  • Rebekah Amarant

    Does it start at an specific time or can you go whenever You want?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Rebekah! It’s all day long: it starts when we open and ends when we close! Hope we’ll see you soon!

  • Don hoover

    Can any part of your mario outfit be made of paper cuz we have no red hats but found a print out party mario hat its pointy but is red with an m on it lol just wondering

    • Staff Writer

      Haha! It’s a deal as long as you wear some of the other Mario clothing items and not just the party hat! See you soon!

  • Phil G

    Do you guys give discounts for being forklift certified?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Phil! We do not at this time, but we’ll keep it in mind!

  • Anton Roussev

    Helmets are so cool! Hope you sell them at our local K1s (Illinois) !


    When is this event happening

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Sandra! This event is happening on Mario Day, March 10. See you soon!

  • Joseph White-Ruiz

    I’m really sad, I missed Super Mario day! Mama mia… I hope it was-a fun for the few people that did enjoy it

    • Staff Writer

      It’s not too late, Joseph! It’s on Friday!

  • David Acuna

    Are the carts fluffy friendly

    • Staff Writer

      Haha! Mostly! But remember – all you needed to do is look like Mario. He’s not too fluffy..

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