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K1 Speed has the first shiftable, electric karts available in North America! The Carlsbad, CA center, the one that started it all, now has 10 EFD shiftable karts available to adult racers 4’10” and up.


We invite you to come test out these exciting new karts!



  • Automatic and Manual Shifting Options
  • Paddle Style Shift Levers
  • Realistic Up and Down Shifting Capabilities
  • Back-lighted Heads-Up Display screen on F1 style wheel.
  • “Push to Pass” Boost Button
  • Reverse Button with Interactive Instructions
  • Realistic Tachometer with Rev Limiter in Manual Mode
  • New Limited-Slip Differential for Enhanced Driving Performance
  • F1 style Projected Sound
  • 6 Programmable Speed Settings

K1 Speed Carlsbad

6212 Corte Del Abeto

Carlsbad , CA 92011

(760) 929-2225

  • Mike Riedler

    Are these going to be coming to the Chicagoland area?

    • Staff Writer

      Eventually all of our locations will offer the shifter karts.

      • Luis niz

        Do you know how long that will take? And also will this change pricing and certain rules when racing? Thanks.

        • Staff Writer

          There is no change in pricing or rules. Visit the Carlsbad center and speak with the manager on duty who can explain all the aspects of the shifter kart.

  • Aaron Hachmeister

    Are these actually any quicker than the regular karts though?

    • Staff Writer

      Lap times will depend on the racer but these karts do have better handling from racer feedback. Visit the Carlsbad center and give them a try.

      • Aarons Hachmeister

        Okay but, like, how does adding a shifting option to the drivetrain make the handling better?

        • Staff Writer

          There is no more standard differential. It is an integrated limited slip differential unit that performs like any modern sports car does. Also we changed the front end geometry to handle better. Hope you can visit the Carlsbad center soon and try them out.

  • MR. Awesome

    Can you please explain in detail the shifting mechanism. I highly doubt there is a two speed gearbox. Is the lower gear just provide a lower rev limit? Also very interested in the limited slip differential. Every racing kart on planet earth runs a solid axle without a diff. I am curious as to what you are referring to.

    Any and all info appreciated! Thanks.

    • Staff Writer

      The shifting and gearing is specifically controlled by the onboard computer giving the response and torque at different ranges of RPM simulating gear changes. Up to three gears ratio. Differential is an all new limited slip with same spring and clutch packs that you would find in any performance automotive application. Visit the Carlsbad center and experience it for yourself.

  • Eric

    Those are awesome, shifter karts for everyone!!

  • Shawn Howard roton

    What are you going to put these in Indiana. they look lots of fun.

    • Staff writer

      Thanks for the comment. We’re looking into putting these karts in centers in the near future.

  • Jon Katayanagi

    Tried the shifter karts while taking the grand kids to Legoland California after Christmas 2017. 1st race was in manual mode and my lap time went up. The next 3 races were in automatic mode and lap times fell about .4 over standard karts. Shifters karts cornered better and I do like them over the standard karts.

  • Deshawn Seneviratne

    Will these come to austin

  • Paul

    How to switch from manual to auto? And how to choose between 6 speed settings and does it really changes top speed?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Paul! When you sign up to race, just let our staff know you want to drive our manual shifter karts – that’s all! You’ll use the flappy paddles in the back of the steering wheel to select the gears. It doesn’t change the top speed, but does make the experience more engaging! Hope we’ll see you soon!

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