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Shifter karts Arrive in Anaheim!

A little over a year ago, we introduced the EFD shifter kart at our Carlsbad location, and it has proven to be an instant fan favorite. Since that initial launch, we’ve added these karts to our Denver location where fans in the Centennial State have enjoyed shifting their way through the course. And now, we’re excited to announce that racers at our Anaheim location will be greeted by these exciting new karts the next time they visit!


Featuring paddle-style shift levers that deliver realistic up and down shifting capabilities, a Formula One-inspired steering wheel with a realistic tachometer, and an IndyCar-style “Push to Pass” boost button that offers up to 10% more power, the EFD Kart takes the K1 Speed racing experience to another level, while remaining user-friendly enough for racers of all skill levels.


You’re going to love hearing the F1-style projected sound as you blast through the multi-colored tunnel under the Mezzanine, shifting to your heart’s delight. If you live in Orange County, you’ve got to stop by Anaheim to set a time in these incredible karts!

  • Ed Rashid

    I need information about this track. Please send to the email address above. Thanks in advance.

  • Amy

    Are they for just adults or kids too?

    • Staff Writer

      Shifter karts are for racers that meet our height requirement of 4’10” and above.

  • Tony E

    I am excited to give these a try

  • Chuck Lefever

    Shifter carts more expensive than standard carts

    • Staff Writer

      There is no price change to race the shifter karts.

  • Grant S.

    By any chance, are you guys going to be adding this to Buffalo Grove? For those in Illinois, the Buffalo Grove location of yours is jam-packed 24/7… and a lot of people are diehard gearheads (me inlcuded). Just saying.

    • Staff Writer

      Thanks for reaching out. We are looking into getting these in additional centers throughout the year. Look for more announcements here.

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