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Congrats to the International K1RS Points Leaders from 2021!

the top 3 trophies for the K1RS championship sit on the track by the start-finish line

A big round of applause to everyone who made into K1 Speed’s Top 50 from around the world!


The year 2021 still wasn’t an easy one to squeeze in racing, so it’s even more impressive to see these names. That’s a lot of racing and a lot of fastest laps/beaten opponents! Thank you and congrats to every racer on this page for generating some GOOD news during 2021!


#1: Shawn Anderson | Salt Lake City, UT | 18,988 points


Shawn was a newcomer to the K1RS Top 50 in 2020 when he scored 9,243 points, finishing fifth. In his second year, he’s gone straight to the top and scored over twice the points he scored in ’20. He had one heck of a gap to our runner-up as well, so impressive stuff, Shawn! And major congratulations on your achievement!!


Shawn will receive:

    • 1st Place Trophy
    • $1,250
    • 20 Free Races
    • Exclusive 2021 K1RS Top 50 Hat


#2: Eric Narducci | Dublin, CA | 13,880 points


Not only did Eric finish runner-up in the K1RS Championship, but he finished runner-up in the 2021 Challenge GP season at our Dublin track as well! He was new to the K1RS leaderboard in 2020 when he finished third. In 2021, he scored over 3,000 more points and went one position higher. Will he get to the top step in 2022? Nice work out there, Eric!


Eric will receive:

  • 2nd Place Trophy
  • $950
  • 15 Free Races
  • Exclusive 2021 K1RS Top 50 Hat


#3: Christopher Youtsey | Indianapolis, IN | 13,178 points


Christopher Youtsey is no stranger to K1 Speed over the years. He was our 2020 Junior League Champion at Indy, and is currently at the top of the points in Teen Cup after winning the first round. K1RS-wise, he finished 16th in 2020 before jumping all the way to 3rd in ’21. And he scored twice as many points in the process! He’s also our Indy track record holder in both adult and junior karts. This kid’s certainly impressive – congrats on all your accomplishments, Christopher!


Eric will receive:

  • 3rd Place Trophy
  • $750
  • 10 Free Races
  • Exclusive 2021 K1RS Top 50 Hat


#4: Denis Shakhovskii | Torrance, CA | 10,876 points


Though not at the top of the list this year, our K1RS Champion from 2019 and 2020 still finished in a very respectable fourth place position. He also finished runner-up in the 2021 Challenge GP season at Torrance and holds the track record at our Ontario Track 1 in the adult karts. Thanks for all the races with us these past three years, Denis!


Denis will receive:

  • $400
  • 5 Free Races
  • Exclusive 2021 K1RS Top 50 Hat


#5: Eldy Gonzalez | Canóvanas, Puerto Rico | 10,484 points


Eldy was 39th on the 2020 K1RS Top 50 and the only racer from Puerto Rico to make the list. This year, he scored over twice the amount of points as last year, catapulting himself to a top 5 finish, becoming our first racer outside the continental United States to do so! Towards the end of 2021, Eldy and his family moved to Florida, and he’s been tearing up the tracks up and down the East Coast, winning league races and breaking track records. Keep your eye on this guy..


Eldy will receive:

  • $250
  • 5 Free Races
  • Exclusive 2021 K1RS Top 50 Hat


Congratulations to all our Top 5 once again, and if you happen to see any of these racers at their local K1 Speed take a moment and congratulate them. Then ask them for some tips.

The Complete International K1RS Top 50 OF 2021!*

The 2021 Top 50 Hat featuring logo in front

The International Top 50 will have their names on a plaque in every location, and will receive an exclusive 2021 Top 50 hat. And if any of these racers are at least 14 years of age, there’s a darn good chance you’re going to see them at our 2022 World Championship when we – fingers crossed – finally resume it later this year (dates tbd)!

  1. Shawn Anderson | Salt Lake City, UT | 18,988 points
  2. Eric Narducci | Dublin, CA | 13,880 points
  3. Christopher Youtsey | Indianapolis, IN | 13,178 points
  4. Denis Shakhovskii | Torrance, CA | 10,876 points
  5. Eldy Gonzalez | Canóvanas, Puerto Rico | 10,484 points
  6. Payton Anderson | Salt Lake City, UT | 10,440 points
  7. Clive Uston | Fort Lauderdale, FL | 10,432 points
  8. Memo Sandoval | Anaheim, CA | 9,866 points
  9. Jonathan Smith | San Diego, CA | 8,648 points
  10. Patrick Cook | Arlington, TX | 8,640 points
  11. Willy Mulder | Portland, OR | 8,378 points
  12. Taylor Bean | Austin, TX | 8,318 points
  13. Matt Simmons | Fort Lauderdale, FL | 7,652 points
  14. Dustin White | Denver, CO | 7,450 points
  15. Nicolas Mariotti | Toronto, Canada | 7,240 points
  16. Karlie Lambright | Houston, TX | 7,164 points
  17. Bryce Stahly | Dallas, TX | 6,856 points
  18. Aaron Geoulla | Burbank, CA | 6,632 points
  19. Michael Donatucci | Torrance, CA | 6,602 points
  20. Roger Simmons | Fort Lauderdale, FL | 6,344 points
  21. Allen Dempster | Dublin, CA | 6,270 points
  22. Roberto Garcia | Houston, TX | 5,888 points
  23. John Gonzalez | Torrance, CA | 5,858 points
  24. Brooklyn Ardelean | Buffalo Grove, IL | 5,774 points
  25. Juan Nino Lorenzo | Dublin, CA | 5,676 points
  26. Lorenzo Serrano | San Diego, CA | 5,658 points
  27. Dwayne Blaine | Carlsbad, CA | 5,570 points
  28. Allen Person | Burbank, CA | 5,568 points
  29. David Mock | San Diego, CA | 5,472 points
  30. Joe Smith | San Diego, CA | 5,464 points
  31. Soul Merasty | Toronto, Canada | 5,458 points
  32. Scott Kenyon | Portland, OR | 5,334 points
  33. Daniel Velasquez | Atlanta, GA | 5,290 points
  34. Evan Garvey | Anaheim, CA | 5,214 points
  35. Scott Macadam | Carlsbad, CA | 5,208 points
  36. Chris Daughtery | Concord, NC | 5,198 points
  37. Omar Dodero | Fort Lauderdale, FL | 5,198 points
  38. Cody Powers | Buffalo Grove, IL | 5,184 points
  39. Jonathan Sheaffer | Phoenix, AZ | 5,108 points
  40. Thomas Loomis | Dublin, CA | 5,100 points
  41. Nathan Ramirez | Carlsbad, CA | 5,098 points
  42. Ryan Vincent | San Diego, CA | 5,002 points
  43. Cayd Sheaffer | Phoenix, AZ | 4,982 points
  44. Julian Magno | San Diego, CA | 4,970 points
  45. Jacob Young | Concord, NC | 4,914 points
  46. Trevor Morera | Torrance, CA | 4,826 points
  47. Orlando Rodrigues | Irvine, CA | 4,770 points
  48. Stefan Brown | Dublin, CA | 4,688 points
  49. Dustin Roaquin | Torrance, CA | 4,618 points
  50. Kristi Giampi | Anaheim, CA | 4,612 points

*List is currently unofficial and subject to change. Racers have until January 31, 2022 to submit any corrections or disputes before the list becomes official. For corrections and disputes, please email [email protected].

Start Earning Those 2022 K1RS Points!

Now it’s time to begin the 2022 K1RS season! Will YOU be the one on top at the end of the year? It’s time to go racing and score those points – let’s see what you’ve all got!

How Do I Earn K1RS Points?

Every racer starts at 1200 points at the beginning of the calendar year and receives points for the following:

2 – points for each race
2 – points for each racer you beat
2 – bonus points if you had the fastest lap in your race
2 – bonus points if you had the fastest lap average in your race

View The Current United States 2022 Leaderboard!

United States K1RS Leaderboard
  • Mike Taylor

    Will challengers be held to running in just adult or junior races this year? Marketing has already says that racer would be allowed to flip flop for one year when they can move up to adult races.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Mike! Yes, what you said pertains to our Challenge GP/Junior League races. For Arrive & Drive racing, racers can race in either Junior or Adult karts as long as they meet and our safety requirements. Hope this clears things up!

  • Chris Demaras

    Hey K1 Speed. Don’t you think it’s time for the “International Leaderboard”? With locations in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, China, and France now open (and locations in 3 more countries opening soon) that National Leaderboard just doesn’t recognize the efforts of racers in 9 of 10 countries with K1 Speed locations. There;’s Canadians who would have been in the Top 100 last year, who are already in your Top 20 this year…but not listed on your leaderboard. It’s just un-America not to recognize individual achievement!

    • Staff Writer

      Chris, not a bad idea! Hmm.. we’ll look into that! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Mario Macias

    Are K1RS Points reset every year? I noticed that on my first visit of 2019, I had lost all previous points and was re-set at 1200. I organize a monthly event at Addison with my car club and noticed that we were all re-set in January. I’m just trying to get some clarity.

    • Staff Writer

      Mario, yes everybody’s K1RS points resets back to 1200 at the start of every year. Let’s see how many you can accumulate in 2019 – see you all at the track!

  • Chris Demaras

    Looks like you’ve got 3 international competitors in the Top 50. Daniel (25th) and Santiago (38th) from Canada as well as Hector (16th) from Puerto Rico. Impressive to see how well the new locations have performed. I think it makes this Top 50 all the more impressive to know that it’s a worldwide points competition now.

  • Robert H.

    Hello… it mentions that the top 50 K1RS members get an exclusive t-shirt. Is there anything the members have to do to receive it??
    From the Website:
    “At the end of the year, the K1RS Top 50 receive exclusive, limited-edition, K1RS Top 50 t-shirts”

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Robert! All Top 50 Winners received an exclusive hat instead this year. We’re sorry we didn’t update the page, we will do that now. Let us know if Michael didn’t receive his hat!

  • Ellis Vance

    Any news on the World Championship?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Ellis! Not yet, as we’re still in the middle of the pandemic. We’re hoping sometime towards the end of the year, once it’s easier to arrange the international logistics. We’ll let you know as soon we know, but rest assured, anyone who has qualified will get their invite once the time comes. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

  • Morgan Peterson

    When is Carlsbad, going to reopen? Thanks

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Morgan! Hopefully soon. The city won’t let us open until we’re in the orange tier.

  • Michael Tanagretta

    Hey guys, when are we gonna do the national championship for 2020? I know I was top 8 at my k1 in San Diego but was just curious if they are gonna include 2020’s list or not.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Michael! Yes, we’re definitely planning on restarting the whole World Championship this year after a couple years of cancellations due to COVID. When we run it, the qualifiers from 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be notified. It’s going to be quite the field of competitors!

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