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an indycar sits on display in front of row of karts with leather couches

A Unique Filming Location For Rent in Burbank!

Need to rent a fun filming location in the Los Angeles area for your next video shoot? Then choose K1 Speed Burbank! We are one of your best options for film location rentals in Burbank / LA thanks to our unique setting, exciting activities, available amenities, and close proximity to movie, television, and other production studios.

Examples of K1 Speed as a Filming Location

Before we tell you how great K1 Speed Burbank would be as your location for filming, let us show you some actual videos shot on location at K1 Speed centers.


Recent Filming at K1 Speed Burbank

K1 Speed Burbank was predominately featured in a recent episode of Netflix’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. Talk show legend David Letterman and music legend-in-the-making Billie Eilish raced each other around our track.

Television Series

From sitcoms to reality TV, we’ve been a popular choice for TV shoots. Most recently, we entertained Nickelodeon’s popular JoJo Siwa for her Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party with Kendall Vertes.


Hosting your filmed interview at K1 Speed provides you with a unique backdrop and something exciting to share with your guest. Just take a look at this interview between the two stars of NBC’s “Parenthood” – Dax Shepard and Joy Bryant.

Music Videos

Show off the fun side of your artists! Plus, our center-wide sound system can be used to play your featured song so everything’s perfectly in-sync for your video. One of the biggest music videos that was filmed at K1 Speed was Flo Rida’s “Let It Roll” which has over 40 million views at the time of this post. And then there’s OG 3Three’s amazing video that fully utilizes everything K1 Speed has to offer (warning: lyrics aren’t PG!). 

YouTube / Social Media Influencers

If you’re a YouTube Channel, YouTube star, or a popular social media influencer, you’re going to get a lot of exciting content by using K1 Speed Burbank for your filming location. Here’s a selection of videos filmed at K1 Speed that have received millions of views.

“Real Life Mario Kart”

Dude Perfect

Donut Media

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K1 Speed Burbank’s Filming Location Amenities

Lights, Camera..Action!

K1 Speed is known worldwide for its upscale indoor go kart racing experience. Our go karts are all-electric, so your crew won’t need to worry about noxious fumes clouding up your video image. Nor will your cast complain about breathing in exhaust or reeking like a gas station. Nothing but clean air inside here!


And the thrills of our electric go karts are genuine. These aren’t like those poor examples used at mini-golf parks. Our karts are the fastest in the industry and can approach speeds of up to 45mph in a matter of seconds. So your cast will only have to act naturally when it comes to having a good time at our track.


Afterall, there’s a reason why celebrities such as Beyoncé & Jay-ZChristian Bale, Usain Bolt, Lewis Hamilton, One Direction, Lonzo Ball, Dax Shepard, Heidi Klum, and countless others have squeezed a trip to K1 Speed into their busy schedule!

An Upscale Setting

If you’re looking for a filming space that has an upscale entertainment center setting, then we’re the best choice. From our leather couches and Edison lights to wood-trimmed walls, vintage racing photographs, and bright neon lights, K1 Speed creates a sophisticated backdrop for your next filming location. There’s plenty of space to shoot around our building!

An Exciting Game Room

Our game room at K1 Speed includes many different video arcade games and prize machines, plus several pool tables, an air hockey table, and a row of arcade basketball hoops. This game room can be used for an arcade scene during your video shoot. Or as a rec area to keep your cast entertained between takes.

Catering for Cast & Crew

Our onsite Paddock Lounge can even serve up delicious meals for your cast and crew, and/or provide on-screen snacks for your cast to eat on camera. We’ve got all the usual favorites: pizza & wings, tenders, nachos, and more. And of course, we’ve got plenty of refreshing non-alcoholic drinks to keep you hydrated during your filming. Plus, a large variety of beer & wine for post-shoot celebrations!

Paddock Lounge Menu

Private Meeting Rooms

We’ve got two private meeting rooms at K1 Speed Burbank. These spaces can be utilized in several different ways for your film shoot:


  • Setting for On-Camera Scenes
  • Dressing Room/Make Up Rooms for Cast
  • Headquarters for Crew
  • Storage Rooms for Lights, Cameras and other Gear

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Kart Rentals for Filming Purposes

Have another specific location in mind, but want the excitement of our go karts for your next shoot? We offer rental karts for your production needs. These karts can be transported to your off-site location of choice. And we’ll even provide you with a small team of specialists to help you operate and keep the karts charged for your use.


Here’s a couple of examples of how that can look:

ABC’s Dancing with the Stars

Dude Perfect – “Real Life Rocket League Battle”

Conveniently Located in Burbank, Los Angeles County

This filming location is in Burbank, CA right near the 5 Freeway between Burbank Blvd and Chestnut Blvd. This means we’re near Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Alhambra, and Santa Clarita. We’re also close to Hollywood-Burbank Airport, Warner Brothers Studios, Universal Studios, Fox Studios, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.

Choose K1 Speed Burbank for Your Next Filming Location!

So if you’re looking for a place in Burbank for your next filming location, and need something fun and exciting for your production, look no further than K1 Speed!


To get started, please give us a call at 1-855-K1-SPEED or click the button below to send a request form to our event planners.

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