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2022 Canton Boost League Schedule

Winter League PRACTICE (No Points Awarded)

JANUARY 9th & 23rd

FEBRUARY 6th & 20th

MARCH 6th & 20th

Winter League RACES (Points Awarded)

JANUARY 16th & 30th

FEBRUARY 13th & 27th

MARCH 13th & 27th


What IS the Canton Boost League?

The Boost League is a three-race event held weekly every Monday at 7pm, exclusively at K1 Speed Canton. Rules vary week-to-week for qualifying and race formats, but the consistent feature of the series is the use of the green boost button found on the steering wheel of our Superleggero go karts.


This boost button gives each racer a temporary 15% boost in power that can be used strategically to pass or defend. Like IndyCar, each racer has a limited amount of time per race that they can use the boost. So you’ll need to be wise with your decision of when and where to use it.


Who Can Participate in the Boost League?


Anyone who can safely operate our Adult Karts AND has an indoor best lap time of 26.9 seconds or faster can participate in our Boost League (see Height Requirements below). If you raced in Boost League in 2022, you automatically qualify.


Do I Have to Commit To Every Race?


No, you do not have to commit to every race! While championship points are accumulated per season, you can choose whenever you want to participate – just like our Challenge GP race series.


How Much Does it Cost?


The Boost League is $65 per event. 


How Do I Sign Up?


Please check-in online before 6pm the day of the event if you plan on attending so we can prepare the karts. This can be done by hitting the button below:

height requirement

Height Requirements

Adult minimum height requirement is 58″ (147.3 cm).

IMPORTANT: Meeting the height requirement is not a guarantee you’ll be able to race our karts. Drivers will be measured at the location and must be able to safely operate all elements of the kart. Final approval will be at management’s discretion.