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Phoenix Paddock Lounge Menu

paddock lounge menu listing appetizers such as a ginormous pretzel, quesadilla, and nachos, plus chicken tenders and wings, plus a hot brat sandwich
a paddock lounge menu listing different italian stone-fired pizzas and also a wide selection of sliders
paddock lounge menu featuring desserts like chocolate lava cake and otis spunkmeyer cookies, plus beverages such as red bulls, soft drinks, pure leaf tea, aquafina and fiji waters, and gatorade

The Paddock Lounge isn’t your typical karting concession stand, but closer to a full-fledged restaurant-style lounge where racers can recharge before, in-between, or after racing sessions.


The food menu* has a variety of options that are appropriate for the entire family: from mouthwatering pizza and wings to crave-worthy smoked brisket nachos and burnt ends bratwurst. We offer chocolate lava cake and freshly baked cookies for dessert, and chips for a quick snack option.


The Paddock Lounge also boasts an extensive beverage menu*, including sodas, teas, waters, Gatorades, and Red Bull energy drinks.


*Menus may vary slightly by location.