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The Most Fun Team Building Activities Near Atlanta, GA!

Bring your team to K1 Speed Atlanta for some of the most fun team building activities your company will ever do! This experience in Duluth, GA is a unique program that is not found anywhere else. With excitement both on and off the kart track, participants work together to score maximum points for their team and claim the top step on our podium. And without thinking about it, they’ll also gain some valuable team building benefits while having fun.

The Benefits of Team Building

There are many benefits to participating in a group building program like ours. These include:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased morale and mental health
  • Opportunities to see leadership performance
  • Increase confidence
  • Increase productivity and overall effectiveness of group

Create Your Team

When you arrive at K1 Speed Atlanta, you’ll split into three even teams (either random or predetermined – your choice). Next, you’ll elect a team captain and create a name for your team that will be used throughout the experience. Thus, instilling unity at the very beginning.

Team Building Podium

Team Building Activities

Each experiences includes three unique team building activities designed to improve employee morale, team connectivity, and their overall effectiveness. And while each activity is immensely fun, we do allow you to customize your itinerary for your group. So if you think one activity is benefitting your team more, we can remove one of the other activities and increase your time with your preferred activity.

corporate man sits in a go kart at k1 speed

Indoor Go Kart Racing

Every team member participates in a practice and qualifying race session. The fastest racers in each team will then advance to a main event final race to score as much points for their team as possible.

BENEFITS: Great ice-breaker: promotes communication both on and off track, and boosts morale

three people participate in the ball challenge relay, a team building activity at k1 speed

Ball Challenge Relay

Three members from each team competes in a relay challenge that’s unlike anything they’ve ever done before. Each team races around the track with a soccer ball loosely attached to the front of the kart. Because the ball is not secured, it requires plenty of patience and skill to navigate through the circuit without the ball falling off. If the ball falls off the kart, your team will lose valuable time. The team that crosses the finish line first with all three members and their ball wins.

BENEFITS: Promotes focus and concentration, team spirit, communication

four people changing tires on a kart, a team building activity at k1 speed

Pit Crew Challenge

Four members from each team participate in this exiting racing-inspired challenge. Each team member is assigned to one wheel/tire on the kart. Each wheel/tire is then removed and exchanged with the team member adjacent to them. They’ll then re-attach that wheel/tire to the kart. The crew that finishes this challenge in the shortest time wins!

BENEFITS: Boosts communication skills, team spirit, and encourages problem solving

three different k1 speed apparel items

Take Aways

All participants come away from the Ultimate Team Building & Bonding experience with a renewed energy that translates to improved morale, interpersonal skills, and increased effectiveness.

And be sure to pick up some physical mementos to take back to the office. Check out our wide selection of stylish t-shirts that are offered to your group at the discounted rate of $10.99 – nearly half-off our retail price! These make attractive gifts that can be worn on your next casual work day to remind everyone of the fun you had with us.

Timeframe & Pricing

The entire experience takes a full two hours to complete and is designed for a maximum group size of up to 30 participants. The pricing for our team building is at a flat rate, regardless of group size. Please contact our group sales department today for information about pricing.


Private Meeting Rooms in Atlanta

The best way to end your Team Building experience in Atlanta is by adding a meeting space and catering to your program. This allows you to regroup with your team, go over everything you learned that day, and engage in any other team building exercises of your choosing.

See Our Meeting Rooms!

Feed Your Team!

Your team will be hungry from those fun team building activities, so be sure to treat them to a catered meal. Our onsite Paddock Lounge cafe can provide you with casual classics such as pizzas, wings, nachos, chicken tenders, and more. Need something more upscale? We’ve teamed up with some of Atlanta / Duluth’s finest caterers to ensure your meal is delicious and on time.

Paddock Lounge MenuFull-Service Catering Menu

Get Your Team On The Fast Track To Success!

So if you’re looking for a really fun, engaging team building program near Atlanta, make sure you book it at K1 Speed! Simply click the button below, and our staff will guide you through our easy booking process.


Need to print out information to show to your boss? Download the PDF below.