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Addison Zawada Wins Rad Race!

Congratulations to Red Bull athlete, Addison Zawada. Addison just won the RAD RACE Last Man Standing in Berlin. The RAD RACE is a fixed gear elimination race on an indoor go-kart track. Weeks prior to the race, he visited our track in Torrance (Gardena, CA) logging in training sessions, as you can see it payed off!



1. Addison Zawada

2. Augusto Reati

3. Stefan Vis

Addison Zawada has been training his way to the top since age 10. The Jacksonville native has become a breakaway rider in the cycling world, having participated and dominated in the BMX and mountain biking scenes. “I have a true passion and love for riding bikes,” said Zawada. “I commute around town on my bike and I ride so many different disciplines of cycling. It keeps me well rounded from short sprints to long distance, to tricking it up with my friends and everything else in between. I just love any and all aspects of riding.” At 21 years old, this full time pro has taken titles in NACCC competitions, as well as at the Makassar Fixed Gear Championship and the Florida Cross Country Mountain Bike Series. Zawada has also mastered the Red Bull Mini Drome with six first place finishes. “It is a total body workout and it takes every ounce of energy out of you. It makes you dizzy, but it is always an adrenalin rush,” said Zawada. When he isn’t on the fast track, Addison enjoys listening to music, writing and hanging with friends.


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