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Compete in Endurance Go Kart Races at K1 Speed Canton!

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Enter our Half-Hour Go Kart Endurance Race!

Think you’ve got the stamina to compete in a 30-minute go kart race around our track in Canton, Ohio?


Then enter one of our endurance races – exclusively at K1 Speed Canton!

Here’s How It Runs..

So how do our endurance races at K1 Speed Canton run?


There will be two races: an A-Main and B-Main. So if you qualify for the A-Main race, please allow enough time to watch the B-Main race. Races will be back-to-back just like our Challenge GP events.


The starting grid and race group is set by a 7-lap qualifying session. The fastest racers will be in A-Main, the slower racers in B-Main. Within each race group, starting grids will feature the fastest drivers of the group in the front, slowest drivers in the back.


Then you’ll have a 30-minute race for position. At the half-way point, racers will dive into the pits for a quick kart change. Then, they’ll complete the remaining laps in a sprint to the finish!

Championship Information



Points are given to every participant in the race. First place receives 25 points, second place receives 24 points, third place receives 23 points, fourth place receives 22 points and so on down to one point for the driver who finishes last in B-Main.


The racer with pole position gets 1 bonus point. The racer with the fastest lap during the race gets 2 bonus points. The driver who moves up the most number of positions between the start and end of the race will earn 1 bonus point. The minimum number of positions gained must be at least 3 positions. In the event more than one driver moves up the same number of positions, the driver with the fastest lap of the race will receive the point.


Championship Prizes


Prizes to be announced soon!


Championship Length


The Endurance Championship will be broken into two halves: April through August, and September through February (see calendar below). The prizes remain the same for both championships.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost to race in Canton’s endurance races is just $75 and is open to anyone who meets the height requirements for our Adult Karts (58″ or 4’10”).

When are the Endurance Races?

The endurance races at K1 Speed Canton are held one day per month (with the exception of April when there are two races) at 6:00pm.

2024/5 Canton Endurance Race Schedule


MAY 19



How Can I Register to Drive?

To sign up and drive in our next endurance race, click the button below and submit your preferred time!


Now, spots are limited to just 24 drivers, so DO NOT WAIT. Register NOW before we sell out!

  • Tyler

    Would love to see this come to K1 Speed Phoenix since they are now supporting the latest Karts. Our league drivers would love it!

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