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K1 Circuit Update: Latest Developments + Q&A!

An aerial shot of K1 Circuit

UPDATE (09/19/23): Track Updates + Q&A


For our latest video update, we sent Ryan out to check out the latest track updates! Plus, Ryan asks Mike Smith, the GM of K1 Circuit, some of the most common questions we’ve received so far from our fans, including, “When are you opening?” Watch now!

UPDATE (02/22/23): Meet the GM, See the Curbing, Garages, & Storage!


In this video, you’ll get to meet Mike Smith, the new General Manager of K1 Circuit. Learn about Mike’s experience and the kind of things he’ll be in charge of at the circuit when it opens. Plus, Ryan shows off the new concrete curbing that was installed. And Ryan and Mike take a walk around the facility to show off the main garages under construction and give you a glimpse at the kart storage options where you can keep your kart at the track. This video is certainly worth the watch!

UPDATE (8/10/22): Track Ride-Along & Breakdown!


Ride along with Ryan for his first laps of K1 Circuit and the new E-Pro Kart. What you get is the real deal – his genuine first reaction to the kart and circuit at the same time. Just some background: Ryan hasn’t done a lot of outdoor karting, but has done a ton of indoor racing at K1 Speed. Also, the track was still unfinished (no curbing and run-offs yet) and the kart was set on a governor of 50% speed, so don’t expect this to be professional laps. But if you’re someone who has almost exclusively raced at K1 Speed, we think this video will give you a glimpse into what it’ll be like when you, the K1 Speed racer, gets to drive these karts and track yourself. It’s the next step in your motor racing journey!

UPDATE (8/08/22): Testing of the New K1 Circuit E-Pro Kart


Watch us at we test the all-new e-pro electric go kart that will be used for Arrive & Drive races and leagues and K1 Circuit. And yes, we are testing at K1 Circuit itself! Still plenty of work to go, including the installation of curbing and other safety measures, plus construction of the garages and pits. But a late 2022 opening for K1 Circuit is looking realistic! Watch the video below!

UPDATE (6/10/22): The Track is Paved!

UPDATE (5/17/22): Fine Grading Completed – See the Track Walk!

K1 Circuit Breaks Ground In Southern California, First Premier Outdoor Go Kart Track By K1 Speed

The moment many of you have been waiting for is finally here – we finally have an update for you about K1 Circuit!!


Originally announced in 2018, K1 Circuit has been a daunting project for us over these last several years. You wouldn’t believe what it takes to build a world-class outdoor karting facility these days! We were actually all set to begin work in early 2020 – then the pandemic struck. But now we’re back to business and we’re happy to report that construction on K1 Circuit has at last officially begun! Read our press release to learn more about the track and what the designer and K1 Speed CEO has to say about this exciting next step for K1 Speed!

K1 Speed, the world’s leading indoor go kart racing operator, is excited to announce today that construction of its first outdoor track, K1 Circuit, has officially begun in Winchester, California – 80 miles from downtown Los Angeles and San Diego, 70 miles from Orange County, and just 30 miles from Riverside.


Racers and automotive enthusiasts can expect to be spoiled when K1 Circuit opens in 2022. The 1.1-mile configurable circuit is designed by pro racer Rocky Moran, Jr. (of the famed Moran Raceway formerly in Beaumont, CA) and features a straightaway that’s approximately 900 feet in length, a universal track width of 28 feet, professional curbing, and up to 6% of elevation change.


The track incorporates every element a driver could ever want: blind crests, dramatic downhill elevations, sweeping-flowing corners built into the side of a double-mountain peak and a blend of slow, medium, and incredibly high-speed corners that will produce many overtaking opportunities. The end result is a track with the look and feel of a small Formula One circuit.


“It’s been a privilege to work alongside David and Susan Danglard on K1 Speed’s first outdoor racetrack here in Southern California and I could not be any more excited for the karting community with this announcement,” says Moran, Jr. “There has been a hole left in the sport since Moran Raceway closed and this new track will be a second coming of sorts, of our old famous track. I have taken everything from my background with track design, including many facets from our original Moran Raceway design and created what should be one of the best super circuits in the world. I can’t wait for the karting community to be able to race here and experience this long-awaited racing paradise for themselves!”


Just as K1 Speed pioneered the indoor electric go kart racing experience in the United States, K1 Circuit will be the first professional outdoor electric go kart racing experience in the country.


Upon completion, K1 Circuit will host its very own pro-level outdoor electric kart racing series – the first of its kind – with all-new go karts. The new electric karts will differ significantly in performance from those found at K1 Speed’s indoor facilities. Developed by Italian manufacturer OTL, the pro-karts are lighter, the batteries have been upgraded to lithium for better performance, and can reach speeds that are twice as fast as their indoor counterparts.


However, unlike K1 Speed, K1 Circuit will not be exclusively electric. Upon completion, the track will seek CIK-FIA certification and welcome many classes of gas-powered go karts with the aim of hosting major professional kart racing events such as SKUSA, USPKS, ROK, Rotax, and more.


Those who do not race professionally or own their own kart will also enjoy K1 Circuit. Recreational racers will have the opportunity to rent their new electric pro-karts akin to K1 Speed’s Arrive & Drive program. Details about the karts and the rental program will be announced at a later date.


Off-track, K1 Circuit will include a 14,000-sq.ft. main building that houses a K1 RaceGear pro shop, private spaces for events, and a Paddock Lounge restaurant with a deck overlooking the entire circuit. In addition, kart owners will have the opportunity to rent one of a limited number of premium private garages located onsite, with reservations opening up online some time before the grand opening.


“To say I’m tremendously excited to finally break ground on K1 Circuit would be a gross understatement,” says David Danglard, founder and CEO of K1 Speed. “This project has been over five years in the making and has already produced plenty of blood, sweat and tears. But the final product will be an unrivaled kart racing facility that will be well worth the wait.”


For more information and to sign up for updates, visit www.k1circuit.com.

  • James

    Who cares? Except for the people that live close by.

    • Staff Writer

      We’re just a flight away, James!

  • jeff latimer

    WOW! THANKS Boris and Rocky, got to race
    With you and Dennis at Calspeed.Got. to drive at Moran Raceway too, can’t wait,

  • rodrigo anzanello

    congrats Guys

    i will be there

    for the the electric or Gas powered.

    Cheers from Brazil

  • Robert Switzler

    This is awesome!!!!! I’ve been waiting 5 years for this track, and plan to be racing as soon as they let me on. Hopefully it will be just a fun as Moran was back in the day.

  • @racerkeagan

    I can’t wait to get some laps in on the track!

  • Robert Freiberger

    Will supermoto be allowed to run here too?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Robert, thanks for your interest! At the moment, we’re only looking at running go karts on our track.

  • J.R.Ybarra

    Very nice, been waiting on this for a while and much success to your efforts to make this happen.

  • Richard Kenworthy

    Awesome idea and will be a very challenging course if similar to Moran raceway! That course was totally Great!!
    Can’t wait to try it!!

  • Anthony Siragusa

    This is what the west coast needs

  • Jamie J Theoret


  • W. Field

    Looks like a ton of fun! Thank you K1!
    Although, I am a bit disappointed regarding K1 switching from their eco-friendly electric carts to allowing gas carts but I’m sure your wonderful team will know how to work it all out.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello W. Field! The K1-specific karts (both the rental karts and karts used for our new championship there) will still be all-electric. But we also know there’s a demand for a proper gas-powered go kart racing track in Southern California too. And we especially want to be a venue that can attract the major kart championships too, which are still mostly gas-powered at this time. But here’s hoping many major karting series will make the switch to electric in the near future!

  • Sameer

    I want to apply for race and my career.

    • Staff Writer

      Be sure to visit our K1 Circuit website (k1circuit.com) and sign up for updates!

  • Miles McGriff

    Just curious. How does this differ from the F1 track carts here in Austin? We just raced K1 tonight and have to say the outdoor experience was way better. Faster, more open and just a different experience. Best of luck to you all.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Miles! Thanks for your interest in K1 Circuit. This outdoor track is going to be quite a bit different from our K1 Speed locations and more similar to what you experienced at COTA. Outdoor karting is just naturally different from indoor karting. As you said, it’s more open so you’re able to reach higher speeds. However, we feel our outdoor experience will beat COTA’s. It’ll be a longer track with more elevation change and the karts will be faster. Hope we’ll see you next year when it opens!

  • Robert Purdy

    Can I bring my KTM 300?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Robert! This track will be exclusively for go karts, but we may have some bicycle events here and there. Thanks for your interest and hope we’ll still see you out there when we open!

  • Peter Brubaker

    How will this compare to Calspeed?

    • Staff Writer

      Too many differences to list here, Peter! But here’s a simple comparison: parking lot track vs FIA-certified race circuit. There will also be elevation changes, garages for rent onsite, a facility featuring event spaces, a restaurant, and pro shop, the list goes on and on.. in short, a night and day difference!

  • Brian R. Parker

    What is the minimum age requirement to race the carts? My son is 8 years old. Can he race at the same time as (3) other adults?


    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Brian! At K1 Speed, our karts are restricted by height rather than age. So for our junior karts, your son would need to be at least 48″ (4′) tall. Due to safety reasons, we don’t mix our junior and adult karts. So if he wanted to race with 3 other adults at the same time, he’ll need to be at least 4’10” (58″) tall for our adult karts. Hope this answers your question and that we get to see you all at the track this weekend!

  • Pete Braun

    Will there be more of these outdoor tracks at other K1 locations?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Pete! At the moment, we’re just working on the one outdoor track. But you never know what the future might bring..

  • Ellie w

    Will race suits be provided or can we bring our own?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Ellie! We’ll have more information about that in the very near future..

  • Ronald j.

    Wow this is exciting!! I really hope you guys have an annual membership for kart owners that practice regularly. Something cal speed is missing!!



    • Staff Writer

      Hola, Pedro!! Thank you for your comment! We can’t wait to see you when we open later this year!

  • Tim Owens

    Is there an opening date yet?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Tim! We don’t have a definitive date yet, but we’re on schedule to open later this year. We hope to have an update for you very soon!

  • Robert Perez

    I Currently race in the Calspeed Super Series. Really a 1st class experience. With the format,30 karts on track at the same time,points system, access to Race Hero and many other value added features. Its really great. Are you going to have a similar series? I live in Meniffe,so really close by. Plan to go out there Sunday to take a look.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Robert! We’ll definitely have our own series as well, so stay tuned for more details on that. Thanks for your interest (and patience)!

  • Claire Bernard

    Hi I was wondering if there was any update on the construction?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Claire! Sorry for the silence on our end, but rest assured, construction has been moving along on schedule. We hope to have an official update in the very near future for everyone. Thanks for checking in!

  • Michael Colvin

    May 31st, 2022

    I cannot tell when the last update was. The comments are not dated.

    Looking for updates as we live very close by. Where in Beaumont is the construction?


    • Staff Writer

      Hi Michael! Sorry for any confusion. I’ve added a date to the most recent update (the fine grading video you see). We’re actually not in Beaumont, but around 20 miles southwest of there in Winchester. We’ll have another update on this page in the next week or so!

  • Michael Colvin

    Page just updated for me. I see it is in Winchester. Thanks for the video update.

  • Bart Jordan

    Please notify me when the outdoor track is open. Thank you

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Bart! Sounds like you want to be a part of our mailing list for K1 Circuit – that’s awesome! Please sign up at k1circuit.com

  • Paul Jones

    Will the prices still be the same as indoor or will they be more expensive?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Paul! Thank you for your interest. Since K1 Circuit will be a bit more “hardcore” than our indoor racing experience, prices will be slightly higher. Stay tuned for the exact pricing as we get closer to opening (towards the end of the year).

  • Tom Walsh

    Tom Walsh

    Rocky Moran will design a challenging kart race track with couple fast straights, off camber turns, tricky descending/climbing elevation changes, chicanes, high g extended turns and incredible fast 90 degree “I dare you not to brake” turns at the end of the straights. He and his dad operated the Moran Kart Race Track in Beaumont, California. It was the premier Kart race track in the U.S. at 1.05 miles and 17 turns of pure challenging Kart race craft. You are gonna think you just strapped into a F-1 machine. K1 indoor is challenging and fun. K1 outdoors on the “Moran Track” will push your heart rate and take your breath away.
    I wrote this on January 17, 2018 when K1 announced the “new outdoor track”. Hearty congratulations to K1. It is happening!!
    I want to be there when it opens. Heck I’ll pay now.

    • Staff Writer

      Thanks for your support, Tom! You’re absolutely right – it’s going to be one heck of a track! We look forward to seeing you out there in the very near future!

  • Ian


    • Staff Writer

      Thanks, Ian!! Wait until you see the next update video…

  • Armen

    in the website k1circuit it says that there will be 3 cars and the pro one will have a age limit and height limit what about the second one?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Armen! Thanks for your interest in the karts at K1 Circuit. We’ll announce more news on that in the very near future!

  • Robert Perez

    Curious are all the arrive and drive Karts going to be open wheel or will they have faring to prevent wheel to wheel contact? I’m especially concerned about this in any racing series you may have.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Robert! The Arrive & Drive version of these karts will have have protection all around the kart, including around the wheels, like you find with our K1 Speed karts. Hope this alleviates any concerns you may have. Thanks for your interest!

  • Austin

    Dont want to hold you to a date, but are you still expecting a 2022 Opening?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Austin! Yes, we’re still optimistic about opening later this year. Progress is moving along nicely.

  • james berry

    is there a list for renting a trackside garage?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, James! The garages are only going to be rented out during race events. Otherwise, we’ll have kart storage available for rent throughout the year. Once we open that up for reservations (in the coming months), we’ll send an email out to everyone who has signed up on k1circuit.com. Hope this answers your question!

  • Jonathan Phillips

    Are you guys going to have these karts at all your tracks, it would be really nice to get an upgrade on league nights

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Jonathan! That’s a good question. No, these karts will not be used at any K1 Speed locations. WAY too much power for the size of our indoor tracks – it’d be overkill. The outdoor track is a much more appropriate home for these beasts.

  • A Eller

    Will this be open by January 2023? I’d like to have my son’s 16th birthday party here.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, A Eller! Thanks for your interest. Yes, we’re very hopeful of that. Our goal is to open by the end of next month. Make sure you sign up for updates at k1circuit.com so you’ll get an email when we officially open.

  • Jeff Forbes

    Now that Calspeed is gone, this should definitely be the new home for the Machismo 12-hour race!

    • Staff Writer

      I like your idea, Jeff!

  • Mark Walton

    When do you expect to open? How can I reach the track general manager?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Mark! We expect to open later this year. To get in touch with K1 Circuit, please visit k1circuit.com/contact – thanks!

  • Ethan Freed

    This course looks absolutely amazing! Any idea what pricing might look like?

    • Staff Writer

      Thank you, Ethan! It IS amazing! The tentative pricing is currently on K1 Circuit’s website (k1circuit.com). Thanks for your interest and hope we see you out there when we finally open it up to the public.

  • Amir Neshati

    Is there an approximate opening date?

    • Staff Writer

      Funny you should ask, Amir! We answer that question in the first video that’s found in this post! Check it out!

  • Preston

    Will this be a rental kart track?

    • Staff Writer

      Yes, we will offering rental karts, but people can drive their own karts there as well. Thanks for the interest, Preston!

  • Kurt Breeding

    What is your Address for out door track in Winchester

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Kurt! We’ll publicly announce this when we open. Thanks for your interest!

  • Preston

    Question what are the ages that could drive here?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Preston, check out our Q&A video on this page – we answer that exact question!

  • Gary Rodrigues

    The facilities look fantastic, but when are you going to start running events for gas powered karts? 2023 is gone. Do you have any firm dates for 2024?

    • Staff Writer

      To be announced, Gary!



    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Patricia! Many of the answers to your questions can be found in the videos on this page and by visiting our website at k1circuit.com! If we don’t have an answer posted just yet, we’ll try to in the near future! Hope we’ll see you later this year when we open!

  • Leo

    Quick question are there kid karts

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Leo! We won’t have kid karts right at the beginning, but that is something that’s being considered in the near future. Thanks!

  • Kate A.

    After this circuit is fully ready are there any plans to make more outdoor tracks. This seems super cool, but I live in Maryland, so this wouldn’t be very convenient for me.?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Kate! Yes, we do have plans to make more outdoor tracks, but that’s down the line. Hope you can make it out to CA sometime after it’s open!

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