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K1 Speed Atlanta Has Reopened!

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K1 Speed Atlanta Has Reopened!

GREEN GREEN GREEN!  Georgia, get ready – we have reopened K1 Speed Atlanta and are going racing again!

Your Safe Place to Race

We can’t wait to see everyone back at our track for some fast laps and fun times. But of course, this has to be done responsibly. After all, K1 Speed has always placed safety as our number one priority. So here’s some of the steps we’re taking to ensure you enjoy a safe time at our track.

Face Masks Required

Both our staff and our customers are required to wear face masks  at all time during operation. In addition, our staff will be wearing gloves. Gloves are also available for customers upon request.

Extensive Sanitization Protocols

Our sanitization practices were already superior, but we’re beefing up our protocols to keep you healthy while you race. This includes:


  • Wiping down all karts and helmets after each race
  • Using our state-of-the-art air & surface purifier
  • Wiping down surfaces throughout the day
  • Frequent hand washing by our staff

Maintain Social Distancing

All customers will need to practice safe social distancing while at K1 Speed Atlanta. This means everyone will need to be at least six feet – or one kart length – apart from one another at all times.

Buy Races Online

To limit the amount of time with our cashiers, we ask that you pre-purchase your races online. This will definitely speed up the process at our track. To purchase the race package of your choice, please click the button below.


Want Private Racing? Book An Event!

Would you rather race with only your friends or family on track? Want a reserved race time so there’s no waiting around? Then book an event at K1 Speed Atlanta and enjoy all those perks and more! Want the whole place to yourself? Ask about our private closures!  Click the button below to fill out an event inquiry online, or call 1-855-906-5711 to speak with an event planner!


Experience Fun Again in Atlanta!

We can’t wait to see our regulars and first-timers back at the track for some more racing! Let’s have some fun again!

  • Aubrey Sara Floyd

    hello, My name is Aubrey and I was wondering how does the private racing work? and is it a high price?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Aubrey!

      Thanks for your interest in our private racing options! Our events allow you to race with only your family on the track instead of being mixed in with other racers. That way you know everyone you’re competing against and it’s more fun! Call 1-855-517-7333 and our team will be happy to inform you of our prices. Hope we’ll see you soon for some private racing!

  • Gary Roswold

    How many laps per race?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Gary! There are 12 laps per race. See you at the track!

  • Lesly Huffman

    Does the Atlanta location have booster or spacers for teens driving adult cars?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Lesly! We do offer booster seats and pedals spacers for teens driving our adult karts. Keep in mind, the height requirement of 58″ already factors in the booster seats and pedals. Meaning, if your teen is at the line for the adult kart, both a booster and pedals will be required for them to safely operate the kart. On the hand, if they are under the height requirement, the booster seats and pedals will not be enough to safely allow them to race at our center. Hope this answers your question and that we get to see you and the teens soon at our track!

  • Marcelo

    Is there an age requirement for adult races?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Marcelo! No, there isn’t an age requirement for adult races, only a height requirement. We require a minimum height of 4’10” and need to see that you’re able to safely reach the pedals and steering wheel. See you at the track!

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