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K1 Speed World Championship: Three Months Left!

k1 world championship bracket

Nine months’ worth of points scoring down, three left to play for in the inaugural World Championship qualifying year. We’ve got more racers and centers that have now qualified for a chance at competing in the K1 Speed World Championship, with plenty others on the final straight to 4,000 points.



4,000 Points: Qualifiers


Five more racers have joined the other 45 who have previously qualified – which brings the total up to 50 racers. Two of the racers come from locations not previously on the qualified list – Buffalo Grove and Carlsbad. The list of centers that have at least one qualified racer is:


San Diego | Atlanta | Santa Clara | Phoenix | Irvine | Concord | Sacramento | Houston | Anaheim | San Francisco | Denver | Dublin | Ft. Lauderdale | Kapolei | Austin | Dallas | Addison | Buffalo Grove | Redmond | Carlsbad | Torrance



3,000 Points: Almost There!


Almost 30 more racers have at least 3,000 points, which means there’s still plenty of time for them to earn the final 1,000 points necessary to qualify for the World Championship.


Arlington | San Antonio | Indianapolis | Boston | Ontario


Miami and Salt Lake City are still just on the bubble from entering 3,000 points, but Orlando is still searching for their star racer. Hopefully in the next 90 days, there’ll be a fast racer from this locations that’ll rack up the points needed to enter the competition.

Want to Be $15,000 Richer?


The three months left is still enough time for you to make a late charge and enter this competition. With $15,000 going to the winner of the World Championship event, there’s plenty at stake to play for – so get racing!


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