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2020 E-World Championship Cancelled


With heavy hearts, we have decided to cancel this year’s K1 Speed e-World Championship due to the COVID pandemic.


Instead, all United States qualifiers for the 2020 e-World Championship will be automatically invited to next year’s e-World Championship. You will be joined by anybody new who qualifies this year. The date for the 2021 e-World Championship is still to be determined, but we’re hoping for our usual time at the end of March. We’ll try to have a concrete date at the beginning of next year. We’ve just got to see how this pandemic plays out.


Since the event will be bigger, prizes will also increase for 2021’s event: the World Champion will now get $18,000, second will receive $9,000 and third will net $5,000. 


We understand how frustrating this news is. Believe us, we really wanted to put on a great event. But we are already excited to see everyone next year, when we can safely host an event that’s worthy of the time, money, and effort our racers spent qualifying for it.


Thank you for your understanding, and apologies for any inconveniences caused by this cancellation. We look forward to seeing all our qualifiers in 2021 for an even better K1 Speed e-World Championship!

With 2019 in the books, we now have a complete list of qualifiers for the second K1 Speed e-World Championship! These individuals have earned at least 4,000 K1RS points over the course of last year, are at least 14 years of age, and are not an employee at K1 Speed.


A total of 73 amazing racers qualified for the United States Championship. This year’s competition should be considerably more intense than last year’s competition. Last year, we had knockout events that narrowed our qualifiers down to State Champions. These 12 State Champions then competed for the US Championship.


This time, however,  we’re inviting ALL qualified racers to compete for the United States title – not just a dozen racers. So we’re expecting racers from all over the country to fly out for their shot at representing the US in the K1 Speed e-World Championship final.


Here’s the list of qualifiers categorized by the K1 Speed location they race at:

United States Qualifiers


(Names in bold have confirmed their attendance at the US Championship)


Sanjaya Vatuk

Isabelle Tarr

Pavel Laur

Kyle Von Bergen



Vincent Azua

Devin Trone

Amber Garcia

David Ramirez

Musa Qahoush



DJ Kelley



Bhanu Yedla

Mike Taylor

James Pavenko



Peyton Phillips

Jessica Castillo

Noah Murphy



Aiden Mawhinney


Buffalo Grove:

Brendan Radzely

Cody Powers

Steve Marlovitz



Travis Bice



Spencer Stilwell

Samuel Watson

Michael Salyer

Ryan Case


Nandini Breggin



Jim Yasueda

Jon Katayanagi

Tyjai Buford

Owen Lewis


Ft. Lauderdale:

Clive Uston

Martin Joo



Cameron Dominguez

Don Crass

Connor Martin

Ellis Vance



Johnny Combs



Sean O’Hearn

Orlando Rodrigues

Evan Talley

Mike Mokler

Jerome Snyder

Mattia Chemolli

Dominic Schwartz

Michael Steiner

Nathan Thompson



Tim Hellum



David Dupree

Chris Heaney


Brian Timmons

David Southard

Kurtis Johnston

Patrick Gray



Niki Pladson

Malcolm Francisco

Casey Cox


Santa Clara:

Marcelo Navarrete

Pedro Martinez Del Rio


San Diego:

Toshi Gibson

Michael Hunck

Ian Brady

Aiden Bridge

Scott Bush


San Francisco:

Daniel Davis

Adam Hammer

Jeffrie Canilao

Will D’Elia



Kenny McCoy



Denis Shakhovskii

Jafar Albaqir

Craig Robertson

Alfonso Dominguez

Nathan Quella

Davit Grigoryan

US Championship/World Championship Finals

All qualified racers have been invited to this year’s US Championship event on (DATE TBD). We’ll use a unique track layout to eliminate any home track advantage. The winner of this important race will become the United States representative in the K1 Speed e-World Championship finals that evening. Spectators are encouraged to visit and see the best from around the country AND world!


The World Championship final will see the US representative race wheel-to-wheel with the fastest racers from our international franchise countries: Mexico, Canada, South Korea, China, France, and Puerto Rico for the title of K1 Speed’s second World Champion and the winner of the $15,000 Grand Prize – the biggest award of its kind! And remember, second place receives an impressive $7,500, and third place will receive $3,500 – plenty of big money up for grabs!


Here are the qualifiers from around the world:

Qualified International Racers


Daniel Demaras



Terry Gao


Victor Rueda, Sr



Dharen Jaravel

Puerto Rico

Antonio Arias


South Korea

Cha Yudeog

Start Qualifying for the 2020/1 K1 Speed E-World Championship!

If you haven’t started collecting K1RS points for the 2021 K1 Speed E-World Championship, now is the time! You’ve got nearly a whole year to collect the 4,000 points needed.


Next year’s event promises to be even bigger. The international competition will also become more difficult next year as several more countries will join our international franchise and produce some amazing racers.


So whether you’re one of these qualifiers, or someone interested in participating in next year’s championship, start hitting your local track for practice and points!


Who are you rooting for in the e-World Championship? Let us know in the comments section below!

  • david southard

    what is the buy in for king of speed. for qualifying racers

    • Staff Writer

      Hey David! There’s no buy-in for qualifiers – all of your championship racing is free. If you choose to practice the day before, that will just be at our usual Arrive & Drive rate and you can use any race credits you have on your account.

  • Bert Johnston

    Matt Mcmurry has been in some your youtube videos that were taken at Irvine. Do you think he will come to the race?

    • Staff Writer

      We’re inviting him as a guest, so cross your fingers!

  • Justin Taylor

    im willing to join for the champion ship

    • Staff Writer

      That’s great to hear, Justin! You’ll need to be at least 14 years of age and try to collect 4,000 points by the end of the year to be considered for next year’s championship! Hope we’ll see you in 2021!

  • david southard

    will the king of speed finish thursday on the 26th. how many races will the winner run to be us champ. what is time frame for us winner if they become over all winner.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello again, David! Yes, the King of Speed will finish that Thursday and a US Champion will be crowned. We’re not sure how long or how many races this will take, as we’re still waiting on RSVPs from qualified racers such as yourself. Once the RSVP cutoff date passes, we should have a better estimate of races/time, but it still just depends on how quickly we’re able to get through everybody. The US champion is looking at a full day of racing, from 11 in the morning until the evening. Make sure you have the endurance for it!

  • david southard

    its the what if. if i dont rsvp by deadline what then

  • Nathan Garcia

    Any plans to cancel/reschedule World Championship? South Korea and China contestants?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Nathan! Everything’s still moving forward as planned for March 26th. Our contestant from China lives in Vancouver, B.C. part of the year, which is where he is now. From the beginning, South Korea was an outside chance, and will remain that way.

  • Elian Ramirez

    How do you collect 4,000 points if youre a beginner?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Elian! Thanks for your interest in the championship. Here’s how to score those 4,000 points, regardless of skill level:

      Every racer starts 1200 points at the beginning of the year. You get 2 points for each of the following:
      * Each race entered
      * Each racer you beat
      * If you get fastest lap of the race
      * If you get fastest lap average of the race

      If you race in a field of 12, then you could get up to 28 points in just one race. So to score more points, try going when we’re busy (typically on the weekends). 

  • Jymin Kim

    What does 4000 points mean? How can it be earned?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Jymin! Every racer starts 1200 points at the beginning of the year. You get 2 points for each of the following:
      * Each race entered
      * Each racer you beat
      * If you get fastest lap of the race
      * If you get fastest lap average of the race

      If you race in a field of 12, then you could get up to 28 points in just one race. So to score more points, try going when we’re busy (typically on the weekends). 

      Hope this helps!

  • Ron Ahearn

    How about having an over 40 masters category
    I posted a 19.747 in Miami and would like to know where I stand. I am 62 yrs old

  • Dan Breggin

    Any updates on the E-World championship now that nearly all of your stores around the world have reopened?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Dan, we hope to have news soon. We appreciate your patience as we ride the waves of these uncertain times. Trust us when we say we can’t wait to see Nandini compete!

  • Steve Marlovitz

    Any news as to when the 2020 World Championships will be held? I know this pandemic is playing a big part in the postponement, but was just curious as to when this may be held since it is almost the end of summer.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Steve! We’re sorry for the delay in news on that front. We hope to have something official very soon. We appreciate your patience!

  • Vanessa Harwell

    Trying to see when all the leagues start? And how to join.
    Thank you

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Vanessa! The leagues begin at the start of the year, but our next events are coming up quickly. The next date for our GoPro Challenge GP league is Sunday, October 4th at 6:30pm, while our Junior League and Teen Cup next occurs on Tuesday, October 6 starting at 5:30pm. Hope we’ll see you at one of those in a couple weeks!

  • Brandon Mendoza

    How do I join the junior league?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Brandon! Thanks for your interest in our junior league! Our junior league is open to any kid who can fit in our junior karts. Our next event is on Tuesday, October 6. Registration begins at 5:30pm, so try to make it your local K1 Speed then. Hope we’ll see you there!

  • Daniel Lacy

    Is it too late for me to join the world championship?

    • Staff Writer

      It is not too late, Daniel! You’ll just need to be at least 14 years of age and score at least 4,000 K1RS points by December 31 to qualify for next year’s event. Every racer starts at 1200 points at the beginning of the calendar year and receives points for the following:

      2 – points for each race
      2 – points for each racer you beat
      2 – bonus points if you had the fastest lap in your race
      2 – bonus points if you had the fastest lap average in your race

  • Andres Zerpa

    Hey I want some information about the championship, about how it works.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Andres! Thanks for your interest in our world championship (and apologies for the delay). In a nut shell, if you meet the requirements for our adult karts and accumulate 4,000 K1RS points by the end of the year, you’ll qualify to compete at next year’s US Championship event. The winner of that event then goes on to compete against the best racers from K1 Speed locations around the world for a shot at a significant money prize (plus fame and glory). For more information, we encourage you to visit our World Championship webpage here: https://www.k1speed.com/k1-world-championship.html. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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