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Rally for Rob Amick: Race for a Great Cause

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Meet Rob Amick. Rob is a loving husband and father of twin boys who is an avid runner, big Porsche fan, member of the local R Gruppe  SoCal chapter, and one of those rare all-around nice guys who everyone loves to be around. Unfortunately, Rob also has just endured a terrible snowball of bad luck and needs our help.


Rob had noticed trouble with his right hand years ago, but the doctor had diagnosed it simply as carpal tunnel. A year later, a doctor believed he had Dupuytren’s contracture – a hand deformity – in addition to the carpal tunnel, and possibly a third culprit to be determined during surgery. During the surgery, the doctor saw Rob had a rare form of cancer, epithelioid sarcoma, that required amputation of his right hand and a portion of his arm. Prior to the surgery, the medical staff had determined that Rob’s cancer had not spread to his lymph nodes. However, after the surgery, they discovered the cancer was in his lymph nodes. Now the cancer has spread to one of his lungs.


Rob’s been making the nearly 300-mile roundtrip commute from his home in Palm Desert, California to UCLA medical center for treatment. Unfortunately, Rob is also in-between occupations and no longer carries the health insurance required to pay the many large medical bills required for him to fight his war against cancer – the snowball of bad luck just seems to keep rolling and gathering momentum.


Despite his struggle, Rob has maintained a positive upbeat attitude throughout. Prior to his cancer diagnosis, he was always one to give and never expect anything in return, and he’s continued this admirable quality.


As a result of not having insurance, Rob’s medical expenses are beginning to pile up, and Rob is in need of financial support. He’s also hoping to obtain a prosthetic arm/hand, which not all insurances cover – so there’s money needed for that as well. We are hosting a fundraiser event for Rob at our location in Torrance, California on April 21st, from 9am-11am PST before it opens to the general public. Proceeds from any race during this time will be kindly donated to Rob’s cause. RSVP below if you can make it!


If you can’t make it to event but still want to help Rob, then we have a GoFundMe page to make a donation. All donations on the GoFundMePage will go directly to Rob – click the button below to visit the page!

  • Chris Davis

    Dear Rob,

    I really want to say I Understand your situation from the outside looking in.
    Having recently a prosthetic knee replacement in addition to fighting with insurance, bills pouring in, and family needs from a dads perspective creates a burden of stress that prevents healing. I’ll pray for you and your love ones.

    The list of financial, physical, mental, and spiritual needs and wants could go on forever.

    As a patron of K1 Speed, I cried as I read your story.
    As a family man I’ve lost everything and I’ve acquired medical bills and responsibilities in the thousands.
    No one can say they really understand until they’ve gone belly up due to health problems.

    This is just a bump in the road, or added insult to injury when you can’t eat, get out of bed, or kiss your family goodnight.

    However God has you here for a reason!
    I’m recovering from my surgery last month trying to get back on track.

    As a car enthusiasts, I saved my testimony and love for high end muscle cars and sports cars for last.
    It’s a bitter conversation when you are taken away from your passion to soar.

    Rob, hang in there buddy, I’ll be there at K1 on the 21st to support.
    Call me anytime

    Christopher D.

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