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Watch the K1 Speed US Championship/World Championship Finals!

bracket including our state champions and world representatives in the k1 speed world championship

After a year of qualifying and intense weekends of city and state championships, our World Championship drivers have been reduced to 12 from 70 and will be competing this weekend for the $15,000 grand prize and title of champion in the world’s very first indoor electric go karting championship – the K1 Speed E-World Championship!


Before we get to the World Championship Finals on Saturday, we’ve still got to determine who will represent the United States.


The US Championship will be held at K1 Speed Irvine on Friday, March 22 at 5:00pm PST with the following 12 racers from across the country:

Charles Eichlin (California)

Brendan Radzely (New York)

Sanjaya Vatuk (Massachusetts)

Kenny McCoy (Washington)

Spencer Stillwell (North Carolina)

Jeff Panelley (Utah)

Nicolas Ryan (Illinois)

Curtis Cantrell (Georgia)

Demetrius Hines (Hawaii)

Shane Lambert (Colorado)

Thomas Lyons (Arizona)

Peyton Phillips (Texas)

These are among our fastest and most experienced racers at K1 Speed and should prove to be a competitive bunch as they go for the single spot open in the World Championship Finals.


The race format will be a K1NG of Speed-style format, meaning that there will be zero advantage gained from one kart over another. Spectators are encouraged to stop by Irvine and watch the competition for themselves. Not only will the racing action be intense, but the event will also give you a chance at meeting some very talented out-of-state racers that love K1 Speed just as much as you!


The driver that comes out on top will be our US Champion and will compete in the Finals the following morning with racers from some of our international locations:

Antonio Arias (Puerto Rico)

Daniel Demaras (Canada)

Terry Gao (China)

Luis Enrique Peña (Mexico)

These five elite racers will set out the morning of Saturday, March 23 on a tournament of three different K1 Speed locations: Ontario, Anaheim, and Irvine. At each location, a Challenge GP-style race will be held: one practice session, two qualifying sessions, and a final race. Our Challenge GP points system will be utilized, and the racer with the highest points from the three races will become our inaugural World Champion and will win the $15,000 cash prize! Second place will still walk away with a cool $7,500, while third place will score $3,500.


Those wanting to spectate at the World Finals should use this tentative schedule as a guide of when to arrive (though times could change depending on how the day goes):


10:30am-11:30am:  Ontario Race

1:30pm – 2:30pm: Anaheim Race

3:30pm to 4:30pm: Irvine Final Race 

4:30pm: Prize Ceremony/Begin Celebrations



Can I Watch if I’m Not There in Person?


Yes! If you can’t make it out to the track on Friday at 5pm or at any of the tracks on Saturday, we will be hosting a livestream on our Instagram account so don’t miss it! If you’re looking for a live feed PLUS commentary check out our YouTube live stream!


Who’s going to come out for these exciting events?? Which driver is your favorite to win the $15,000? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

  • Alan D

    Peyton Phillips will take it– you heard it here first!

    • Jacob Stey

      Gonna have to 2nd that.

      • Reno Patrick

        All of us here in Austin know Peyton will be a World Champion these 2 guys are smart^^

  • Duncan Ender

    why dont you stream the event?

    • Staff Writer

      We are! We’ll be live streaming both events on our Instagram page!

    • Drew Valderey

      Go get em Sanj!

  • Evan arteaga

    Larga vida Antonio!!!

  • duncan

    Thank You!!!!

  • Cedric Perry

    Let’s go Peyton! Bring the title back to Austin, Texas

  • Ernesto Armstrong

    Voy al boricua

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