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World Championship UPDATE: Final Stretch!

k1 world championship bracket

There’s just one month left to earn the 4,000 K1RS points needed to qualify for the inaugural K1 Speed World Championship and have a chance at winning the $15,000 Prize – the largest of any indoor karting championship! Even more racers have now met the points requirement, with more than a handful of drivers just 200 points away from getting there.


Let’s see what our current tally looks like.


The Qualified: 4,000 Points


An additional 11 racers have joined the previous 59 racers that had qualified by the end of last month, bringing the total tally so far to 70 racers!


They come from the following locations:


San Diego | Atlanta | Santa Clara | Phoenix | Irvine | Concord | Sacramento | Houston | Anaheim | San Francisco | Denver | Dublin | Ft. Lauderdale | Kapolei | Austin | Dallas | Addison | Buffalo Grove | Redmond | Carlsbad | Torrance | Ontario | Salt Lake City 


As you can see, Ontario and Salt Lake City now have joined the list of locations that have a qualified racer, bringing the total to 23 locations have at least one qualified racer. With only one driver near Ontario and Salt Lake City, it’s looking likely that these racers will enjoy a default City Champion status without enduring the nail-biting K1NG of Speed competition in some other hotly-contested locations.


If you’re several hundred points away from 4,000 – don’t fret! You can STILL get the points needed to qualify! Make sure you race with full fields and dominate to get maximum points quickly!

When is the Competition to Determine the City Champion?


We’re starting to iron out the dates for the competition that will determine the City Champion. Stay tuned next month for this information!

  • Chris Demaras

    You know, there’s a racer in Toronto, Canada that has reached 4300+ points. He’s not listed on your National LEaderboard (maybe because he’s in a different nation) but it looks like he has qualified for the World Championship too.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Chris, that’s great to hear! Yeah, our National Leaderboard is just the USA, so that’s a great update to share. We’re looking forward to the other qualifiers from all our international locations!

  • Joseph Murray

    What about in a center like Poughkeepsie where nobody has that many points?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Joseph – thanks for your interest! If nobody at Poughkeepsie has enough points, then that location will not have a representative in the World Championship.

  • Mike Taylor

    So how about an update on the new outdoor track. I’m hearing ground has not been broken yet. Is this true?
    It’s a shame when you have a store that has several that have qualified will only be allowed to send one racer. There is a good chance some of it’s slower ones could be faster than these stores that have only one that barely qualified one racer.
    Next will there be a way to equalize weight so that all racer/cart combination will be equal? Starting in the King of Speed levels?

  • Jacob Stey

    So I’ve already won a k1ng of speed this year, I have to win another one to qualify for the world championship?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Jacob! You would need to possess 4,000 K1RS points by the end of 2018 to qualify for the World Championship. The K1NG of Speed earlier this year was a completely separate event from the World Championship, with no bearing on qualification except for the K1RS points you earned during the races. Hope this clears that up!

  • Thomas Lyons

    When will the KOS qualifier for the World Championship begin, in 2019?

  • Allie McAtee

    Hi! Just wondering if we have dates for city champion? Also, will the city champion be the one going to the world championship?

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