San Francisco Location indoor kart racing

Indoor Karting San Francisco

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    NOTE: No Junior races after 8pm on Friday and Saturday.


      One challenging track

      Adult and Junior electric karts

      Pit Cafe serves snacks & drinks

      Nightclub-style lighting

      Two meeting rooms with A/V connections


    Arrive & Drive







    Indoor Go Kart Racing San Francisco

    K1 Speed is the largest indoor karting company in the United States, with many locations nationwide. Our K1 Speed San Francisco location brings indoor go-kart racing to the Bay Area. If you live in Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, San Mateo, Millbrae, Burlingame or a nearby community,it is a short driving destiance from San Francisco International Airport, Golden Gate Bridge, Oyster Point or Marina, makes it Best indoor Event  Venue.


    Our indoor karting location is a state-of-the-art entertainment venue featuring a professionally designed racetrack, spacious lobby with snack bar, extensive collection of authentic racing memorabilia, and meeting rooms perfect for special events or business functions. However, what truly separates K1 Speed apart is our collection of high-performance, zero-emission, environmentally friendly all-electric go-karts. We live in a changing world and we recognize that we must all do our part – our aim is to deliver an authentic, genuine racing atmosphere while maintaining as small a carbon footprint as possible. With our European electric karts, we can do just this. Not only are they more eco-conscious, they offer superior performance to their gas-powered cousins. If you want to experience the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing action, and become the best go kart racer you can be then try indoor go-kart racing at K1 Speed San Francisco today! Residents from Oakland and the Greater Bay Area are welcome.

    Arrive & Drive Racing

    Our Arrive & Drive racing program is perfect for both novice and veteran enthusiasts. Competitors hit the track with up to 11 other racers to race for the fastest lap time. The clock never lies and winning the heat requires skill, natural talent, consistency, and sound strategy. Should you try to follow the line of the racer in front of you or should you create a gap in traffic so that you have the track all to yourself? These decisions will impact your on-track performance and your chances at setting a fast lap time. By racing against the clock rather than for position, competitors don’t have to worry about being blocked or having the unlucky fate of being stuck behind a slower driver who just won’t get out of their way!


    During each race, competitors can monitor their performance in real time, thanks to our live telemetry system. Every time a competitor crosses the start/finish line, his or her lap time and overall position will be displayed on a projection screen. This allows racers to keep track of their lap times, make adjustments on the fly, and gauge their performance in comparison to friends, family members, or strangers. This live data stream makes the race an immersive experience and gives the racer a sense of the stakes at hand. Don’t be surprised if the nerves are tingling at the end of your heat – the feeling of speed and competition can become addictive! If you want to experience this feeling yourself, the Arrive & Drive go-kart racing option at K1 Speed San Francisco is for you. Barring private closures and our monthly Challenge GP events, our Arrive & Drive package is available every day of the year.

    Special Events, Corporate Events, and More

    For parties of 9 or more, we recommend reserving one of our many racing packages. This guarantees the party exclusive use of the track during its races and allows friends, family members, or co-workers to race head-to-head against each other for position. Our racing packages are tremendous fun and provide a genuine racing experience. Whether you opt for our Mini Grand Prix – a sprint race that affords no mistakes and requires fast learning – or our Le Mans Endurance event, you’ll walk away with a smile on your face. Our race packages feature qualifying heats, standing-start races for position, and podium ceremonies for the winners, complete with trophies and a photo session. These racing packages are perfect for:



    If you are interested in our race packages, we can also provide you with a range of local catering options as well as meeting room rentals. We want your experience to be pleasant and memorable, and would be happy to tailor your reservation around your specific needs. To arrange a reservation, or learn more about the go-kart racing packages available at K1 Speed San Franciscostart planning today.

    Super fun racing go carts
    Daniel Carter
    Daniel C.
    22:31 11 Dec 19
    Good for corporate team building
    Susan Reinertson
    Susan R.
    12:04 11 Dec 19
    This place is really cool for small group party.
    Dharmesh Gohil
    Dharmesh G.
    01:09 10 Dec 19
    Very nice place to bring the kids to have fun and learn how to drive
    singlemom livingmylife
    singlemom L.
    17:32 04 Dec 19
    We cant do that experiencie but some day back
    leo leo leo
    leo leo L.
    09:05 03 Dec 19
    we all had a good time
    Taciana Joseph
    Taciana J.
    16:12 30 Nov 19
    Fun place for a group night. A little competitive fun to get the adrenaline pumping. You'll need to register for a license; name, address and email it takes approximately 10 mins. Once completed its just a matter of waiting for the next race. Have fun
    Director Security
    Director S.
    01:29 30 Nov 19
    Solid gokarts, great staff, fun time if your willing to pay.
    Jacob Epstein
    Jacob E.
    21:28 29 Nov 19
    Really fun place to visit
    Kunio Shimizu
    Kunio S.
    15:07 23 Nov 19
    Im not really into adrenaline driving, but my friends love this place.
    04:59 23 Nov 19
    Great stuff, learned a lot of racing from them.
    Zongyue Liu
    Zongyue L.
    02:33 22 Nov 19
    Fast and furious babe just do it
    banshee intheroom
    banshee I.
    17:59 17 Nov 19