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Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks
Thousand Oaks

Indoor Go Kart Racing Thousand Oaks


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Indoor Go Kart Racing Thousand Oaks, Ventura County

If you’re looking for the best indoor go kart racing experience in Ventura County, look no further than K1 Speed Thousand Oaks – coming soon!


If you live in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, you’ll have not one K1 Speed location to choose from – but several! In addition to our Burbank and Torrance locations, we’ll soon have an indoor go kart racing location in Thousand Oaks to meet your needs. Our K1 Speed LA area locations are world-class entertainment venues that are designed to keep you entertained and engaged, whether you’re on or off the track. If you want to experience indoor karting yourself, are interested in hosting a fun and memorable party for a friend or loved one, or would like to plan a unique corporate function, we can help.

Indoor Go Kart Racing – The K1 Speed Difference

So what makes K1 Speed unique? Well, where do we start?! First off, every one of our locations, located throughout the United States from Southern California to Southern Florida, is entirely self-contained.


Our indoor go-kart racing locations, including our Thousand Oaks location just north of Los Angeles, allow individuals to race every day of the year, regardless of weather. Doesn’t matter if it’s raining or if there’s blistering heat, driving enthusiasts can come to K1 Speed, escape the weather, and start racing!


The other difference that sets K1 Speed apart from the competition, and the feature that we have grown and built our reputation on, is our use of 100-percent, all-electric karts. Forget about the lawn mower-powered go-karts of your youth. Our European-style electric karts are high-performance machines, producing tremendous torque and horsepower from advanced electric motors.


These zero-emission karts outperform their gas-powered counterparts while being better for the environment, quieter, and arguably, easier to drive. With our karts, you don’t have to worry about stalling the engine or dropping out of the power band in a tight corner – our electric motors produce maximum torque at all speeds! Race wheel-to-wheel at speeds approaching 45 mph on an indoor track!

Special Events and Corporate Packages

We offer far more than just our Arrive and Drive racing package. Regardless of your needs, we have them met. We have a number of packages to choose from, including:

If you are interested in planning a party at our indoor go-kart racing location in Thousand Oaks, we can help. We offer catering options, private room rentals, and custom race packages. Schedule an event today – you won’t regret it!